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You know how I feel about retractable leashes, but I am equally disgruntled when I see an off-leash #dog! Fascinating article about the #genetics of our #canine friends and where the first #dog lived. Whenever I meet a new client at Newtown Square Veterinary Hospital, I like to give them a brief rundown of our hospital’s hours, policies and procedures. This is defined as labored breathing, excessive panting, increased respiratory rate, increased respiratory effort, wheezing and, for cats, open-mouth breathing. If your pet suddenly seems to be weak or paralyzed in the hind legs, or is unable to stand or walk without assistance, this requires urgent evaluation.
This may be a no-brainer for pet owners, but a surprising number of pet owners bring their animals in days or weeks after being hit by a car. If Fluffy or Fido seems unconscious, minimally responsive to you, or mentally inappropriate (stumbling, confused, acutely blind), these neurologic symptoms require urgent evaluation. Time is of the essence when Fido has eaten a bottle of Advil, a box of chocolate or your child’s mitten!
This is a tricky area, because we see so many appointments with pets who have gastrointestinal symptoms. If Fluffy has a gaping wound that is bleeding heavily, this obviously should be seen promptly. When Fido is holding up one of her legs, and unable to walk on it, or if one of her limbs seems to be swollen, this is an emergency. Particularly in young, male cats, it is essential to ensure that they do not have a urinary tract obstruction if they are exhibiting the above behaviors. Most ocular symptoms are minor in cats and dogs, but an enlarged, bulging, red eye can indicate glaucoma.
What this overabundance of cats means is that all the adoption kennels that the public can view are full and there are nearly 200 cats in the holding kennels in the back waiting to be moved up front. The cats in foster care are also waiting to come back into the shelter so they can be put up for adoption too. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When the Twin Towers tumbled on this day thirteen years ago, I watched the TV in horror with my cats on my lap.
There is nothing anyone could do to prepare for that level of catastrophe but there is plenty we can do for other emergencies. Buy a sturdy 25 gal airtight and waterproof container, plain or fancy like one with wheels. Keep carriers, one carrier per pet with bedding near the emergency container or other easy to access location.
Keep a list of pet sitters, boarding facilities, friends or neighbors who can care for your pet if you’re not there. If staying put, keep all pets (with their carriers and supplies) in one room or part of the house where the doors and windows are secured. Place an article of clothing like a worn T-shirt that smells of you inside the pet carrier.
We will remember with a prayer and a purr all those that perished, tonight when my gang is together. Popular PostsTop 10 Tips For Finding Lost Cats by Layla Morgan Wilde Cat Purrs 101 : From Pleasure to Pain by Layla Morgan Wilde Cats and Poison Ivy by Layla Morgan Wilde How High Can A Cat Jump? Emergency cat survival kit containing emergency supplies for your special little loved ones. The Standard Cat ER™ Survival Kit provides both piece-of-mind for you and safety for your cat. With our money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you have purchased the most reliable pet survival kit on the market. Following a catastrophic disaster, you could find yourself without access to many of the things you use every day to take care of your cat. ER™ Cat Survival Kits are designed to contain everything your cat needs to survive for 3 days in case you need to quickly evacuate your home following a disaster.

