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After attending Wakarusa, Electric Forest & Gratifly, we thought that it would be nice to share with you some tips and tricks that we have picked up along the way. When purchasing a tent consider ventilation and insect resistance: Mesh panels are often used in the ceiling, doors and windows. Instead of using a sleeping pad, we purchased a queen size bed memory foam topper and cut it the same size as the Floor dimensions of the tent.
When choosing a location try to avoid setting your campsite next to high traffic paths and next to the porta-potties.
Keep in mind that the first day, the toilets are relatively clean, only to suffer the odors later in the weekend. There are several different suspension systems, and which one you choose is limited only your creativity. Organizing your stuff and keeping it out of the rain and ground is a little different than keeping it inside a tent, but it’s not too difficult.
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Water feeds gardens, livestock and is necessary for your life… not to mention really freakin convenient for baths and doing dishes. If you are looking for a solution to pumping water uphill with no electricity, then I thought you might appreciate these two inventions that I am considering.
Here’s a demonstration of a cool kind of pump that can be used as long as there is good enough water flow in a stream, or river, and can pump water 80+ feet above the source without electricity.
This is a great little mini documentary on how a few farmers are pumping water uphill without electricity in New Zealand on more hilly ground. Hopefully these two inventions can get you started down a path of making your water supply more stable and off-grid capable. Mazda rx-7 – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The mazda rx-7 is a sports car produced by the japanese automaker mazda from 1978 to 2002.

New cars, car reviews, car prices and auto shows – msn autos, Msn autos features new cars, car reviews, used cars, concept cars, auto shows, and car buying guides. Why can’t you be more like your headstrong forest mate the deer and stick with your decisions?
Last year he decided he wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed party (complete with LEGO-themed party favors and Star Wars-themed temporary tattoos and suckers).
Days later, we were at Target and my son noticed the generic pinata-themed pinatas in the party supply aisle. The last thing you want to do is spend hours setting up your tent right when you get there. This means that the tent floor is one piece of material, with no seams, and it typically extends approx. Location is so important that some festival goers arrive 2 days early to set up their campsites. With the tarps you don’t have to worry about poor drainage, dished tent sites, runoff soaking your ground cloth, or digging drainage trenches. Most people choose based on their priorities – convenience, weight, bulk, expense, etc.
We sleep in our tents in the evening but during the day we take our hammocks into the venue and if we start feeling a little tired and need to recharge and relax we simply find the perfect spot to hang our hammocks while listening to music.
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You dart out into the road with no plan whatsoever, and when you spot an oncoming vehicle your survival strategy is to juke back and forth like a high school kid trying to cover a shifty NBA point guard at a summer camp. If you scoot straight across the road and maintain your course, I can brake or swerve slightly and spare your life. By comparison, Christmas is actually less expensive than the month of June in my house, because there is ONE get together as opposed to multiple parties. A kid’s birthday and the corresponding blowout are the pinnacle of each lunar year until roughly age 15, at which point they rebuke you and berate you for ever having spent that much money and misguided effort on a foolish, childish kid party. That said, was subjecting my son to the trauma of watching a dear loved one be beaten to death by his friends worth the $31 savings? After they got frustrated, I swung at that thing like Babe Ruth, but also failed, striking a huge blow to my dad-card in front of all my son’s friends. So, either way just make sure you get enough sleep while at the festival, and be sure to recharge yourself when needed.

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Keep fucking around, and you’ll just be another flattened, delicious-to-buzzards statistic. Over the course of the week between the Target trip and his party, even though the empty bull pinata sat largely untouched on a high shelf (he was convinced the dog had designs on eating it whole), he became attached to it. I’ve seen laser-guided missiles deviate off course more than a deer will, and dammit I respect the hell out of that. On an exploratory trip to Party City, he spotted what NEEDED to be the party’s centerpiece- a $40 Pokemon pinata the size of Delaware. Eventually, my wife took the pinata into the kitchen and stabbed it open with a pair of scissors. With no seams there is much less chance of water leaks or seepage from the ground, or from water run-off at the tent corners..
Jesus, even standing still and doing absolutely nothing would be a better approach, but I guess the possum’s got that gig locked up. If you dig that, go find All Eyes on You and once you’re sold, download the entire album. He watched in horror as that member of the family was ultimately beaten mercilessly by a savage pack of pre-K creatures.
And Big Auto is famous for shamelessly copying each other, so thanks to you we can expect the Toyota Wisp, the Ford Fweep and the Honda Hug. They even passed the sniff test from our resident 80s music pundit Jason Gross, and he might as well be besties with Martha Quinn.
Bull pinata made a brave effort to defend his individually-wrapped innards from repeated wiffleball bat attacks, but in the end he lost the one-sided battle.

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