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It was the first time I was having moules frites at home and I realized that it is not difficult to make at all. I haven’t been posting a lot recently as it is dark when I come home from work and also I have been travelling back and forth between the city I work during the week and the city I live during the weekends.
Polenta is something I don’t frequently use in my kitchen, but it’s definitely something nice for the winter. This entry was posted in Vegeterian Mains and tagged comfort food, polenta, polenta cake recipe, polenta patties, pumpkin, root vegetables, turnip, winter vegetables on 18.
I believe that every single person on the planet deserves to live well, eat well, and thrive! But if you still aren’t ready for that kind of step, hit up your local juice bar or Whole Foods Market and try one of their fresh juices.
Send all these items through your juicer or press, and try to drink it all within the first hour. These days there are so many types of oils to use for our skin and hair, that it’s hard to pick through what to actually use. I tell ya, the coolest thing about being all natural and healthy is that you get to try really cool things.
As you sit there sipping your brew, it might not occur to you that you could reap some amazing health benefits by sticking that up your behind, but you most definitely can. Coffee enemas have their roots as part of the Gerson Treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. The coffee travels via the hemorrhoidal vein and the portal system to the liver, and opens up the bile ducts allowing the liver to release accumulated toxins (Healing the Gerson Way, 162).
Diseases are due to toxins in the body and a deficiency of proper nutrients in order to help the body fight off said disease. In the Gerson Therapy method, patients drink 13 glasses of vegetable and fruit juice per day.
Patients that are treated are to avoid all toxins, including those that come through the skin (ie. Having witnessed my own benefits from just doing juicing and occasional coffee enemas, I fully believe in what the Gerson Institute is doing to save lives. It has been used regularly by the Gerson Institute for healing cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases naturally.

Check the amount left after straining, and replace any water that has boiled away until you have 1 quart. Make yourself a nice spot in the bathtub, and place the bucket of coffee (enema kit) about 18 inches above your body (hang from a hook). Once the coffee is in, hold it for 12-15 minutes before releasing it all into the porcelain throne.
Well now that we have that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk coffee and booty in the comments. Back in the days when I was cloth diapering, I had actually considered getting one of these eco-friendly laundry washers to use just for my cloth diapers. And if you’re ready for more fun and easy recipes, be sure to grab my free download of 10 Easy Green Juicing Recipes for Beginners.
It’s much better to use in my essential oil roller bottles because it absorbs quickly and isn’t super greasy! The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization in California, founded by Max Gerson’s daughter.
However, this organization does boast that these methods are regularly curing cancer and other diseases. Well, with all the juicing that we are doing, many of you may be experiencing some difficult detoxing.
And as you sit there squirming in your bathtub trying to hold in a quart of coffee, I hope you’ll be preparing to come back and tell us all how it went!
For whatever reason, I just never went through with it (I think I was nearing the end of diapering days). Be sure to check out my homemade laundry soap recipe, so that you can make your own and save lots of money! Through the rest of the day today you can use coupon code LaborDay2012 to take an additional 20% off, making it only $55.
I really do love seafood and having a good place like that around is something very precious. Many of the popular oils today are really expensive due to clever marketing that has lead to a great demand for them. It doesn’t take much of this oil to spread it through my hair and get the moisturizing benefits.

When applied to the skin, these benefits are absorbed through the skin and into your bloodstream. Since it contains omega-6 fatty acids, it helps to retain moisture in the body when it is applied to the skin (source).
I don’t like putting thick oils like olive oil in my hair, and definitely prefer a lighter consistency like jojoba oil. The Institute bases its treatments on the methods pioneered by Max Gerson in the 1920’s. Coffee Enemas and juicing really should go together, as the process of detoxing can be more difficult with a toxic liver.
Charlotte Gerson is essential reading, especially if you are dealing with a chronic disease. But today my friend Kristie from Saving Dollars and Sense told me about this deal after seeing me talk about laundry all last week. It is small enough to fit under the sink, use for camping, in dorm rooms, for cloth diaper users, and apparently does an amazing job at getting small loads clean. But since jojoba oil is much more expensive, I’m happy for this cheaper and light alternative.
Coffee enemas are combined with regular juicing, a raw diet, and natural supplements as a naturopathic treatment. It’s not about poisoning the body or giving drugs to the body to help temporarily relieve sickness by only dealing with symptoms.
The coffee enemas are essential in detoxing the liver in people that have serious health issues.
It has absolutely no scent, so you don’t need to worry about it clashing with your other fragrances if you decide to use it on your hair and skin.

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