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The Sandbar Fight made the survival Bowie knife famous and everything started in 1827 on the banks of the famous Mississippi River.
The survival Bowie knife is a very famous knife that dates its fame back to the Civil War of the United States and to a famous fight of James Bowie. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content.
I think there are 4 key survival concepts that every prepper should work on at all times to place you in the best possible position to survive anything that happens.
If you can legally own firearms I believe that there are 5 firearms that make up a well-rounded prepper battery of arms. Shotgun – If you can only have one single weapon for home defense in a collapse scenario, I recommend a shotgun. There are arguments for shotguns, pistols and even Semi-automatic rifles as your home defensive weapon and it really comes down to what you have, what the threat is and where you are in your home at the time in relation to the weapon.
If I am in bed and someone breaks in, I won’t grab the shotgun or the rifle, I would go for the pistol. There are always considerations for penetration in a home since our walls are made from sheet-rock and not concrete, but this applies to any firearm. How much do you plan on shooting and how confident you will be able to purchase more ammunition when you need it? You should also consider an inventory system and we have a free ammo inventory spreadsheet available for download that you can use to set targets and track your own personal ammo storage amounts. I just was wondering if someone can enlighten me on the reason behind a personal armory and how many guns should a prepared individual have? As Pat stated, every prep arsenal should have at least one of each of the five primary firearms types. While you may be able to put the eye out of a bear at 300 yards with that sexy 300 Win Short Mag, will you be able to scrounge extra ammo for it post-SHTF? All this is based on my contention that if the S really hits the fan, that everyone who doesn’t live in the Alaskan back country, will eventually be forced to abandon their fortress.
When i lived in AZ my .06 was the preferred caliber because most of my hunting shots for deer and elk were in that 300+ yard range.
You’re probably OK to go through with your shotgun purchase Ziggy especially since the Army vetted you. I agree 10,000% with Veritas (and others), and I like the famous quote, “Beware of the man that owns only one gun, for he probably knows how to use it”. As for that Savage, I’m starting to look for an old Winchester 69A like Grandpa taught me to shoot on. I fully agree with your thoughts, assessments on the various topics you have highlighted in your article here, not only on firearms, but even on some of the topics embedded in the article such as how much propane to have on hand. For grills of several methods for cooking on as well as 18″ metal grates to make grills out of blocks and stones with.
I have 2 bales of straw & wood chips to use to start fires with and 15 28 fluid ounces of charcoal lighter fluid stored to put on the straw + charcoal + small wood kindling to make open air fire pits.
So I’ve used a variety of weapons during my career, from the 38 cal revolver, to 9MM semi automatics which came out after the FBI shooting down in South Miami in April of 1986 in which Jerry Dove and Ben Grogan were killed by Platt and his associate.
I’ve now found that after some 15 years of not having any guns, that times dictate becoming armed again. So because of my immediate environment which is in a rural location, I’ve decided on the following weapons.
I also have stored about 1 year of food which will be rotated out for regular use and then restocked. 7000 watt generator and 600 gals of stored gasoline in 55 gal metal drums that initially contain racing fuel and are lined to protect both the barrels as well as the fuel. I have a passive water collection system on hand as well, with will allow me to collect rain water and store up to 300 gallons as well. If nothing happens so be it, but if it does, I’ll be better off than 95% of the population. Well, At 80 years young, I read thru and I have to disagree… I do keep a cut down 12 gauge pump with 5 round of #1 buck shot (that 12 BBs about the size of a 22 in each shell.
Disagreement is a daily occurrence around the topic of guns rvinjohn, but I thank you for your comments.
James Bowie was outnumbered by four assailants but he was able to wound one of them and to kill another with a big knife.
It can be used as a survival knife but you might not get the best results if you plan to use it for this purpose.
There are many legends around this knife, but you need to keep in mind that this knife is just for fighting and not survival. We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation.

