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Have you ever needed to strap something down and went to look for a length of rope or bungee cord? It should go without saying that James Wesley Rawles has had a significant impact on the prepper and survivalist community. The first question that some people might ask is: Why would I want to consider a human powered generator when I could use solar? There are hosts of camp stoves in the marketplace today, as I learned when I started to doing my research. I want to start off by saying that his article didn’t offend me at all and I don’t think it should offend anyone reading it here. Have you thought about what you’d do if a movie like Armageddon or The Day After Tomorrow came to life?
Whether by the hands of God, nature, or man himself … 22 percent of Americans believe the world will end during their lifetime.
I was just watching a particularly cringe-worthy episode of National Geographic‘s Doomsday Preppers, where some dipstick from Boston informed his new mail-order bride from Columbia that he is a prepper. Who cares if you spent your entire life savings on survival supplies instead of taking vacations with your family or sending your kids to college? Those who foolishly tried to enjoy their lives before the apocalypse slowly die off, while you and your family feast on the bounty of dehydrated food you put in the cellar years ago. Slowly, you realize that you now live in a world where the entire population consists of Doomsday Preppers. To make a correlation with what the author is trying to imply, I will use the car insurance example I have by now beaten to death.
Prepping to me is about just simple steps I can take to make sure I have some means of self reliance. I do think that if you have taken the time to make simple preparations you could conceivably live through the initial phases of any crisis like this. I am betting that I am not wrong though and there is nothing stupid about taking steps to prepare your family.
GreatArticle, first I have to say it is refreshing to laugh about this ?? I was reading it and in the same moment thinking “I would spend all my effort, time and money and be so happy that nothing happen and all the stuff just rotten and get in a museum one day”.
Personally having been heavily into survivalism since 1979 and worked closely with other survivalists and preppers on both sides of the pond for over 30 years I must add that I simply do not recognise any of the attention seekers, nut jobs, gun nuts (not normal gun owners BTW), cranks, fantasists and wannabes that have appeared in Doomsday preppers. They can have only chosen those who featured on the show for the shock, horror ratings value and definitely not for the informative or educational value. The Preppers I know are just decent hardworking people who are trying to look out for their family and wouldn’t want to go on a reality TV show anyway. So not wanting to have to rely on others if something ever happens makes you an insane prepper, whatever, he probably makes his money by misleading people and he will likely die a wealthy man.
In this article I am going to list several different areas of focus that should get your attention at some point.
In my get home bag, I mainly have some basic necessities to make it home from anywhere I am going to be on a normal day. You can use this time to make sure that the contents of your first aid kit are fresh and up to date. Rotate, Rotate, Rotate is the mantra of any good prepper, but I find that stored food is probably the hardest thing to keep an eye on without a very good system for rotating your food in place.
We have #10 cans of fruit that we purchased from Costco that still have plenty of life left in them, but I don’t want to forget they are there until the expiration is 2 years past. No, I am not talking about the freezing temperature of your pool on Memorial Day, but we do need to ensure our water is in the best shape possible. While you are at it, make sure your filters are clean if you have a Berkey type filter mechanism and check your back-up filters. Spring is a good time to make sure any mechanical tools or implements you plan to depend on in a survival or grid-down type of scenario are working too. I also like to do a battery inventory at this time and make sure I have my minimums on hand. I normally do this much more frequently but if you have knives, axes, hatches or chainsaws, now is the time to get those blades sharpened. Most of us keep the basics of car maintenance covered, but you should make sure that your car is running in good condition and fix any minor issues you have been delaying.
Now that you have your car ready, its also good to check on your fuel storage and make sure that you didn’t forget to fill any cans from over the winter. When I use this spare tank though, I make it a point to stop the next day and get a new spare so that I always have one in reserve.
There are a ton of things to consider but hopefully, this gives you some ideas that you can use to make sure your preps are ready when you need them.
A lot of people plan to bug out if the SHTF with all of their survival gear stowed in their vehicle or pulled in a trailer. I watched him attempt this a couple of additional times and then finally, he stopped the car, got out and unhitched the trailer. What if this was you and you had hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds of stored food, ammunition, tarps, generators and survival gear piled onto the trailer. Backing up a trailer is easier to do if you can see your trailer in my opinion, but that is probably because I don’t have any other experience. Forget about your rear view mirror, and don’t turn around and try to look out the back window.
