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When putting together your survival water supply, save precious storage space with these fantastic, stackable water containers and forget the hassle of the bulky 55-gallon drums.
Protect your family with a stackable prepper survival supply of drinkable storage water that does not take up your entire garage or contain harmful chemicals.
Easy foldable backpack with wheels • Easy fold and store system • Additional detachable briefcase included • Heavy duty wheels The main characteristic of this backpack with wheels is that it’s foldable. Camaro Sport BagCamaro Sport Bag is very lightweight and you can check them in at the airport. OMS Integrated Weight PocketThe ideal weight pocket that also carries needed tools or accessories.

These stackable water containers store 5 gallons each and make storage, accessibility and portability simple. Prepper water storage kits include 5-gallon multi-laminate bags, each with a pouring spout for ease of use. Aquamira water supply treatment tablets purify your prepper water supply without affecting flavor or color of water and will not create harmful by-products, unlike bleach. In less than a minute the 128 liter (3.5 cu ft) capacity bag can be folded and transformed into a little business bag.
Survival prepper water containers come in heavy-duty, stackable boxes and include Aquamira water treatment drops and a filling hose compatible with any faucet.

Our survival prepper water storage containers are treated with Aquamira chlorine dioxide tablets, making your water supply drinkable for five years.

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