Since I started prepping back in 2007, my days to varying degrees are filled with a sense of expectation that wanes or increases with current events and trends. In the beginning there was for me a greater sense of urgency to get ready, but as I have learned and gathered supplies, that urgency has relaxed a good bit. There are also numerous laws and regulations that govern what you may be able to legally purchase. With these 5 firearms, you will be able to deal with situations that we routinely talk about in a breakdown in society.
Shotguns are easy to use, the ammunition is reasonably cheap and they can pull double duty as both defensive weapons and hunting firearms. A semi-automatic rifle is simply one that automatically chambers another round when you pull the trigger.
I am not talking about a concealed carry firearm here as I deal with that in another article.
The AR-15 will definitely reach out to several hundred yards, but you likely won’t be engaging anyone at that distance. I would not buy a .22 pistol unless I was purchasing this for a younger child or for plinking (practice). I have all of the items above but my home defense plan is different if I am in bed as opposed to out in the kitchen. Now, that is because I have one in close proximity and I am comfortable using and firing this particular firearm. We are starting to see a return to normal on ammunition availability and cost but any upcoming legislation could change that again.
This will help with budgeting as well as give you a clear idea of what you need to purchase if you have some extra money. In my opinion (which is just one man’s view and always subject to change) is get a long gun and a side arm, all the required accessories, and then train on them until you are outstanding before collecting other weapons.
This same man has quality gear like slings and chest rig that fit his fighting style and have proven themselves reliable. Now if you want to argue you need all the other weapons for hunting that is one thing but I think only a small percentage of preppers have the skills to sustain themselves by hunting if things really got that bad that no other means to procure food was available and in that drastic of a WROL scenario you can hunt a fair bit of game with a .223.
I think you are absolutely right that training and proficiency as well as capable gear are major factors, but that wasn’t my focus. Now I will admit I’m one that has the hobby fever and loves to “play” but like most I have one set of “go to” firearms, and play with others for shits-and-giggles. Samantha the only firearm you need to have is the one you feel comfortable firing and have in your possession when you need it. That and a midrange bolt gun in 223, probably a Mossberg MVP as my 308 is very accurate and fun to shoot. I’ve also made grab and go cans with a quantity of ammo and basic cleaning kits for all my guns.
We did not just have one gun, but use to carry our issued gun (sidearm) plus the 12 gauge shot gun. I am not a fan of mounting lights on my weapons, since that tends in my opinion identify my location and could make me an easier target. This knife is very frightful and many people think that it was the original knife used by James Bowie because it has a blade of 14 inches. A knife that is designed to be used for a survival situation must be capable of dealing with wood, able to butcher animals and skin them , able to deal with a spear, made of high quality steel, and more. My reason for prepping was and remains to be able to protect my family from disasters whether man-made or natural in origin and it is that goal that causes me to look to the future for warning signs. I chalk that up to actually being prepared at some level and the comfort I gain from knowing if something does happen, I have a lot of bases covered already. If you have these four bases covered, you will be so much better prepared to survive anything from a flood, hurricane or Global pandemic. I believe that all things being equal, the best defensive weapons you can own are firearms and with that I mind I want to discuss what I recommend everyone have if you are considering a firearm as part of your preparedness strategy. Even if you never go through any disaster, having these firearms will benefit you in terms of security and firearms generally do not lose value, only appreciate so they are an investment that pays off in multiple ways.
In terms of price, shotguns are cheaper than pistols (generally) and can be purchased a lot of times without the same background scrutiny that you get with other handguns.
This is the  nightstand gun that can also be used as your backup weapon in the event your main battle rifle (semi-automatic) is unavailable for some reason. A .22 will actually kill larger game and even humans as many will argue but I would not count on that as my main weapon for defense. It also depends on whether we are in a normal situation like now or in the middle or wide-spread riots and looting.
If I didn’t have any weapons at all, I would still purchase a shotgun first and that would be my home defense weapon.

A shotgun is going to shoot what you are aiming at so I am not trying to say that you can just wave it in the general direction and actually hit someone, but shotgun pellets spread. When the last ammo shortage hit you were not able to easily find many of the most common calibers and what you were able to find was much more expensive. I ask because I know someone with 30+ guns, and that seems a little extreme unless they plan on making themself a personal army. For example he discovered flashlights that stay on will get him killed and so he only uses ones equipped with momentary on switches and he knows the factory plastic front sight on his Glock are poor quality and often come off when the gun is really pushed hard so he has replaced them with metal sights.
Firearms locked away in the safe, sitting “at home”, in a nice pretty room like above, or “thinking” of buying are completely useless. Several knives claim the title of being the original knife that James used in his famous battle with the assailants; but most of them have the assumption that this knife was used by Bowie until the end of his life.
It is also said that James Black made the original survival Bowie knife, and the blade had up to 14 inches.
Other collectors of survival Bowie knives were interested in rather subdued versions of the famous knife because they wanted to see something between what was used in the famous Sandbar Fight and the forms that appeared later. It is important to think about what things you should use in a survival situation and which tool you have to get in order to survive to a deadly threat. It seems that I start each year with a reasonable belief that it is all going to tank “this year” only to be sitting at my home at the end of the year with my family safe from any disastrous EMP, a pandemic that ravages the planet or an economic collapse that destroys our wealth and throws everyone into a second great depression. We talk about all of these survival concepts on the Prepper Journal, but there is one topic that comes around frequently that generates a substantial amount of debate so I wanted to write an article that focuses on Security. Civilians cannot buy fully automatic weapons so to compare these rifles to what the police or military has is not accurate on one side. I do not recommend only having a pistol but I think they are great to have and compliment the other firearms nicely.
Some will say you can simply purchase an AR chambered in .308 and kill two birds with one stone.
It is great at taking small game though and the ammo is still much cheaper than any of the other options. If you aim at a person, the spread of the shot will more likely hit them even if your aim is a little off.
It is possible that Bowie replaced the original knife for another fancier knife as the reputation of the original knife grew, and he might have done it several times. A cowboy could skin an animal quickly thanks to its design, and many people say that a survival Bowie knife is just a large one that has a chipped point. Some people hold that the true original Bowie knife is found In the historic Arkansas Museum because this item has a defensible connection with James Bowie.
A survival Bowie knife is just a tool and you need to think beyond this to get what you really need. I am not depressed or disappointed in this fact, don’t get me wrong but time passing does have a way of making me recheck my priorities and reevaluate my personal prepping plans. They do have many advantages though and when we think of a semi-automatic rifle for a prepper there are two that are the most common.
Had the end of the world happened, I would already have full stock of ammo for each of my weapons, but I started stocking up years ago. Please take some time to find what you personally feel comfortable with and are willing to have with you at all times and stick with that. The truth is that it is very hard to know the appearance of the original knife used by James Bowie. James Black is blamed for having invented this type of knife so deadly and at the same time so famous in the United States. If you have in mind the potential for shooting someone who has entered your home you need to know exactly how this deadly tool works and become proficient in hitting what you are aiming at.
It does not matter if it’s a SW500, a 12ga shotgun, a AR-8 (308) or a 22LR handgun .Just find someone that has those 200 guns and ask to fire a few so you know what you like, than go to a Gun Shop and do a “blind” gun test to find what feels comfortable in your hand. It is important to think that a survival Bowie knife is designed for fighting, not survival. When it comes down to choosing which one to go with like anything on this subject there is a lot of debate, but for me personally I believe the AR-15 is the better of the two for a variety of reasons.
Don’t let someone else “tell” you what to get, a firearm is a very personal thing that only you can decide what to have.
The knife was also popular with the Confederate forces because they suffered from inferior weapons.

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