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Each of us, lucky to be raised by unemployed mothers and grandmothers, knows the value of carefully prepared meal. Human health, efficiency, mood and creativity are related with the food we consume every day. Proper and healthy food helps the individual to cope more easily with life’s difficulties, and offers protection of many physical and mental illnesses. Healthy eating provides more regular physical and spiritual development of children, and more joy and love for each other. It has always been known that, what we eat is what we are, because everything on our planet has its own vibration and impact on the environment.
Even the famous Greek physician Hippocrates said, “Your food shall be your medicine.” Modern medicine, after decades of research came to the conclusion that the cause of many illnesses  is the nutrition. Healthy food is food that does not contain too much preservatives, fat (especially animal origin fats), and is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals – the plant-based food, fruit, whole grains and seeds. Eating various foods, but properly combined, is essential for proper nutrition. Normal and healthy body function requires consuming all ingredients necessary for the cell renewal in proper quantities. If we were able to meet and follow our body’s needs, we could avoid illnesses and fast aging. Proper diet means following the appropriate meal time and not to eat uncontrollably, at any time, without any thinking. Japanese food involves a lot of steaming, pan-grilling, broiling, stir-frying, slow-cooking, and fermenting.

You must have visited a Japanese restaurant and noticed that food is served in small bowls and it satisfies you despite the small portions. There’s a huge tea drinking culture in Japan and good quality Japanese tea contains far more antioxidants than coffee. Part of daily Japanese life is the great commute getting up, heading to the station, waiting for the train, standing in the train, walking from the next station to work, and getting on with life. They also consume a lot of sea weed which is rich in vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients.
Lifestyle and routines in modern families with both working parents, disables the mother and father devote the necessary time for the daily healthy meals. Hence, what we consume influences the function of our entire system, our thoughts and feelings, behavior, attitude towards the whole life and of course, our health. By consuming unhealthy food we poison and destroy our body unconsciously, we shorten its natural function and health span. However, you should not skip the meals and bring the body into a state of malnutrition, because it can lead to destruction of certain brain cells, unstable nervous system and reduction of the body resistance. Their traditional meal includes grilled fish, little steamed rice, boiled vegetables, a bowl of miso soup and green tea. They also have a habit of making at least one bowl of soup and usually they prepare small dishes.

This is especially true for Japan’s tea-time specialty: matcha, which is a fine (and often expensive) powdered tea made of young leaves grown specifically to increase their chlorophyll and antioxidant content by depriving them of sunlight. Etiquette is a huge part of Japanese living, and part of that is the careful use of chopsticks, the practice of eating from a small plate or rice bowl, only garnishing food lightly, serving each item on its own little dish, never completely filling a plate or serving large portions.
The average Japanese person visits their doctor over a dozen times a year for check-ups, four times as much as in the States. Their cultural methods are largely based on the centuries-old traditions of Shintoism, a large part of which is the concept of purification.
Substituting unhealthy foods with healthy options is critical for weight loss and improving health, but the short-term and long-term benefits will make it all worth it. They will be yours for food”, was written in the First Book of Moses, called Genesis (Genesis 1:29). It helps when they couple their veg and fish intake with lots of fiber from beans, rice, and often beans and rice.

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