Being prepared ahead of time is the best insurance plan you can have to protect your little friends should a disaster strike. For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. In dogs, intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is a common cause of acute weakness in the limbs, and may be permanent without emergency surgery.
While some injuries resulting from vehicular trauma (wounds, broken limbs) may be immediately obvious to pet owners, a lot of trauma (pulmonary contusions, intra-abdominal bleeding, ruptured bladder) may not be, and these are life-threatening conditions. Toxin ingestion, trauma, retinal detachment, infection and a host of other diseases can result in these symptoms. The reality is, by the time owners bring their seizing pet to us, the seizure is finished and the animal appears perfectly normal. If Fluffy or Fido collapses, or appears to faint, then rouses immediately, this is not likely to be a seizure. If we see patients shortly after they have ingested an inappropriate substance, we can quickly induce vomiting and bring up the offending item.
In my mind, one or two episodes of vomiting or diarrhea in a pet that is eating and acting normally is not considered an emergency.
Wounds are much easier to close when they are fresh, and they have better healing potential than a wound that is several days old. This is a life-threatening condition where a plug of mucous or grit blocks the urethra, obstructing outflow of urine.
This blog is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat your pet. I’d moved a few weeks earlier from Canada to a safe and leafy suburb 20 miles north of Manhattan. They can be small like a temporary power outage, a basement flooding, a cooking fire, a burglary, a broken window, a sudden illness, a family emergency necessitating travel or any other sudden change in the household.
If you don’t already have a pet emergency plan, take a few minutes to make one from the info in this post.
Have collars with tags (regular or tags with id with QR.)  Have leashes and harnesses for each pet.
If you don’t want to store items with expiry dates like meds, Keep them separate and note them on your PLAN. If you are taking public transportation or other means, place as many needed items possible in a large wheeled suitcase with the pet carrier on top. I’m glad you posted about the storage box on wheels cos TW has been wondering about how she was going to carry all the emergency supplies we’d need. When she read Homer’s Odyssey back when it was originally published, that was the hardest part of the book for her to get through. This custom built kit sets the industry standard for pet preparedness and contains the most effective supplies for emergency preparedness including the emergency food, water, lighting, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare your pets. But don't waste your time and money constantly replacing pet food and other supplies when you can get a Pet Survival Kit designed by emergency preparedness experts to last and be ready when you need it.
It contains a 72-hour survival supply for 1 cat including 5-year shelf-life emergency cat food and water. If you find a kit of equal or greater value advertised for less, we will refund you the difference.
Electricity may be out for weeks leaving you in the dark and causing water treatment plants to stop working.
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However, it is important clients know that our hospital is closed overnight, and that we do not take overnight emergency call. Any time a cat is breathing with her mouth open, this is considered a bona fide emergency and she should be immediately rushed to the veterinary hospital. In cats, aortic thromboembolism, or a clot in the main artery leaving the heart, is the most common cause of acute paralysis of the hind legs. If an animal is actively exhibiting seizure activity for more than five minutes (check your watch, because any seizure can feel like an eternity when you’re forced to watch it) or if your pet has multiple seizures in quick succession, this constitutes an emergency.

Seizures have a post-ictal period, where it can take an animal many minutes to hours to completely revert back to normal. I rarely consider diarrhea an emergency at all, unless your pet is having copious, liquid diarrhea and losing large volumes of fluid, or if the diarrhea appears to be very bloody liquid. A minor limp, where Fido is still bearing weight, particularly if it’s not acute, does not constitute an emergency and can be evaluated during normal office hours. Male dogs can also have urinary obstructions, but they are far less common than in male cats. You may or may not be there when an emergency strikes but chances are your pets will be home.
If pets don’t usually wear collars or harnesses store in an emergency storage container). If you have no choice, leave “Pets Inside” stickers or notes on doors and windows with contact info.
Unfortunately, we don’t have room or enough closets in this condo to keep large storage items.
The container stores safely anywhere inside or outside your home and can be used along with the included water purification tablets to purify water for safe consumption. Fortunately, there are several wonderful 24-hour emergency and speciality facilities nearby to help our clients and patients in the middle of the night, when we are not available. If your pet seems to have a blue discoloration to his tongue, or a very pale tongue and gums, this is further indication to have him evaluated right away.
Of course, there are a variety of other conditions that can result in limb weakness but the majority of them are considered emergencies. Syncopal episodes can result from an arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), acute blood loss, toxin ingestion, choking, etc.
Your pet can then also be given activated charcoal, to prevent intestinal absorption of a toxic substance. A swollen, red eye can also be signs of a corneal scratch or ulcer, which in some cases can result in perforation of the eye. Many pets perished when owners who lived in the evacuated area in lower Manhattan were forbidden to enter the zone. If you have evacuated with your pets, leave a note on the door saying “Evacuated with pets”. My PTU was taken out of the furnace room and put in full view after there was the small fire on our floor. You and your cat may need to take up shelter outdoors while possibly enduring extreme weather conditions.
A blue tongue can indicate hypoxia, or a lack of circulating oxygen to the body’s tissues. If Fluffy or Fido is unproductively straining to urinate, or if you are seeing bloody urine, this requires immediate evaluation.
Your cat may suffer injuries and need immediate medical treatment at a time when there might not be medical attention available. It is a fallacy that dogs and cats (and humans) can swallow their tongue while having a seizure, so please do not put your hand in Fido’s mouth. This is truly a situation where, the sooner we address the problem, the better the outcome is likely to be.
Prior to a recent vet visit my husband was tore up and down the stairs looking for a certain cat carrier. If you are unsure whether your pet’s condition is an emergency, please have him evaluated! In my home, we were prepared with everything including a generator but nothing could prepare us for a sudden blast of hurricane force winds breaking open a window, leaving broken glass and debris in its wake. All pets having a seizure for the first time should be examined, and probably have bloodwork to rule out metabolic diseases; however, this can often be done as a routine appointment during regular office hours.

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