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Many kayak anglers not only like fishing and kayaking gear, but also outdoor and survival gear.
We ordered the Pro Plus KOTM and we’ll see next month what we get and if the contents are worth it. During the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle in 1999, tens of thousands gathered to protest, effectively shutting down the WTO talks as delegates were unable to get to the convention center.

We decided to check out Battlbox subscription box to see what goodies they include in the subscription, and if the gear you get is worth the price.
For every option but the Pro Plus KOTM, it was technically cheaper to purchase all the items separately. We’ve broken down what is included in each box level and priced the items on Amazon for comparison, and here are the results.

Support from neighboring agencies was called and the National Guard was deployed as Mayor Paul Schell declared a civil emergency, downtown no-protest zone, and curfew.

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Rubric: First Aid For Life


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