So, you are in reverse, with your wheels pointed left, causing your trailer to turn sharper. Your advice about even the pros having to stop and take a second cut, and getting out to see what the situation looks like before even attempting to back up into an area are spot on! I was wondering if anyone would notice that and I did seriously consider helping, but he had that trailer down and turned around pretty quick. I was just about to offer to back it up on one of my passes back and forth across the yard and the just stopped, got out and UN-hitched it. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. Having a sense of humor I feel is necessary to get through life and on some days, your sense of humor could be the only thing saving you from losing it completely. I recommend checking that out if you aren’t offended easily and it helps to have an offbeat sense of humor.
She came to America in search of a better life, and within a day of arriving he’s got this poor woman learning to purify water using a plastic bag. Melvin from Accounting can’t wait for catastrophe so he can become Melvin the Survivor!
They got a real education when you took them into the woods every weekend to teach them how to set booby traps for when the zombie neighbors invade! You’ve taught them fantastic social skills, so long as that social situation takes place in an underground bunker and the topic of conversation is about how honey is the only food that will never spoil. I thought the article had its funny parts as I said and I can laugh at some of the absurdities presented in here.
I want to live to a ripe old age, retire if I can and lead a quiet life surrounded by children and great grandchildren and the rest of my family.
Something Happens, You Die Anyway – This example isn’t realistic because I wouldn’t believe more than 1% of the top 1% of people have bunkers anyway.
People die every day and Preppers aren’t saying that they will live forever just because they have food stored up are they?
I don’t want to be the person who goes hungry because I didn’t have any food stored and a drought causes crops to fail and food prices to increase. You may be those people the author describes as wishing for another apocalypse to get rid of the evil that survived along with you.
I try to highlight the more practical side most often of prepping and I hope that comes through in the articles.

I was approached by another TV show from Denmark and they were looking to reach out to people who call themselves preppers to interview. Time to break out all of your summer clothes and put away all of your winter gear, unless you are in the Northeast where they just received a ton of snow.
Perhaps, spring cleaning can be a ritual for you and your family in terms of prepping supplies as well as pruning shrubs. Since this handy dandy set of equipment is always right behind my seat, it is easy to get to.
This is an MRE and water bottle with some first aid supplies, ammo and minor pieces like dust-mask and work gloves, duct tape etc.
It is easy to buy cans of food that sit in the back of your pantry lurking there for years. Yearly, I like to pour out my stored water, usually in the flower beds or garden and fill up my containers with fresh water.
I have some camping filters we use so this is a good time to service those tools and make sure they are ready to go.
Bleach will start to degrade after about 6 months, so if yours is older than this work that into your laundry rotation and buy some new for the pantry.
If you have a generator to use for power outages, take some time to fire it up and make sure it is working well.
I also go around the house and find all of the rechargeable batteries and make sure they make it back to their charging stations so they will be ready for power disruptions and not game controllers. If you have holsters for your gun or vests to carry your ammunition and ballistic plates, make sure they are clean and serviceable.
It is a good idea to have a spare chainsaw blade on hand anyway, but your hand-tools will need a little TLC to maintain their sharp edge. Your weapons should have been put away the last time you used them in a clean, oiled and ready state. Even things as simple as new wiper blades, replacing fluids, oil changes and making sure your tires are inflated properly have positive effects on your ability to get out of dodge if needed. Make sure your fuel is treated for long-term storage if you haven’t and rotate any fuel that is over a year old if you want the freshest mix you can have.
Now that it is grill season again, I expect to be needing that spare tank soon, because my fuel always runs out right when I have a whole bunch of meat half-way cooked. If the power goes out, we can always cook on the grill while we have propane before we have to resort to our other cooking methods when the grid goes down. I was mowing our yard which is my favorite twice weekly activity this time of year (not) and my neighbor was working in his yard. It was when he unhitched the trailer that he realized that he had stopped on a hill and he quickly started jogging down the hill all the while trying to navigate his trailer into a position where he could back up his SUV, reattach and go back home. I do know that we have some professional truck drivers who follow this blog who are probably laughing right now and I am counting on for their comments below. Chances are, you can’t see much over your trailer, and who cares what the front of that trailer is doing?
People will offer “helpful” advice here, about how the steering wheel works in reverse now, but I’ve seen people start thinking everything in their vehicle works backwards and forget which pedal does what. Obviously it is better to take a few runs and get it right than to hit something first shot.
