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Yes, when Remy the rat saved Linguini’s restaurant by serving up ratatouille to food critic, Anton Ego, that was the first time I saw it prepared in layered fashion, cooked under parchment and served with the sauce as a garnish. Cover the zucchini and yellow squash with the remaining tomato sauce.  Use more if needed to cover completely. Meijer Day: You can take 50% off one fair admission (worth $5) on Monday, August 4 if you spend $20 on Fall Creek apparel between now and August 4. Fridays are Foodie Friday, where attendees pay $5 to get in and then soak up the savings from food vendors, too.
State Employees Day: An aptly named day, Thursday, August 7 is the day when State employees (as well as armed forces and veterans and their families) can enjoy FREE admission if they bring proper identification.
IPL Carload Day: Admission costs only $15 for up to ten people carpooling together with an IPL Carload Day voucher. AAA Day: AAA members bearing valid membership cards will enjoy FREE admission on Thursday, August 14.

If none of these fit your plans, head over to the online site and order advance tickets before midnight July 31 to take $3 0ff and knock that price down to $7.
For those of us who like unusual, quirky deals: Bike to the fair and take $1 off the gate admission. Indianapolis on the Cheap has an affiliate relationship with some of the deal operators (particularly those listed in the Daily Deals tab), which means that if you purchase a deal from one of these links, Indianapolis on the Cheap will earn a small commission. Admission is only $2 on Tuesday, August 5 and 12, and you’ll find $2 food specials all around the Fairgrounds.
Or head to central Indiana Walmarts or CVS pharmacies to buy tickets in person for $7 there.
You must enter through Gate 18 to get this deal; you may lock up your bike at the racks available on the Monon Trail.
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My favourite scene is when he gets the flavour explosion thing going on- where all the colours and flavours just magically meld. Also, be on the lookout Monday for a coupon in the Indianapolis Star that will give you FREE admission on Wednesday, August 6. Or, if you want to skip parking fees, park at Glendale Mall and use the FREE shuttle from 10 a.m. Also, seniors over the age of 55 and members of the Red and Pink Hat Societies can ride shuttles around the grounds for FREE all day. I love the blend of things you do on your blog, and the recent post that really caught my eye was the Gratitude Salad posted on September 24.

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