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We can whip egg whites up to 8 times their volume, creating a desirable medium where air cells can be trapped to help leavening cookie dough. Due to their high fat content, yolks can increase richness, tenderness, flavor, and color in homemade cookies. Well, it’s time to select an easy cookie recipe, take out a few of this nutritious ingredient, wash your hands, and start baking. Yeah right Beefloaf, they’re only the most successful, highest chart ranking band in the world at the moment. Funny how you consider RHCP to have evolved as a band, when old school fans such as myself believe they’ve been cranking out the same, tired pop shite for 4 albums now. There are also many bands who write more insightful and provocative music (using real instruments, no less!) but that’s a subjective OPINION.
I believe your interpretation about trashing a band was implied, and I’m sorry that I did not pick up on that. Which – (and this is only my opinion of course) is a bullshit, one-sided post regarding The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
I don’t really believe that his dating younger women is a problem, but I respect the fact that other people do. I like Clint’s grit but he done lost it in 2012 with that stool stunt at the convention. Seeing as how Flea (according to Felonius) in a past article last Winter opinionated that Christmas is a racist holiday I agree that his method of arguing is based off ignorance. So Flea’s got a problem with Eastwood calling his generation a pussy, but has no problem with his frontman scorching near-underage pussy? Clint Eastwood is an almost dead fossil hurry up already and kick it so we can forget you already. I’m not about Trump, or care about Eastwood, but he has point about the sickening amount of political correctness.
Of course this is the age of the politically correct, and even though Trump is a response to that, it’s the wrong one.
Casual racism is what got this country and many other countries in trouble in the first place. Eastwood said that Trump has said numerous things that he shouldn’t have, but he says what he thinks. Eastwood is tired of all the political correctness in the world and he thinks Trump is breaking that mold. During the interview, Eastwood was asked what kind of changes he would like to see in America.

When Eastwood was asked about a Clinton presidency, he said that she would be “a tough voice to listen to for four years. Alex began his writing career with short sketch comedies for online video distribution companies. The idea of “political correctness” has more to do with being respectful towards people, rather than trying to censor one’s speech. While he does concede that Trump has “said a lot of dumb things,” he was quick to point missteps by others in this election cycle as well. Food and Drug Administration classifies this nutritious ingredient as a potentially hazardous food. Further to my point, John Frusciante left the band for obvious creative reasons as he felt there was no more he could say. Currently buying their last 4 magnum opuses on iTunes as it appears I’ve been living in denial since the year 2000.
A father would probably congratulate his16 year old son for getting with a 25 year old woman, but if it were the other way around…watch out!
Racism is horrible, and everyone shares the common interests of avoiding suffering and pain. Flea might have investigated the real history behind Christmas (December 25th) before saying what he did. The majority of the USA is much more ethnically balkanized now than what he grew up in during the 1970s. People just need to chill, laugh at themselves, stop taking every little thing so seriously. For the USA, starting with African people being led through The Door Of No Return at Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, Africa after being sold into slavery by their own people to be transported to America – viewed by their white owners as sub-human. So when he came out and said that he would greatly prefer to see Donald Trump in the white house next year is no surprise. Clint is an outspoken conservative Republican in Hollywood and he did not hold back while discussing his thoughts on political correctness and Donald Trump. People like Clint Eastwood, who is crazy and old and senile and talks to chairs, can’t possibly tell a specific group of people what they should and shouldn’t find offensive when they don’t even belong to said group. Although he hasn’t publicly endorsed the Republican nominee, Clint says he can’t vote for Hillary Clinton because he believes she will continue Barack Obama’s policies. Even that isn’t the same as going after pre-pubescent children, which is the definition of pedophilia.
I like Flea but he, along with so many others these days, come off like they deliberately want to throw out accusations that are not always present.

They look for elements of racism that aren’t there, and attempt character assassination. However, Clint was not being remotely racist and the rest of the article confirms that, which Flea obviously chose to take out of context. Their dude is scorching pussy nearly 30 years his younger and he’s not even a rock star. Now he finds himself writing for Bill Of Rights and putting his years of experience to work in the world of journalism.
Everyone feels the need to completely have someone hung, drawn, and quartered based off a clickbait headline. The Walking Dead was called out by tons of people for killing black characters, yet more white people have been killed than any other race. People need to start taking care of their own issues, and stop trying to get hand outs, or defend criminals, solely by their race. You should not rely solely on information contained in this email to evaluate the product or service being endorsed.
While those are harmful in themselves, there is a distinct line between acknowledging visible differences between races (stereotypes) and saying one race is inferior to another (racism).
It does seem like everyone wants to stand for something these days instead of getting to know themselves and live an honest life.. It’s sad that people like you think they should be able to spout racist remarks and condone racist actions without any consequence or critique. It always comes full circle though, and people like Flea, who are constantly looking for someone to throw accusations at eventually get theirs. I can only be who I am, and give respect where it’s due, and always look at both sides of a given situation, before making an opinion. For what its worth the comments on Facebook about Clint were a million times more stupid than Flea’s. They have a recognizable sound and style alright (the RHCP style!) but each song is unique.
I think the new album rocks and explores a range of subjects, not just the nail the 18yrold stuff.

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