The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced.
Everyone has different ideas of what is funny but I hope you can agree with me that you must be able to laugh from time to time. As a comedian, humor is funniest I think when you are skewering people big time and take normal traits or behaviors to the absurd to heighten the effect. I am not posting this out of anger or outrage or the feeling that prepping is being mocked.
For comedic affect he has taken the extremes and used those as his normal and that is what I wanted to talk about. First, that Preppers want something bad to happen and second that we do not do anything else with our lives but glance furtively out the blinds at our neighbors waiting for some end of the world boogeyman. I don’t want to be the person who is at the mercy of the cold if a winter storm snaps the power on my street for two weeks. With the exception of my family and some really close friends I keep my activities pretty low key as well. Their two hosts were supposedly going around the US to highlight the real face of preppers. There are some that seem to be much more level headed and down to earth, but they are the minority and the show is produced to make anyone who appears on there look a little off. For the rest of you; spring cleaning is a great time to clear away the cobwebs, freshen up everything after a long winters snooze. I will take a smaller kit with me whenever we go on day hikes and the larger kit goes on any overnight car trips. I know that the expiration date is not necessarily an indicator of whether or not the medicine is still good, but it is best to have the freshest medication you can. I also have wheat stored that I want to check on and I can use this time to inventory my food to make sure we haven’t forgotten to replenish anything.
I do this to make sure there is no mold or anything nasty growing in there, but it also keeps the stores fresh and better tasting. If you don’t have a supply of oil and fuel for your generator go out and get some now before you need it.
For most of us, our vehicle is what we will depend on to either get us back home or get us as far away from home as possible, so make sure your car is up to the task.
If you have been meaning to stock up another 5-gallon can or two go out and get those also. With my spare in the shed it is only 3 minutes to flames again and the day (and expensive meat) has been saved again by preparedness. He had hauled a little potting soil for some plants he was planting in a small trailer attached to the back of his SUV. How many attempts would you have to make to get the trailer and your vehicle pointed in the right direction? The concept itself is simple, but unless you know how to finesse the materials you will probably screw it up a couple of times. If you have a passenger, it is best to kick them out before you even approach the actual boat launch, driveway, or campsite.
You want to make sure your side mirrors are adjusted properly, because they are going to show you where the sides of your trailer are, allowing you to deduce what the back is doing. However, I know how the backing is done to guide someone and have given directions successfully before. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. The article he wrote is no exception and the subject that Robbie has chosen to set his sights on this time is Doomsday Preppers. C’mon, tell me you’ve at least got a self-sustaining aquaponics system to feed your family!
It is about making sensible preparations and trying to get as many people as I can to make some of those same decisions in their lives. I don’t look at prepping as some type of magic spell that is going to make flood waters divert around my property, make me bulletproof or protect me from anything bad ever happening. I would rather be on this end taking the jokes and smiling than on the other end if I am right. For the Prepper, it’s an excellent time to make sure your survival gear is in top shape and ready to do what it was designed to do and that is save your life.
Once you start taking a band aid here and some Tylenol there and an ace bandage here and some missing latex gloves, your kit starts to lose its effectiveness.

The important goal is to use your food storage as part of your daily diet, but some purchases don’t always make the best choice with an average family meal. I will also check on our canned vegetables and make sure they get used before this year’s crop is ready so we have the freshest canned foods possible. This is a simple task, but depending on how much water you have stored, could take a while. If you have individual first aid kits, make sure these are freshened as we mentioned above. Yes, you will need to clean them all over again, but the last thing you want to happen is a weapons malfunction because you have been lazy with training or cleaning. We also have first aid kits and blood stoppers, flashlights and other preparedness items that should be checked for freshness and to make sure we haven’t forgotten to resupply.
The trailer was one of the less substantial types, perfectly suited for small jobs like hauling a washer and dryer but as he finished I watched him drive up the street to turn around. This is the main reason why I go ahead and call a plumber if I decide to get my handy-man hat on and mess around with anything on the back side of the wall in our bathroom or kitchen. You are probably going to want a spotter anyway, and they will either distract you or block your view if they stay in.
It may be more showy to do the big turn around and hug the back of the seat thing, but how much cooler to pull up and back that baby in without turning around?
