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Ecotricity solar powered generators are designed to simply plug and play right out of the box, offering reliable off-the-grid and self-sufficient power.
In addition to guaranteed lowest pricing on solar panels, inverters, and racking, we'll help you every step of the way including sizing your system, designing your panel layout, permitting, and interconnection.
Shop with confidence knowing you'll receive free technical support from beginning to end until your system is powered up and you're generating free energy from the sun! The Zodi X-40 Outfitter Hot Shower is a little different from other propane camping showers because it needs an outside twelve volt power source that isn’t included. The Zodi X-40 features an instant water heater that gets water up to 100 degrees in minutes. The X-40 Outfitter is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market, as it’s a top choice with professional outfitters and serious backwoods campers.
If you’re looking to make an investment in a propane shower from one of the most well-respected companies on the market, the Zodi Outfitter is for you. You’re probably not going to find this specialized piece of equipment at your local outfitter, but you can definitely find it online.
The Echo-Sigma Get Home Bag is a mid-sized disaster preparedness kit that is perfectly suited to keep on hand in your office, vehicle or dorm room.

The Echo-Sigma Emergency Get-Home Bag is designed to provide provisions and tools appropriate to help you get home (or other suitable shelter) should an emergency emerge while you are going about everyday life. From recreational use such as camping, to safety and emergency preparedness, the Ecotricity line of products will provide hours of remote solar power to keep you powered when you need it.
It heats water off of propane, and can get about fifty solid hours of heating on one regular propane tank.
This shower isn’t the lightest or cheapest option out there, but it will last for decades and will work in any kind of weather. Every household should have one for their outings, power outages, emergency back-up, or "just-in-case" situations.
If you’re looking for a heavy-duty shower that will stand the test of time and will make getting hot showers in the middle of nowhere easy, this is among the best propane camping showers for you. The 40,000 BTU burner doesn’t mess around and will get your water hot when you want it. Reviewers note that the water pump offers excellent water pressure, and the water-conserving shower head gives you good water flow without wasting your shower water. Those who are looking for an affordable option or who don’t want to haul thirty-five pounds of high-quality steel would be better off looking at cheaper options from Zodi or other companies.

The heated water flows with the use of a twelve-volt water pump through the included sixteen-foot shower hose, which gives you plenty of versatility. The Zodi X-40 Outfitter Hot Shower is known for its ruggedness and durability, as well, and though it weighs more than most other propane showers, it’s worth the extra weight if you need something that will really stand the test of time. Also convenient is the Hot Shower’s automatic ignition, which runs off of simple AA batteries. Property loses control key--To maintain the integrity of the safe deposit box system, a new control key must be made for all control locks replaced.
Record retention--Safe deposit box records (cards, guest letters, warrants, etc.) must be retained for seven (7) years.
The hotel manager should conduct an audit of the safe deposit box program at least quarterly.

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