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If you are a new survivor in the ARK Survival Evolved game, you should notice some tips and tricks to overcome the difficulties and keep yourself alive.
Remember the first time you step into the ARK world and realized how difficult it was to begin without dying? When you use either raw meat or prime meat, it gives 50.0 hunger to the dinosaur but not to the gamers. According to the personal experience of some former survivors, there are some useful tips and tricks that you should know.
About creating a base, you probably don’t want to build up a thatch base when beginning, and wait until you unlock wooden walls. To make a wooden base at quicker rate, you are supposed to tame certain dinosaurs for helping you gather wood, fiber, thatch. Thing you also should notice while collecting wood for building base is the dead trees located along the rivers and on the coast, they give you about 20-30 wood while using a metal hatchet. Collect stones to build up a stone base, you can also gather the spark powder which can be utilized in the refining forge. Sometimes, there are games that are so engrossing that you don’t even realize that time has passed.
Don’t Starve is an action survival game for the iPad that might cause you to forget to eat dinner while trying to keep your character well fed and safe from things that go bump in the night. A young scientist is sucked into an evil world filled with spiders, pig men, and all manner of oddities.
Instead of speaking, characters express themselves through various instruments, like a trombone or flute. Players spend all of their time during the day searching for materials to help them survive. As time goes on, you’ll start running out of the basic necessities just by pillaging berry bushes and flowerbeds nearby. However, by carefully managing your resources and food, you can survive and even build yourself a nice, comfortable base camp.
I recommend, after playing the game a few times and learning some of the basic ways to gather and make new materials, go to the Don’t Starve wiki and read this guide for surviving the first month in-game. The longer you survive in a game, the more experience points you earn, which unlocks new characters that you can use.

This game is so engrossing that you will play for hours and not even realize someone was sitting next to you on the couch.
However, since the game developers changed the taming effectiveness and give you levels based on how great your taming effectiveness is, you probably lost most of the levels if you just only utilize raw meat. The high level dinosaurs usually have 1700.0 hunger, if you own enough narcotics for taming, you could simple starve it for 24 prime meat.
Make sure you need to level up faster, get meat for dinosaurs, try to farm approximately 30 narcotics for farming low level Raptor which counts on the difficulty of server. This could be because these wooden walls have a higher durability and be tougher to destroy from environment if you are battling.
Some people experienced and indicated that taming a Mammoth will take 3-4 hours for a level 10, it can gather approximately 300-400 wood per minute. Some indicated that 100 spark powder can cool 600 metaal ore and turn it into 300 metal ingots. They can sometimes get you into trouble, especially if you suddenly find yourself still at home in your slippers when you should have been at work 10 minutes ago. Your job is to help this ingenious survivor from starving to death, or worse, being alone in the dark. The story takes place in a gothic steampunk world where the good guys have sunken, empty eyes and the bad guys look like something Beetlejuice thought up. There are berries, flowers, mushrooms, and seeds that provide nutrients to keep your character from starving.
You will have to figure out how to catch and kill small animals in order to keep yourself fed. I think players must figure out how to move through a number of worlds to find their way back home. Because there are no instructions at all, you find yourself fumbling around in the dark (literally) for a long time. It mixes a bit of time management with point-and-click adventure and throws in a heaping helping of survival. I played it so much on the ps4 it literally throws you into the wild with no explanation of what to do.
In order to tame dinosaurs, you need to know the so-called “Starving Technique”, it get the taming to half way done on most of the dinosaurs.

Use the tranq arrows to defeat the Raptor, then go after for killing Dilos or Phiomias along the coast. You can also tame either a Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Ankylosaurus to gather thatch for building wooden base.
In this strange world, there is no telling what kinds of horrors lurk in the shadows, or possibly are shadows. While another might be filled with more dangerous areas that provide dark materials for doing dark deeds. You will also be able to pick up plenty of grass, saplings, and flint to start making rudimentary tools and traps. You might as well also start figuring out how you are going to make it through the harsh winters.
The goal may be to survive, but you exist in a world that really doesn’t want you to. For example, Willow the Firestarter has her own lighter and Wolfgang gets stronger when his food meter is full. Then, by the time you’ve figured out how to build something, it is too late and your character dies.
The fantastical creatures and gothic steampunk ambiance make it even more interesting, visually.
You are able to slay Phiomias or Dodos easily, try to make more spears then you can kill them! Next, you will conquer the T-Rex, try to tame it with the assistance of your Raptor, then, you can collect Prime Meat, Raw Meat for it. I know it gets easier as you discover new things, but it is kind of a rough learning curve for beginners. Besides, you can also tame Dodos using berries, they will finally begin laying eggs for you if you get around three or four.

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