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Industry Exposure: What is unique about a good management education from a reputed business school is the fact of it’s being able to give the student an exposure to work life even before an individual has landed a job. An Opportunity to Put Theory into Practice: Most reputed management institutes have the coursework designed in such a fashion that regular assignments are followed up with assessments and evaluation of a student’s performance. Good Communication Skills: An area of skill development that often goes unnoticed in most disciplines is that of Communication.
A good network: Management schools not only prepare individuals for managing organizations, they are also breeding grounds of future entrepreneurs. Better Self-management: Through deep domain learning in fields ranging from time management, crisis management, resource management, people management and communication skills development, a management student should hope to come out of a B-School as a well-rounded individual ready to contribute meaningfully as an economic and social entity. Lawyers spend the majority of their time communicating – writing emails, briefs, letters, agreements, talking, negotiating, running or attending meetings, training,  – the list goes on. Be clear and concise, using specific examples, recommendations, statements, and observations. Use follow-up open ended questions to make sure your communicated idea was understood as you meant it to be understood. Prepare an agenda for all meetings and follow it so that you cover what needs to be covered succinctly and efficiently.  If you follow a well thought out agenda you won’t waste your client’s time and money. Choose the right time for your intended communication.  Timing of a difficult conversation or delivery of an email can make an important difference to the outcome. If you would like coaching on how to communicate more effectively, please contact me , Irene Leonard, Business Lawyer Coach to see how I can assist you.
This entry was posted in Business Plan, Client relationships, Delegation, Law Practice Management, Marketing, Networking, Staff Management and tagged client relationships. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Learn the details of perfect communicating lectured by foreign professionals with extensive business experience in China as well as abroad in your company or at our campus! The effective communication skills course is offered in an 8 week module including exam and the possibility for your employees to earn a valuable Jiao Tong University certificate!
Alumni like to keep in touch with their Alma Mater and we will be happy to keep you informed on the latest news, developments, happenings and, maybe celebrations.
Effective business communication can speed up the time frame for making efficient decisions, which is crucial in a fast-paced business atmosphere.
To create an effective communication, it is essential to understand your employees and how they can contribute to the growing of your company.

Choosing the appropriate channel for effective business communication is vital because each communication channel has its own strengths and weaknesses. An MBA aspirant has to go through the grind of several daunting entrance tests and difficult interviews to get admission into an institute of choice. This is because most good business schools make industry interface a part of their regular curriculum where students get an opportunity to apply theoretical learning of the class room to workplace situations and are thus able to relate academics to real experiences. Though any formal academic environment provides a student with similar opportunities of self-assessment, what is special to management study is the scope it provides a student to hone the skills learnt in the classroom not only through exams but through channels like industry exposure and internship projects. Management study prioritizes the development of Communication Skills which enables a management graduate to appreciate the necessity of clear, precise and correct business communication as a prerequisite for career progression. Instances are many of successful enterprises being conceived of and given shape to by peers in management schools. The shifts in world perspectives in every sphere of human interest is usually incorporated in the curriculum which helps to keep the management students in the know.
Prepare an agenda for all your meetings whether in person or telephone.  Ensure the meeting’s agenda content is consistent with your client’s Legal Strategic Plan. The courses are tailor-made, cost effective, target specific and goal oriented to build team confidence, increase the company value and most important: a valued staff. Communication allows you to market your products and services, convey information to your employees and negotiate best deals with the suppliers. Effective communication helps to clear up misunderstandings and promote straightforward business discussions that are free of personal attacks, sarcasm, assumptions and inaccurate information. This understanding of employees allows for more better and direct communication and it leads to more productivity.
When sending a message, a business man should aware the advantages and limitations of communication channels.
A management graduate brings to the organization the skills required to run a business and is therefore a valuable addition to the company’s human resource pool.
Not many academic disciplines provide an opportunity to imbibe workplace skills in the classroom. A management degree therefore should be able to give a student an unambiguous message – get your communication right before you get your job.
People who have similar interests and whose careers follow a similar trajectory are bound to network with one another and therefore management education also becomes a good way to create a network which can be leveraged later in one’s professional life for mutual benefit. Defining the organization’s goals, strategizing, giving direction to thought and execution of the thought is what management study aims to do .A management student should therefore be able to come out of a b-school trained in the art of leadership.

At the end of their coursework therefore, management students should be able to see the big picture and relate position in society to the larger scheme of things. The client’s Legal Strategic Plan is the plan you created or designed to solve your client’s legal matter. In the world of corporate entities, effective business communication plays variety roles in promoting a business entity. For example, more detailed information can be written down, while more concise information can be spoken. A good communication strategy can provide a better atmosphere to the development of a company or business entity. Try to know what is important to the audience you will be communicating with and develop the message according to their needs and concerns.
On successful completion therefore, an MBA degree should give one not just a job, but a job that should be able to give him a comfortable life. In other words, a management student understands the importance of good communication skills more than students from other disciplines do and hence can be expected to come out of graduate schools as individuals who are better at getting their message across than their counterparts from other academic fields. Business communication requires an exchange of ideas, which can attain a predetermined goal. Business communication can support business development by increasing client and customer retention. Email is an excellent tool for communication, but doesn’t work well with confidential materials and interactive communications. A feedback system is essential to measure the success of communication tactics and business. Positive feedback such as a referral or a sale are the results of an effective business communication. Using multiple channels is the best way of business communication regarding advertisements.
You should know the audience then only you can select more appropriate language to convey your message.

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