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Whatever you choose to do each day, I hope you find a little motivation, encouragement, and inspiration here on this page.
My parents were in town a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to prepare some good ol’ New Orleans food while they were here. Before serving, bring the gumbo to a boil and add the remaining pound of shrimp, lump crabmeat, and oysters.
For more clean eating ideas, check out The Best of Clean Eating: Over 200 Mouthwatering Recipes to Keep You Lean and Healthy by Editors of Clean Eating. Tangy BBQ-flavored chicken over sweet yam created a scrumptious combo that can be enjoyed as appetizer or dinner. If you’re looking for a quick and delicious Thanksgiving Side Dish that fits in the Clean Eating Diet Plan, this mashed potato recipe is a great idea.
We recommend COSMOS CREATIONS SALTED CARAMEL POPCORN. Just had some, and they were delightful! I've been physically active all of my life, but decided to make a career out of helping people reach their personal fitness goals after my twins were born.
I'm passionate about creating personalized workout plans for my clients - ensuring they stay goal-oriented, perform exercises within their limits with correct form. Well I was determined to take one of our favorite New Orleans meals, Seafood Gumbo, and make it CLEAN! I'm a firm believer that diet plays a huge part in maintaining a fit and lean body - and try my best to live by the "Clean Eating" principles. Serve by ladling the gumbo over mounds of boiled brown rice in gumbo bowls or deep soup bowls. Cook until bread crumb becomes slightly toasted. In a mixing bowl, add ground turkey, bread crumb, corn starch, white wine, sea salt, pepper, minced garlic, ginger powder, paprika, lemon juice and oyster sauce.
Mix thoroughly with clean hands. Using your hands, very gently roll and shape turkey meat into two balls. She specializes in vegan cooking and teaches how to cook the best dishes that are also gluten- and soy-free.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Over stove top on high heat and using a frying pan or skillet, melt the other half table spoon of butter.
After you have all ingredients assembled, heat oil in a heavy 7-8 quart Dutch oven over medium heat. Skinny TasteGina Homolka is a photographer and food expert who shares healthy low-fat, family-friendly recipes and health tips. A few days before I made my gumbo, I took the salvaged turkey carcass out of the freezer (from Christmas) and made my own turkey stock which I used instead of water in the recipe.
When whole wheat flour is used, it will need to get to the color of melted milk chocolate). I have to tell you, it turned out tasting exactly the same as the previous times I’ve made this gumbo recipe! Continue cooking for about 10 minutes longer, stirring constantly; the chopped vegetables should be lightly browned at this point. Raise the heat slightly and bring the mixture to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer for 1 hour.
Stir occasionally and scrape down the sides and across the bottom of the pot with a wooden spoon to prevent scorching. Autoimmune PaleoAngie and Mickey have a unique story that led them to begin their healthy cooking blog.
They both suffer from several autoimmune diseases and turned to healthy eating to help manage their conditions.

