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Now, when I look at a mushroom or a berry, I imagine a tiny red superhero cape flowing in the back, and guess what?  Knowing exactly how powerful these superfoods are makes me want to eat them even more!  Winning!
So, lets tackle these 6 superfoods, one by one, so you can learn just how powerful they are! I promise you, once you know what G-BOMBS can do it will change your dietary decisions (or at least make you feel pretty darn guilty before you stuff that burger in your mouth). Why have a surgeon go scraping out the gunk out of your arteries when you can have kale and Swiss chard do the dirty work for you?  And, I promise you, they charge waaay less! Yup, that sounds pretty darn magical to me, and I definitely want mushrooms in my body working for me!  Hello, they are also delicious!  Can you say win-win?

We all know that we need to keep blood sugar low to protect against diabetes and to keep our bodies running as efficiently as possible.  Well, mushrooms can do a lot of that heavy lifting for us!
Berries and pomegrantes have the highest nutrient-to-calorie ratio of all fruits–so you can eat a lot of them and it ends up being far fewer calories than say an apple or banana. So, what if we just ate tons of kale and onions and mushrooms, cause we know that they are seriously amazing superfoods.  They are perfect by themselves, right? Not only do these superfoods bring their own awesome phytonutrients to the table, they also increase the absorption of the protective nutrients in  vegetables eaten at the same meal.
Does this mean if I dowse my cheeseburger in raw sunflower seeds the fat will just end up in the toilet and not on my hips?!  Probably not.

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