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During my 14 years at ABC News, Ia€™ve covered wars, terrorist attacks, famines, earthquakes, wildfires, global pandemics, refugee crises, nuclear meltdowns and nuclear standoffs. If and when the apocalypse comes, Ia€™ll probably go out reporting on it a€” one last live shot at the end of days. All of which may explain my particular fascination with two genres of stories: the Roman Catholic Church and the people who prep for doomsday. Courtesy Larry HallThe Luxury Survival Condo in Kansas comes with several amenities including a rock climbing wall, a library, a bar and even a pool. In addition to covering the Vatican and issues of major concern to the worlda€™s largest and oldest Christian denomination (and, hello, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse figure prominently there), Ia€™ve done more than half a dozen big stories in recent years on preppers, ordinary folks who worry about Doomsday for their own secular and spiritual reasons.
Ia€™ve visited bunkers in the Arizona and California desert, finding out what people are stockpiling and learning about the various perceived threats. In 2010, I traveled to Mayan ruins in Palenque, Mexico, interviewing so-called 2012a€™ers about what they believed was an ancient Mayan prophecy predicting the end of time on the winter solstice of 2012. In 2011, I went to San Francisco to interview Harold Camping, a fire and brimstone preacher with a huge radio following who convinced his followers that Jesus would return to earth May 11, 2011 and the Rapture would start. His most devoted followers sold everything, only to be disillusioned when the end didna€™t come.
The place is built to sustain 75 wealthy people a€” homeowners and their families a€” indefinitely as they wait for the proverbial dust to settle. He also showed us another abandoned missile silo where hea€™s just getting started on his second luxury condo development.

The old Cold War era fluorescent light bulbs are still in the fixtures from when the second silo was decommissioned in 1967.
A boat, in fact a boat no larger than 40' is an ideal SHTF get the F out of Dodge transport. I was thinking something along these lines (although this boat is much longer than 40' but she has an all steel hull).
If you get more land under cultivation, and it's dry for a month, will you be able to keep it watered? So I leapt at the chance to spend the night at Ravena€™s Ridge in Kansas, a luxury condo development built in a decommissioned Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile silo. But first let me lay out my bona fides as (unofficially) Nightlinea€™s senior apocalypse correspondent.
Hopefully it wona€™t come to that, but Ia€™d like to think that if it does Ia€™ll be ready. Therea€™s a pool, a rock climbing wall, a dog park, a schoolroom, a movie theater, a spa and a gym. On top of that, they have a hydroponic garden where they plan to grow 70 varieties of fruits and vegetables and therea€™s a fish farm where theya€™ll raise tilapia. You can imagine the buzz of the lights as those guys in crew cuts with missile keys waited anxiously for the order to launch. I know he's been around the community awhile as I've seen the video he made on making that shelter.

I wouldn't completely bury anyway, but rather build a hill around it for geothermal purposes. A few episodes back a guy used school buses which are actually built to support a fair amount of weight and far cheaper than shipping containers.
Ita€™s the only indication what time it is, and it helps overcome any feelings of claustrophobia hundreds of feet underground. At the going rate of $4k a container, even just a cinderblock building would be a small premium.
You can link the containers together and make a way cheap shelter that will work super good.
I'm sure they can be reinforced to some extent, but from the research i've done is to do a traditional cinderblock and steel beem set up around them and just use the shipping containers as an extra barrier against those basement qualities. 2 40 foot containers buried two feet deep with the proper ventilation tubes and antenna silos would be my dream shelter.
A shelter with those spec's can if equipped right keep two people underground for a year or more!!

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