Now they’ve made it their mission to share their recipes and experience with the world!
Oh My VeggiesThe authors of Oh My Veggies blog provide plenty of amazing meal ideas that will help you easily cook vegetarian dishes from fresh, seasonal ingredients. Gutsy By NatureJaime has been suffering from Crohn’s disease for years – This led her to find a balance of healthy Paleo eating combined with conventional medical treatment in order to effectively deal with her condition.
She shares the best gluten-free and vegetarian recipes for people who want to lose weight and maintain their weight-loss successfully. The Lean Green BeanLindsay is a registered dietitian who has established a nutrition coaching business in Columbus, Ohio.
She frequently updates her blog, providing readers with delicious recipes made up of the very best healthy foods to eat. Something New For DinnerSomething New for Dinner started through a mom’s vision to share the healthy recipes that she had been preparing for her family for over 25 years.
This blog includes many delicious vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and Paleo-friendly recipes.
The Year In FoodKimberley is a photographer from San Francisco who shares her own creative way of cooking. The Lemon BowlLiz Della Croce has achieved long-term weight loss success and now she wants to help others do the same.
On her blog she shares more than 600 healthy and delicious recipes for anyone who is working towards losing weight.
She offers hundreds of recipes to help you cook low-fat and gluten-free meals that are big on taste. In Pursuit Of MoreShira is a professional photographer and recipe writer who shares great recipes to help you cook tasty and healthy vegetarian dishes. Paleo PotPaleo Pot provides great Paleo-friendly recipes that will help you cook tasty soups, meat and one-pot meals with ease. Paleo cooking doesn’t have to be tricky! Kellie’s Food To GlowKellie is a cancer health educator who enjoys cooking food from fresh, seasonal British ingredients.
The Healthy AppleAmie Valpone is personal chef and writer who enjoys traveling, exercising and cooking.
She will provide you with a great deal of easy Gluten-free recipes on her blog, The Healthy Apple. The Stone SoupThe authors of The Stone Soup cooking blog are all about simplicity and efficiency in the kitchen. Most of their recipes contain just 5 ingredients or fewer and can be prepared by even the most novice chefs.
She teaches easy ways to prepare delicious vegan meals, and she does it all using less oil and less fat in each recipe.
VeganizzmVeganizzm was created by Izzy, a young woman who spent time living in Russia and has become a big fan of plant-based eating.
She provides healthy recipes to help you enjoy the benefits of including more plant foods in you diet. She provides many amazing meal ideas, a great cookbook, and free meal plans on her healthy eating blog. Amuse Your BoucheThe author of this blog is a young woman who likes photography and cooking healthy meals in less time.
She provides a great collection of recipes which have been taken from popular cookbooks and magazines.
They will teach you how to prepare healthy meals and about the benefits you will gain from eating a plant-based diet.

Choosing RawGena is a professional nutritionist who is passionate about vegan and raw food. On her blog she shares a lot of healthy recipes for a plant-based diet and offers tips that can help you make the best food choices. Clean Eating MagClean Eating is maintained by professional dietitians who are happy to provide you with weight loss meal plans, healthy recipes and useful healthy eating tips. Fannetastic FoodAnne’s blog is dedicated to photography, travel, running, adventure-seeking and cooking. She provides a great collection of fantastic recipes on her blog to go along with all sorts of fitness and well-living tips.
Happy YolksKelsey Boyte creates the amazing recipes and her husband Shaun captures it all on film. Just seeing their pictures of the entire cooking process is worth a visit to this great healthy cooking blog. InspiralizedMeet with Ali on her wonderful food blog and get the access to simple, healthy and delicious recipes that you can make with a food spiralizer.
Kalyn’s KitchenAfter losing over 40lbs on a low-carb diet, Kalyn Denny is always happy to share her latest low-carb recipes.
My New RootsSarah shares her meal ideas that will help you realize the most important benefits of a plant-based eating.
Sunday Morning Banana PancakesHeather created Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes after a suffering through illness that doctors couldn’t diagnose or treat for several years.
Finally she found out that she had Crohns disease, which sparked her passion for achieving wellness through improved eating habits.
Olives For DinnerErin Wysocarski chronicles her journey of becoming a vegan on her Olives for Dinner food blog.
This Is WellbeingCassandra Mackay is focused on healthy eating and healthy wellbeing on this great food blog. The Garden GrazerKaitlin is a vegetable enthusiast who will provide you with great recipes for healthy eating.
Clean Food, Dirty CityLily can’t imagine her life without cooking and healthy eating. Coming from New York, her gluten- and dairy-free recipes will inspire you! The Kitchen ShedCharlie is a qualified beauty therapist, nutritionist and a mom of two wonderful boys. Yummy SupperErin is a lifestyle photographer and home cook who can help you master the art of cooking healthy and delicious meals easily and quickly. The RawtarianLaura-Jane is a raw food expert and is the host of the popular Raw Food Podcast, author of the book called Raw Food Favourites, and speaks about her raw food eating recommendations at conferences across the US and Canada. If you know of another awesome blog with amazingly healthy recipes, feel free to tell us in the comments section below! He knows how to get fat-loss results and was even chosen as Canada's Top Fitness Professional for his dedication to his clients' success. It has a lot of features like calorie counting, food tracker, BP-BMI-Blood Glucose monitoring, etc.

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