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The 16PF assessment gives a complete picture by measuring personality in both the professional and personal spheres. It is perfect for teams that anticipate ongoing development, gives a complete picture of the strengths and behaviors that drive each persona€™s natural communication style, and concrete advice for how to make communication flow better.
Equip teams with the self a€“ awareness and trust they need to operate at their most effective level a€“ and watch them drive your business to success. TKI is the world best a€“ selling conflict management tool, helping you to transform conflict into positive outcomes that drive organizational success, delivering insight, empowerment and resolution to anyone involved in conflict by identifying alternative conflict styles. Transform peoplea€™s experience of conflict from negative to positive, embracing it as a creative and energizing force that can help an organization benefit from multiple viewpoints.
It is widely used both at the start of a career, helping students to choose their initial direction at university or in a first job, and at various stages throughout a career, inspiring ideas for those professional changes that typify a portfolio career. The Saville Consulting series of cognitive ability assessments helps recruiters be confident of adopting an effective, fair and ethical approach to ability testing.
The ABLE SeriesA® Aptitude Tests that reveal potential and accurate predictions for future performance.
Recruiters can glean a lot about a candidatea€™s past experience and current skills during an interview, but they often struggle to assess someonea€™s ability to handle future work challenges. For organizations fuelled by new ideas and constant change, the Innovation Potential Indicator bridges the gap between what you know about someone in the present, and their future potential for innovation and creativity. Organizations need new ideas and ways of working to keep business fresh and competitive, helping them to survive, especially in tough times. E-mail newsletters have been around since the majority of people gained access to the Internet during the days of AOL dialup.
In a world that turns to social media websites, forums, and blogs to get their news and keep up to date with their favorite companies and celebrities, the E-Newsletter still has its place. Overall, the E-Newsletter is a great tool that you can use to add another layer of effectiveness to your company’s online marketing campaigns.
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Web Design Service AreasWe work with clients locally and worldwide including the entire United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.
Its accurate predictions of behaviour and potential provide businesses with an enlightened confidence that steers staff selection and individual development.
The tests measure candidates' aptitude in a variety of workplace contexts, saving you time and money during the selection process by adopting a two-tier structure for first screening out large numbers of applicants, and second selecting in the best of the smaller pool you have identified.
Each assessment is based on contextualized scenarios, and measures an individual's potential to learn a given task, succeed quickly in a particular job and adapt to changing work environments. The ABLE Series provides essential information about both an individual's current ability and their potential to adapt to new situations and to learn.
Harnessing peoplea€™s ability and motivation to innovate from an early stage in their lifecycle in an organization is a great way fast track their development a€“ and to ensure your business doesna€™t go stale. That being said, how does a marketing tactic started in the 1990s and perfected in the 2000s stack up against marketing strategies now? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of using an E-Newsletter to promote your business – and why it may or may not be a great advertising tool for your company.
While a blog might pull readers in based on the keywords you choose for good search engine optimization (SEO), it’s much more difficult to track the kind of traffic your blog receives.

Maintaining an e-mail newsletter list is much easier and less expensive than its traditional postal mailing address counterpart. What’s great about E-Newsletters is that you can control the way the formatting looks through the use of HTML emails – especially if you have a professional marketing company design your E-Newsletters.
Not only can you control the way your newsletter will look but you can also customize your newsletter so that it only goes out to a certain demographic or portion of your e-mail list. If you’re E-Newsletter isn’t lost in the mix of hundreds of other e-mails then probably it may get sent to the receiver’s Junk Mail folder. In order to stay relevant and reach a variety of different people who are at different levels of technology use, you have to use a mix of different platforms. Since there are a variety of ways to get information out to your audience, it is crucial that E-Newsletters have high quality content. Just as it is easy for subscribers to sign-up to receive your E-Newsletter, it’s just as easy for them to unsubscribe from it. A good portion of your target audience may be receiving your E-Newsletters on their smartphone or tablet. E-Newsletters do have their drawbacks and limitations, but for the most part the benefits of E-Newsetter marketing outweigh the cons. Iceberg Web Design now offers full-service online marketing, including e-mail newsletter design and campaign management. We have been working with business owners and individuals since 2005 providing unique, professional websites at affordable prices.
This unique depth and breadth of insight, along with more than 60 years of research and application, has earned the 16PF international renown and respect. Studies have shown that structured learning exercises such as the ABLE tests are up to 50% more effective than traditional ability tests. The Innovation Potential Indicator allows you to select and develop key people and teams to power innovation throughout your organization.
You’ll get some data about your visitors and the pages they are reading, but at best you will know that “someone in Coon Rapids, Minnesota” has visited your site. Since you can specifically mention a new blog post in your newsletter, it’s a great way to cross-market across different venues.
It costs money to print postcards and letters, as well as to pay for postage to get your message to their mailbox.
Not only can you give weekly or monthly updates about your business but you can also share thoughts, opinions, or personal stories. Every time you send something out, the colors, organization, design, and your logo will be standardized. For example, people who are interested in hearing about new promotions can receive special incentive coupons over other people who are not.
It’s easy to overlook a couple of e-mail items if they are not a high priority, especially if the recipient has a lot of them. While spam filters are great for the average user, they’re a death sentence for online marketing strategies.
When a blog or a newsletter becomes inconsistent, not only do readers and potential customers forget about you and your company but they may also think that your inconsistency is a reflection of how your own company does business.
The quality of the E-Newsletters can get lost when trying to market your business across multiple media channels.

If your E-Newsletter fails to deliver high quality content, people will begin to see an email from you as annoying and will quickly hit the unsubscribe link at the end of your email. Often times the professional formatting on your HTML e-mail newsletter doesn’t look so pretty when viewed from an email app or phone web browser. We can even help connect you with a professional content writer to generate the content for your newsletter! We currently have sales representatives in Anoka, Minnetonka, and White Bear Lake available for in-person website consultations in Minneapolis, St. Most modern day E-Newsletter platforms like Constant Contact and MailChimp, however, will give you very detailed statistics about people who engage in your newsletters. Not only that but it helps to keep things like your blog and Twitter or Facebook page active in the minds of your customers. Research suggests that the return on e-mail marketing is much higher than that of traditional postal mail marketing – and if you are using cost of each to calculate your ROI, E-Newsletters will surpass postal mail every time. People will get a rare look behind the scenes and see that your company is more than just a business. Or if you’re looking to target your message to a certain age group or location you can do that too. Unfortunately your E-Newsletter might be one of those emails that is overlooked and sometimes lost amidst the other newsletters and company briefs that are all clamoring for attention. For example, you are likely already marketing your business through social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and on YouTube, blogs, and websites. Most people are crunched for time and wading through emails is something that is quickly done in an off-moment. Most out-of-the-box E-Newsletter templates don’t have the responsive design technique built in – so you may want to enlist the help of a professional e-newsletter designer to deliver a responsive HTML template that will be accessible on every device. You will be able to see exactly who is opening up the email, where they were when they opened the email, and which links they clicked. They are now more likely to check out that new blog post because it was mentioned in an email – the post may have gone completely unnoticed if you hadn’t sent it directly to your clients. You can then apply similar branding and design techniques to your website and social media pages.
Not everybody has the time of day to carefully go through his or her email and read every single one.
This information is invaluable as it helps you figure out if the content of your newsletter is reaching your intended audience – and whom you should target in your other marketing efforts. While E-Newsletters are a great way to drive traffic to relevant pages and websites, if not done properly, people will lose interest and stop reading. If your E-Newsletter has too much information, you are risking the content simply being skimmed and then quickly deleted.

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