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Plus, when you find gorgeous carrots like this in your organic delivery box, you really want them to be the star of the dish, right? I opted to puree the soup because, well, basically, I think it’s a lot prettier than a bowl of broth with cut up veggies. So many possibilities for changing up the vegetables, herbs and spices in this but this version will go into our winter soup rotation for sure.
French Fridays with Dorie participants do not publish the recipes on our blogs (though this week you can find the recipe online here), rather, we prefer if you purchase Around My French Table for yourselves (trust me, you definitely want this book!) which you can do here on Amazon or Amazon Canada. I really adored the seasoning of this soup too and I plan on making through out the winter. Those carrots are gorgeous and the soup mmm I could really use a bowl now, it’s cold and foggy here!!! I made reference to a tweet that resonated with me in my 2010 Recipe Review post.  It was a well rounded thought and fit perfectly with my 2011 focus.  However, even with all the tweet’s possibilities, I have decided to focus on the food portion of my goals here since this is a food blog, right?
As part of the journey, and to help hold myself accountable, I’ve decided to join Sarah and Cate in their get-healthy initiative for 2011. So, how will this work?  My Monday posts will be reserved for specified topics that relate to my journey, including food, weight loss, potential obstacles I am encountering. January is National Soup Month and it came at a good time because this soup might go down as one of the best soups I have made…ever. Soups that are broth based have a high water content, thus taking up a lot of tummy room.  This, in turn, limits excessive caloric intake.

Lastly, when serving the soup, don’t ruin it with croutons, melted cheese, or full-fat sour cream.  All three defeat the purpose of conscious eating. Pour in broth and bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables are fork tender, about 20-30 minutes.  Serve immediately, garnished with parsley. Sarah, I am really enjoying incorporating broths other than chicken and veggie…the mushroom really added to the depth of flavor! I will be looking forward to your Monday’s posts to find out what you have accomplished. I love the idea of basing your diet around conscious eating – only putting wholesome things into it! That soup looks like a perfect tummy-warming recipe to kick-off the challenge – go Chris!
I have all these ingredients in the kitchen right now, and my ginger is a baby variety from the farmer’s market, tender and juicy. I’m looking forward to making this soup many times and was lucky enough to get a winter CSA share this year. I came to the conclusion long ago that resolutions are not for me, probably because the ones I made were never realistic.
If I have the need to add other notables, I will do so on my other blog, with which I post so rarely.
What about you?  Do you want to join?  Come on!  What do you have to lose?  (No pun intended.) There is a Facebook page, too.

Even so, beware of hidden fats.  Check labels (if applicable) because there are a lot of hidden fats (and high sodium levels) in the foods we love, especially ice cream, hard cheeses, snack and processed food, and creamed soups.
I do eat animal proteins, but not often.  So, it’s important for me to get the protein in other ways. Since I added a grain, I didn’t flavor my soup with Ginger and I really think I missed out. Carrots, onions, garlic, celery, potato and ginger combined with some rosemary and thyme in chicken broth makes for a very tasty soup.  Best of all, you get to feel like you are making a meal out of nothing.
For a Better 2011 to inspire, support and share about leading a healthier life in 2011, all the while helping each other to lose 40 pounds. So, since I also will be making some form of this soup all Winter, I will just try, try, again. While I have a small support network here, I thought it would be great to have that additional encouragement.

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