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Here are five Olympics that were plagued by concerns and problems, either in the lead-up or during the events themselves — but the Games went on. Members of Canada’s contingent take part in the athletes parade during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Games. But just weeks before the Games were to begin, G4S acknowledged it wouldn’t be able to meet that target.
The British government called in 3,500 extra troops to fill in the gap and the head of G4S made a public apology and pledged to pay the costs of the military deployment. But nothing collapsed, and the Games hosted 301 events that year — one more than the previous Olympics in Sydney — and reached an audience of 3.9 billion people through television coverage, according to the International Olympic Committee website. There was also a problem with polluted waters where the sailing competitions were taking place. Wallechinsky remembers plastic bags floating in the area. People stand at a memorial for the victims of the 1972 terror attack during a service in the former Olympic athletes village in Munich in August 2002.

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300 passengers and crew of Emirates aircraft are all safe after it made an emergency landing at Dubai International Airport, Wednesday. Flight EK521 was from Trivandrum International Airport in Thiruvananthapuram, India to Dubai on Wednesday when it landed at the airport. Dubai airport sources said all passengers and crew were accounted for and there are no fatalities recorded.
All flights diverted to Maktoum International Airport, the airline official Facebook page said. Anxious relatives waited to see the passengers on the affected plane at the waiting area of the arrival terminal.
According to some aviation experts, the event was unusual especially that Emirates operate an entirely long haul fleet.

Photos of the stricken Boeing 777 airliner indicate that the front landing gear may have collapsed and that the plane slid that would possibly lead to a fire. Finnish sailor Camilla Cedercreutz, right, said she had never witnessed the kind of pollution she has experienced in the waters of Rio.
Olympics organizers summoned the mayor to join emergency talks on the traffic gridlock during the Games.
The aircraft was coming in on a steady and normal textbook approach to the airport, which is very congested.
All passengers were escorted to a safe place at the airport and extreme efficiency and care were observed.

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