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A well-stocked first aid kit would have the supplies you need to stop serious bleeding and call for help. While geared toward military and police applications, this is a good video on how to apply a tourniquet to yourself. Hopefully all the other safety tips today and tomorrow will prevent you from ever needing  this, but if not, this could be the most important item in your shop! This entry was posted in Safety and tagged DIY, safety, woodworking, workshop on April 30, 2013 by Kevin.
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This reminds me of Army Aviation when all aircraft shut down for a day while pilots and crews go talk, learn about, and share safety tips. This combined with 20 plus years as a Medic and Emergency Manager, has taught me that a well-stocked first aid kit may just be the most important tool in your shop.
Most people learn how to put one on somebody else, but never attempt to do it to themselves.Take time to familiarize yourself with it and actually apply it to both your arms and legs. They use the combat action tourniquet (an excellent commercial tourniquet) however the principle applies to a prepared improvised tourniquet as well. Like the Army, across the internet, woodworker Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasters will be sharing tips to help you stay safe in the workshop. Whether it is the cell phone in your pocket, a phone on the wall, or yelling for a family member inside, you must have a way to call for help.

If you plan on making an improvised one out of a bandana and stick, go ahead and tie the bandana into a loop and place the stick next to it. Currently, I have one of my old aid bags in my shop with plans to build a First Aid Box in the near future.

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