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First Aid session with Miss Kitty On Monday, 4th July Miss Kitty who is a qualified First Aid Trainer for children and adults as well as a Montessori teacher came to visit the junior school to teach the children in an age appropriate way how to react in an emergency and what they can do. Parents perceived an email and voicemail from a school’s guest principal Connie Thomas observant there was a reliable box of mumps in an adult during a school.
In response to a swell in cases, a Indiana State Department of Health has set adult a hotline for anyone with questions about a mumps outbreak. The series to call is 877-826-0011. Symptoms for mumps embody fever, headache, flesh aches, fatigue, detriment of ardour and distended and proposal salivary glands underneath a ears on one or both sides, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Mumps is widespread from approach and surreptitious hit with an putrescent person’s respiratory droplets, that can be transmitted by sneezing and coughing.
The number of Pinellas County students applying for magnet programs, fundamental schools and high school career academies continues to grow each year, according to school district data released this week. The Miniature Art Society of Florida is encouraging students who wish to pursue a fine arts career to apply for its annual scholarship program. Monday: Max sticks, teriyaki chicken bowl with roll, chef salad, turkey and cheese hoagie, stir-fry vegetables, veggie dippers. Wednesday: Chicken nuggets, spaghetti and meatballs, farmer's salad, ham and cheese croissant, carrots, sliced cucumbers. Thursday: Beef or pork tacos, bean and cheese burrito, chicken Caesar salad, Italian sub, marinara cup, refried fiesta beans, mixed or tossed salad. Friday: Pizza, Baja fish sticks with hush puppies, veggie double dipper salad, school favorite sandwich, wax beans, veggie dippers. The West Plains High School Team took first place overall and in Division I of the Missouri State University - West Plains Interscholastic Contest.
At the FFA District Contest held on April 2nd and April 4th in Rolla, five FFA teams and two individuals qualified for State FFA and Ag Career Development Events. Olivia Powers was also selected to sing as part of the FFA Talent during Friday Nights session. The WPHS FFA Agriculture Greenhouse is open through Wednesday, April 10th from 9am to 5:00pm.
Please bring your child's immunization record, proof of residency and birth certificate to the screenings. Receive the latest stories and news from Gillette delivered straight to your inbox every other week.

Aimee Blanchette, a features writer for the Star Tribune, is mom to a 5-year-old who has cerebral palsy. A Venezuelan mother's prayers are answered as her daughter receives treatment for cerebral palsy at Gillette.
A longtime Gillette patient takes a stand against college bullying after using adaptive equipment on campus. A little more than a month after a near-tragic accident, 9-year-old Yael Rodriguez is not only walking and talking, he was recently discharged from Gillette and is now happily at home with his family. I was born 10 weeks early, and as a result spent the first seven weeks of my life in an incubator. Cooper Wilson recently sat on the bench at the Minnesota Wild Hockey game as part of the franchise’s “Bench Buddies” program.
Visit Gillette's blog for advice from our specialists, information about upcoming events and inspiring patient stories. This session was very much about enabling children and it was fantastic to see all the children’s interests who asked Miss Kitty many questions and loved practicing on the first aid practice dolls.
The group pronounced it’s operative with university officials and county health departments to brand intensity additional cases and forestall a widespread of mumps.
People with mumps can widespread a illness for adult to dual days before and 5 days after symptoms appear. Treatment focuses on alleviating symptoms; recommendations embody bed rest, a soothing diet and a pain reliever for physique aches. In many cases, those putrescent with mumps will knowledge a amiable illness and some might not have any symptoms during all. The scholarships range from $500 to $1,500 depending upon available funds and the number of qualified applicants. The program is offered for open enrollment for students in the West Plains District and outside of the West Plains School District. She recently wrote a column in the newspaper about teaching her daughter, Lila, how to skate. Event organizers said the event was a success with dozens of patients and their families participating.
Six days after I was born, my pediatrician told my family that there was a possibility that I had cerebral palsy (CP).

As recently as two years ago, Cooper was barely able to button his own shirt, let alone have the strength and energy to attend a hockey game. Rarely—in about 1 to 3 percent of cases—patients will have complications or some-more critical issues. Elementary was named the top elementary STEM program in the nation at the Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando earlier this month. The society encourages applications from high school seniors in Pinellas County and former scholarship recipients who are college freshmen.
Visit the Outpost for their 1 year anniversary celebration on April 20th OR any time before and buy a ticket from us for this great bow. It inspired us to ask her to author a post for Kids Health Matters detailing what a day is like raising a child who has special needs.
The award recognizes excellence and innovation in the field of STEM education a€” science, technology, engineering and math a€” in elementary, middle and high school. Each student can apply for up to five programs, so the number of applications also went up a€” from 28,726 last year to 29,079 this year. The children also learnt how to take care of themselves if ever they find themselves in physical danger. The programs were evaluated based on the use of interdisciplinary curriculum, collaboration, design, problem solving and the STEM experiences offered. Those who applied must log back into the district's Student Reservation System between Feb. The children learned how to react if they find a person unconscious: calling for help and putting them into recovery position until someone comes to help. Miss Kitty also covered with the children how to call an ambulance and what questions they might be asked on the phone.

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