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Now, since I dona€™t live near any good Chinese restaurants, I turned to making some of my favorites like Sweet & Sour Chicken at home.
In order to understand the depth of the problem with modern scientific research of nutrition, all we have to do is look at the papers.
But of course wine or coffee or chocolate all cannot be good for you one day and then harmful the next. I remember asking myself how is it possible that eight studies said one thing and four another when they were all talking about the same question. So the big question, I can hear you asking, is if I can’t trust scientific research then how do I know what is good for me and what isn’t? The understanding of healthy diet in Chinese medicine is based on accumulated wisdom over several thousand years of Chinese medicine. This entry was posted in Medical View and tagged Chinese medicine, food research, healthy eating, healthy food on January 19, 2014 by Ilan Shahor. Other ConditionsPlease note above a list of common conditions that may be treated by Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, this list is not extensive, it is always best to Contact Us and discuss your specific condition.
Alter recipes whenever possible to replace unhealthy fats with healthy fats like olive, canola or peanut oil. Living a life of moderation, avoiding smoking, and eating until you’re only 80 percent full. Tip #8: Have some soup before you start eating, as that can fill your stomach a little and help you feel fuller faster. This website captures creativity through blogging, showcasing lots of beautiful and cute things.
The silver lining is that I can make healthier versions of Chinese restaurant classics, with perfect fresh produce, and I get to eat them when theya€™re hot and sizzling straight out of my wok.
Almost on a daily basis we can find some sort of new research regarding food or supplements.
The truth is that scientific research can be designed and then analysed statistically in a way that will produce a result that will suit the researcher.

Something must surely be seriously wrong with the system as either the drug works for blood pressure or it doesn’t. Personally I trust thousands of years of careful observation done by Chinese medicine practitioners. I was just browsing the news and out popped an article about Jiroemon Kimura, who celebrated his 116th birthday. If you feel satisfied, but you can still eat more, then you’re most likely to be 80% full.
That can trigger your mind in making you feel that you’re fuller than you actually are. Often when we’re eating, we start feeling full but because there are still food on the plate, we feel the need to finish it. She’s super gluttonous and seeks to eat delicious, yet mostly healthy foods all the time, she loves photography, creativity, beautiful and cute things and can either be crazy passionate or be bored easily.
Ia€™d order Chinese food from one of dozens of delicious local Chinese restaurants and chow down. Quite quickly we realise that more often than not the information emanating from this research is contradictory.
Well, as a very busy and overworked young doctor, the thought about questioning a system that is so sure of itself , like modern medical science, was just too much and I quickly forgot about it. The spleen in Chinese medicine is an energetic concept and refers to the area of the organs : spleen, pancreas, duodenum and part of the small intestine. If we have smaller portions, we won’t have left overs for us to eat even if we wanted to. She loves writing for her website and helping people, as well as be inspired and share what she has learned with others. EatingWella€™s recipe for Sweet & Sour Chicken was developed for a family who needed a little help eating healthier and avoiding the Chinese takeout trap. If we eat the wrong food for us, these two will suffer and we will feel unwell and will be more likely to develop diseases.

It is widely used and abused in medicine science , particularly by the pharmaceutical industry. Only years later, after removing myself from the system, did I start to think about it again. In fact it is not that simple and, just like with Chinese medicine, Chinese nutrition should ideally be tailored to the individual according to his constitution and the condition of his body at that time.
The spleen functions are extremely important and include digestion of food, production of energy, function of the immune system and the ability to feel toned and functional physically, mentally and emotionally. However, please remember our bodies don’t always get fullness and hunger correct, as sometimes eating more expands our stomach, so we naturally can eat more without feeling full. Their story, and more than 175 of our favorite comfort-food recipes, appear in our cookbook, EatingWell Comfort Foods Made Healthy. I am quite sure it is widely spread in other areas of science that I am not personally involved in. To try and make things simpler I’ll talk about general principles, or healthy nutrition according to Chinese medicine. Keeping the spleen strong and functional is as important to our digestion as what type of food we eat.
In today’s post I am going to try and explain why I trust the traditional Chinese understanding of healthy eating much more than the modern scientific research understanding of it.
In my former life as a junior doctor working in hospital it was a regular practice for a young doctor like myself to be asked to prepare a presentation on a certain subject. That young doctor had to go to the library (pre-internet days sound prehistoric now) and look at the research available about the subject. The presentation usually ended up something like this: eight studies say that this drug is effective in reducing blood pressure (for example) and four studies say that it isn’t and therefore, in conclusion, this drug is effective- and everyone went home happy.

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