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Where are all these nuclear power plants that have been the cause of so much speculation?  Maybe in your back yard.  A full list is available at Wikipedia. Many of the older reactors have been shut down as they become too expensive to maintain, obsolete or go past their permit date without an extension.  The cluster of dots on many locations are to show the multiple reactors per location.
The USA has 104 nuclear power reactors in 31 states, operated by 30 different power companies. The worst part about Summer ending is it means Fall and Winter are on their way with brutal weather and often dangerous storms. In this quick video, I share some tips to help you prepare your family, home and vehicle for the upcoming winter.
After an emergency, you can use the American Red Cross website to register yourself and your family as Safe and Well so that loved ones know you are okay. Before Fall and Winter, it’s a good idea to get your house ready for colder weather and possible emergencies brought on by severe storms.
Follow these tips and pack up your emergency kits and keep your family and home safe this winter. Download and Print this Emergency Preparedness Checklist and Emergency Checklist Vehicle for FREE. Find more resources and ideas on our Safety Tips – Protecting All You Love Pinterest Board. A 2-person, 72-hour survival kit packaged in a durable nylon backpack and designed for the car.
With our money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you have purchased the most reliable survival kit on the market. You need to keep a survival kit in your car in case you are on the road when a disaster strikes. ER™ Car Survival Kits are designed to contain everything your family needs to survive for 3 days when forced into an emergency disaster situation on the road. The ‘nightmare’ has long roots in structural violence, the set of national and international systems and policies that have left the majority in Haiti (and the world) neglected and resource-poor. The tip can happen with a seemingly small, non-dramatic action: a family’s house was damaged in the earthquake, so it moved elsewhere. Dieusel told me the above story on the same day that a driver told me about losing his job when his boss relocated to the U.S.
A collection of Haitian groups is promoting the social and economic rights of earthquake survivors and others whose vulnerability has grown in the crisis.
Speaking for Haiti’s social movements, Camille Chalmers of the Platform for Alternative Development in Haiti (PAPDA) told me, “We have to project ourselves into the future. The Haitian government does not bear sole guilt for the failure to guarantee the well-being of those left devastated, or for the failure of the billions in aid money to help stabilize the population in any substantive way.
Poverty in the camps is so great that some young girls whose parents have died or are elsewhere resort to prostitution to survive.
As for education, following its post-earthquake suspension in Port-au-Prince, schools are now reopening.

The 57-year-old Sylvanie Sylvain, Getro Nelio’s mother, is one small demonstration of the failure of the medical system.  She is ill and needs surgery for her throat. I hear stories that should never have to be told, such as from a young volunteer nurse from the U.S.
Some sound and committed international organizations are at work in Haiti, as are foreign foundations and community groups which have come to support the priorities that Haitians have defined for themselves. But survivors have also told me repeatedly that they are resigned to do whatever it takes to keep going. And Elitane Athelus, a leader of the street merchants’ group the Women Martyrs of Brave Ayibobo, said, “We won’t stop struggling until the conditions of our lives change. In 2008, the country generated 4,119 billion kWh net of electricity, 49% of it from coal-fired plants, 22% from gas and 6% from hydro.
This bag contains the best products from quality name-brands--the outdoor industry has to offer. You want to talk to your kids about the preparations and ensure they feel relaxed and confident that you all have a plan to stay safe. This survival kit contains the most critical emergency preparedness supplies to prepare for any disaster including food, water, lighting, radio, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies. If you find a kit of equal or greater value advertised for less, we will refund you the difference.
The catastrophe which began with the earthquake has, for many, tipped the balance, sending them over the edge.
But the new home is too far for Dieusel, who used to wash their clothes, to walk, and she has no money for the bus fare.
Having been excluded from all formal processes of consultation and decision-making, grassroots civil society groups are using what tools they have to push their agenda to the center: circulating position papers, mobilizing popular resistance, accessing the media, and promoting international solidarity.
We’re pushing to open space so that the Haitian people can determine their future, and can impact international processes. At that point, Edithe and all those in her circumstances will be protected by no more than a thin sheet of nylon or cloth. Abandoned children are at risk of being swooped up in the restavek, child slavery, system by neighbors.
The conditions in which earthquake victims have been left excludes many, if not most, of those left homeless.
The same caveat that applies to all other social basics applies here: few have money to buy it.
Camps are full of sick people, the result of lack of sanitation combined with poor nutrition, stress, and lack of sleep. A doctor at the university hospital scheduled her for surgery, but when she went back on the appointed day, she was told that the necessary machine was broken.
The mother of a teenage girl who had been raped asked, “Can you help us find a psychologist? Nuclear achieved a capacity factor of 91.1%, generating 805 billion kWh and accounting for almost 20% of total electricity generated in 2008.

You may be forced to travel great distances and endure extreme weather conditions as you walk to a safe location or to meet up with loved ones. A central demand is that the rights to decent housing, jobs, food, water, education, and medical care be fulfilled.
We’re developing political alternatives about the conjuncture, for a different development.
I could find no plan of any Haitian or international government or agency to address this risk in any way, including through the clear first step of providing permanent and sturdy housing.
Residents speak to me regularly about feeling violated by the noise, overcrowding, and constant proximity to hundreds, if not tens of thousands, of strangers. Food is all too rarely distributed (and then mainly consists of rice) and is given under tense conditions, according to hundreds of interviews I’ve done. While some clinics – like those of Partners in Health, the Cuban medical team, and Doctors without Borders – are free, they may require bus fare, which is well out of reach for many families. There are far too many other examples, though, of foreign actors who have sidelined Haitians as decision-makers, project participants, and staff. She earned about $4 a week before and, while it was always a struggle, she felt she had a reasonably good chance then of keeping her four kids alive.  Now Dieusel has no more income with which to feed her children. We’re taking these ideas out to discuss with grassroots groups, and also reaching out to the diaspora and solidarity groups in other countries. They share culpability, through commission and omission, for what was intended as disaster aid instead becoming an aid disaster. They have nowhere safe or private where they can relieve themselves, bathe, wash clothes, relax, or – for the kids – play. Getro Nelio, who was living in the downtown soccer stadium until police destroyed his and others’ shelters and threw them out, described how hundreds of neighbors spent the entire night on the sidewalk when word went out that rice would be distributed at the stadium the next day.
In the informal research I have conducted by necessity on behalf of friends and allies, I have also found that it is quite common to wait all day and never get seen, because of the volume of people in line.
As for the yawning chasm that exists between the billions in aid and the population in need, four months out is far too late for the excuse of ‘problems in coordination,’ the rationale that several associated with U.N. She refers to their constant hunger as her ‘Calvary,’ a reference to the site of Jesus’ crucifixion. Dieusel and the driver, and others like them, had no safety net before the earthquake, and today all bets are off. Sometimes wash water can be hauled in from public spigots or from giant plastic bags provided by agencies; sometimes not.
In one spontaneous discussion in a narrow dirt corridor of a camp, mothers reported that none of their children can return to school either because they are too exhausted – “they are sleeping in the mud,” as one said – or because their uniforms were crushed under falling houses and they cannot afford new ones. It is also common that, while the first consultation might be free, the specialist or the lab tests to which the patient is referred are not.  If all those things are free of charge, in some cases the family still has to purchase medications, there ending the hope for medical relief.

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