You will probably need to make your turn angle a bit sharper, especially if you have a narrow entrance or a longer trailer. It is kind of like putting a crease in a piece of paper, where you only need that instant of pressure to kink it over. This is another reason to back up like a man, using your mirrors, not wrapped around your seat trying to see out the back window. Also, don’t be afraid to put it in park, get out, and walk around to see what the back end is doing and how close you are to that fire pit.
Just like you have a limited perspective from the driver’s seat, they will have a limited perspective on what the far side of the trailer is doing.
Don’t be that guy with the shiny new boat weaving and winding your way down the boat launch stressing everyone else out. It was with that frame of mind that I read this article on the Huffington Post from Robbie Pickard. Prepping is not something that requires voluminous amounts of time, but when you look at the preparations some people have made I can see how an outsider might think so. Actually it is the law that you have car insurance in case something happens you will have a means to take care of it. I will admit that there are some idiots who fantasize about this, but the public at large doesn’t have the same dreams.
I have been given some form of motivation to make sure my family is prepared and we will deal with the hand we are dealt. One of the more common pitfalls of a prepper is failing to resupply gear that has been used or waiting until items are grossly out of date which does you no good if they turn to dust right when you need to depend on them. Make sure you have new rolls of tape and moleskin for blisters and just like with your Get Home Bag, analyze your contents. Yes, this means breaking them down and getting all of that carbon out of the nooks and crannies. To accomplish this, turn your wheels as though you were going to steer to the left if you were going forward. Tell your helper something like, “Stand so you can see my face in the side mirror of the truck and let me know if it looks like I’m going to hit the fire pit.” If they can’t see you, you can’t see them. That moat around your house is put to good use, as the unprepared pathetically attempt to gain access to your compound. Preppers might be less interested in the usual diversions of TV so we use our time in different ways. The Preppers I know and associate with worry about nut jobs who just want to destroy and kill. First, it allowed me to check my bag and make sure everything was still in there, but secondly, we got to eat some of our survival food and my daughter found that she liked it. If there is something missing in here that you have been meaning to add, now is the perfect time. If you are running short on cleaning supplies, this is a good time to restock those as well.
It was obvious he hadn’t given himself enough room or the trailer wasn’t straight enough and it quickly was wedged at a 90 degree angle to his car. Proper mirror adjustment means when your rig is straight, your trailer is visible in about the inside third of your mirror.
Get that vehicle over to the right as far as you can without hitting something or rolling into the ditch and pull up alongside the entrance.
Give them a specific signal that is verbal (your windows are still rolled down, right?) and visual. Always keep your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel , always use your side view mirrors . I would bet money that I haven’t spent anywhere near the amount on prepping as I have on car insurance and yet my supply of food makes me a money waster?
I would really love to face the end of my days at some point very far in the future with people telling me that the events I feared never materialized and that I was a sucker.
My daughter had some of the snack crackers (think combos) and mixed up some lemonade for her water.
Even if you have a straight shot to the back of the site, will you clear all the tree branches? How far along you go really depends on how long your rig is and what kind of hitch you have, but probably somewhere around when your truck bumper is coming up on the far end of the entrance, you want to swing out left. Inexperienced guides will usually run eagerly to the back of the trailer and start waving incomprehensibly while standing somewhere you can’t see and then yell after you’ve run over the picnic table. It don’t take much of a turn with the steering wheel and which ever direction you want the back end of the trailer to go take the bottom of the steering wheel that same direction .
This sounds like retentive health and safety advice, but backing over a stray chunk of firewood or someone’s leftover wire roasting stick is going to be a rough start to your weekend.
Stay really calm at this point and constantly ask yourself “Is the right thing happening at this instant?” If the answer is yes, don’t change anything.
My trainer always told me once I had the kink to “follow the trailer around.” Turning your wheel to the right will begin to straighten out the whole rig. Try to make a mental map of where the picnic table is in relation to the fire pit and the back of the site.
I always think of it as “unsteering.” How soon you do this, and how sharply you turn depends on the relative sizes of everything.
If you set yourself up straight & practice with your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel you will see how much better control you have. You aren’t going fast (I hope), and hopefully you didn’t choose a busy spot for your first attempts. This works well my daughters have always heard me teach this to many people & at times they ended up having to back a few trailers up for their husbands . Unless you are in a really technical spot, needing to crank the wheel more than 180 degrees probably means you need to pull ahead and try again.

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