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Avere una dispensa ben organizzata e senza dubbio una cosa indispensabile, questi consigli sono davvero utili e da tenere sempre presenti! It’s Tuesday and that means time for another episode of Doomsday Preppers.  In tonight’s episode, Nine Meals Away from Anarchy, we’ll get a peak at three new preppers, Mike Mester, Preston White and Riley Cook.
Angela at Food Storage and Survival is back to share her thoughts – although she calls the show, “A little bit of education and a whole lot of ‘TV,’” she admits, “there are ideas to be gleaned and some motivation to keep prepping (or start prepping).”  In tonight’s episode, she enjoyed seeing preppers from her home state of Colorado, including Preston White, who has amassed an impressive seed collection.
Bushcraft and Survival Skills mentions a frequently voiced concern that goes hand-in-hand with sharing your preps on TV – OPSEC or Operational Security.  While discussing Mike Mester and his family who are featured in tonight’s episode, he shares, “There were a few things that bothered me, first and foremost is OPSEC!
Upon receiving an advance copy of tonight’s episode, Silent Prepper “could not get it into the DVD player quick enough.”  As someone who has been reviewing the show weekly, he explains, “If you have been following or just started to watch the series, we have seen various forms of prepping or preparedness from different families or individuals. Similarly to others who previewed the show, Survivor Jane was impressed by featured prepper Mike Mester, stating, “In fact, he would be the perfect prepper; along with his wife Lisa, the kids and the dastardly duo, Storm and Thunder (and no, those are not the names of his shotgun and rifle) if not for just a few small details. Thanks again to all who participated!  If Doomsday Preppers has inspired you to brush up on your survival skills, each of these blogs has a wealth of information and resources to get you started. Will you be watching Doomsday Preppers tonight?  Come back and let us know what you think – were you as impressed by Mike Mester’s preps?  Is Preston White’s treasure trove of seeds the ultimate survival tool?  Are you envious of Riley Cook’s underground palace? I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed the flaw in the bunkers that has been shown ? It seems like most of the preppers on the show are only preparing for one type of disaster.
I really like the series overall, it has really gave me the push I needed to get things rolling! John, as one of the family members from episode 9 I can guarantee you there is a LOT of things they don’t show. Wayne, Doug Huffman – the Into the Spider Hole guy produces an online survival training series of videos.

Anybody come up with instructions for the fire logs made from shredded paper and leaves?????
I saw on one of the shows that a couple had a large bag that they put in their tub and filled up with water. I found that there are many good ideas and to be honest I have learned a great deal watching this program. The paper logs are easy to make mix equal parts of shredded paper leaves ect with H2o a little bleach is a good idea – soak the mixture 2 to 3 days. February 8, 2012 by Lou Scatigna Leave a Comment Finally, a television show I can indentify with. For some people, the end of the world as we know it is upon us, and there is no better time than now to start preparing. Such is the concept of National Geographic Channel‘s new reality show Doomsday Preppers, which profiles Americans who have taken extreme measures to plan for a forthcoming apocalypse — whether natural disaster, nuclear war or economic crisis.
The channel commissioned an online survey of 1,007 adults in the USA, and found that 61% of Americans believe the country will experience a major catastrophic event within the next 20 years, but only 15% feel they are fully prepared for it. Each episode will feature a few individuals from the prepping subculture, and the effectiveness of their preparations will be assessed by experts. Doomsday preppers gear, Stock up on discount survival preparedness equipment at our doomsday preppers gear store. Survival supplies, kits, military and survival gear, Outdoor survival gear -emergency preparedness survival kits, off grid survival supplies and military gear to help prepare you for any natural or man made disaster.
Uno spazio più ampio per confezioni di scorta, barattolame, pacchi di pasta, riso, biscotti, farina, bottiglie, lattine ecc. Buttare in caso di ammaccature o gonfiori, eliminare la polvere eventuale formatasi sopra quando le andiamo a prendere per utilizzarle. Conviene raggruppare gli alimenti per tipologia, in modo che anche l’occhio trovi subito quello che cerchiamo, al suo posto. The one aspect I like about the show is that it allows the viewer to come to their own conclusion in regards to each guest’s reason for prepping or how they prepare.”  To find out what conclusions he drew from each of the preppers featured tonight, read his full post at Prepper Central.
I mean they had the food provisions down to an art, gas supply and rotated, bags both for getting home and leaving home, and security, which by the way is where Storm and Thunder come in.

To separate hydrogen from oxygen by electrolysis takes more energy than can be recovered by burniing, or recombining the hydrogen and oxygen. At the behest of friends and family, I have recently begun a wilderness survivor blog to share my 40+ years of wilderness survivor knowledge.
The scenarios they plan for have as much chance of occurring as me being bitten by a black bear and a grizzly on the same day!
And my family is preparing for more than one crises but we were told to choose one of the bigger reasons to put on the show. Anyone with an ak would take out their cameras and have a field day .great great location ,but being hippy minded,free loving,will get you all killed!!! The fire logs are made by creating a slurry of water mixed with the paper and leaf compost, leaving it to soak for a few days then pressing them into the molds. What I am bothered by the most is watching the programs with all of the canned goods in glass jars. Other than this one minor problem while not all of the solutions will work for everyone, it looks like every episode is a learning episode where you can take something of value away. In the series premiere, viewers meet a retired couple who have 50,000 pounds of food stored in their doomsday-proof home built of steel shipping containers, an urban survivalist in Los Angeles prepping for a severe earthquake and a young, outgoing Texan ready to bug out when an oil crisis creates havoc.
Lets just say he lives in a well to do area, and unless the show used props and not the real location, where he is could be easily located, especially from the local residents in the area.”  To read more about the critical survival skills he found lacking in each of the preppers, check out his post at Bushcraft and Survival Skills.
No advertisers, very intimate, down-to-earth advice, new-school science and old-world remedies. What no one has commented on is that in the event of an earthquake what is going to happen to all of those jars on the shelves.
It seems to me that while the jars can be stored there should be someone telling these people that they need to be stored in such a way that they do not shake against one another or fall off the shelf causing them to break.
If one of these disasters does occur all that stuff is going to be all over those bunkers and most ruined and someone possibly injured by flying debris.

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