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Nothing makes me happy like dive bars where they provide you with peanuts and you can just toss the shells on the floor. July 2008 saw Target Mornington offer a career opportunity in retail to a person with a disability. Through the support of DWA and Job Focus, Leanne was keen to take up employment in the retail industry for the first time in her employment history.
Target has over 280 stores across the nation and has displayed a commitment to employing people with a disability through a Memorandum of Understanding in place with DWA since January 2004. Target's Recruitment Manager Sally Ward said, “We've always been very impressed with the people we've employed through Disability Works Australia . For Leanne, her position as a Customer Service Assistant has offered her an opportunity to apply the customer service skills she gained from past employment in hospitality and childcare, as well as her knowledge and experience in process work. DWA assisted the process by assessing the skill set of Leanne and determining what supports would be required in the workplace for her to be successful in the role. This is a great example of Target using the assistance of DWA to implement support requirements and in doing so ensure the successful employment of a person with a disability. Along interstate highways and in suburban town centers, sometimes separated by nothing more than parking lots, stand the warring titans of modern retail, shilling flat-screen televisions next to fortified milk.
Target and Wal-Mart are, in short, the fraternal twins of American retail — sharing much of the same DNA, yet strikingly different. Four stores and 50 years ago, in a coincidence that looks prophetic only in hindsight, Pax Americana gave birth to discount shopping, with Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart and Kohl’s all sprouting up in America’s heartland.
For Wal-Mart and Target, success was born of the Southern and Midwestern values championed by their respective founders. Instead, they possessed an intuitive sense of what drives every customer, characterized by Natalie Gutierrez, 30, as she browsed ottomans in the Columbia Heights Target a few Sundays ago.
A few months later, Sam Walton left behind his Ben Franklin five-and-dime franchises to start Wal-Mart Discount City at 719 Walnut Ave. What’s remarkable about Wal-Mart and Target is not so much their 80 percent overlap as their 20 percent differentiation. The McDonalds visit Wal-Mart a few times each week, for the cakes, the necessities, the bananas selling at 44 cents a pound. This Wal-Mart in Fairfax is a gleaming heap of pale concrete stuffed with groceries, housewares and Hello Kitty paraphernalia, a mecca of one-stop shopping. And Wal-Mart has always been masterful at reflecting the lifestyles of the people who live near its stores. Purchase one of our corporate logo flags (The US flag with corporate logos in place of stars), to demonstrate your opposition to corporate personhood and help spread awareness.
Designing for your target audience is one of the most important factors to be aware of as a web designer. Now that you've completed your research, it's time to figure out exactly what you're trying to design for.
Examples of design with a distinct target audience in mind:PBS Kids' website focuses on children in preschool and elementary school for their target audience.

Thinking about updating your company's web design to appeal to the correct target audience?
Tim Nelson is a general assignment reporter for Minnesota Public Radio News, and a 20-year veteran of local news.
This final act of job offering was preceded by weeks of communication between Target, DWA and Disability Employment Network (DEN) provider, Job Focus to ensure a suitable placement for Leanne Calder who has an intellectual disability. Finding an employer locally could have proved a challenge, however through the efforts of Job Focus this was made possible.
Target has actively employed people with a disability through the support of Disability Works Australia and it's a relationship that Target believes adds value and strengthens the diversity of its workforce. Her role at Target has shown Leanne to be motivated and reliable, providing great benefit to the business as an employee. With the support of Job Focus, her induction and training was effective and allowed Leanne to join the team quickly and immediately show her benefit to the company.
And your allegiance is as telling as your taste in cable news or the contents of your Netflix queue: Are you cloaked in Target’s bull’s-eye red or Wal-Mart’s royal blue?
The stores market vastly different versions of American exceptionalism: Wal-Mart champions efficiency, thrift. The economy was booming and the concept, ingenious: Replace seasonal sales by selling discounted goods year-round. Sam Walton couldn’t have known his discounter would one day become the world’s largest private employer. At a news conference earlier this month in New York, executives announced that they’re investing in mobile technologies for their smartphone-wielding customers. The couple moved to Fairfax 60 years ago, before Kmart, Wal-Mart and all the others came to their nonexistent neighborhood. With walls swathed in cheery Wal-Mart blue and signs welcoming you to “Save Even More,” you can find 160,000 stock-keeping units, or SKUs, of stuff — the average product count at any given Super Wal-Mart. So a Northern Virginia Wal-Mart will feel different from the ones in the swamplands or the desert. If you don't know or understand the audience and how they behave, that is one of the first questions to ask and find the answer. You have to do research? Yes, but not the kind of research you did in high school and college.
Our services include web strategy & planning, website design, mobile solutions, application development, and analytic reporting. You don't have to admit that you frequent dive bars, but 'fess up: What is your favorite dive bar snack? They just serve regular bar food, of which I guess I would say quesadillas are my favorite. To fulfil her job duties, Leanne simply needed her tasks to be demonstrated and for onsite training to be conducted by the team at Job Focus. The most recent comparison by Bloomberg Businessweek found only a 46-cent difference between the two retailers per $100 of purchases.

The retail revolution came before the civic one, with a growing middle class lapping up toasters and Tide for cheap, cheap, cheap.
And the brothers Dayton wouldn’t have guessed that Target would democratize design for an entire country. The tongue-in-cheek French pronunciation would stick and further the store’s cheap-chic ethos.
In the beginning, Walton was relatively cautious while scouting future sites, hopping into a glorified crop duster to survey small towns in the rural South. Target — with its danceable ads, creative collaborations and in-store Starbucks — makes no apologies for actively seeking the upscale shopper, differentiating itself with design.
The folks over at Target Field are getting ready to welcome the Twins home from spring training. MES reserves the right to terminate or make changes to this agreement for any reason and without notice. Discounters catered to the haves and have-mores, anticipating — and cultivating — the have-it-now culture that characterizes modern consumerism.
This seemingly idyllic age would end soon after the consumer carnival began, with the first of the ’60s assassinations and the Vietnam War looming. English was always one of those classes where I would think, "when will I ever use this in the real world?" Well, here you go. There is also a secondary section at the bottom for "grownups" if the parents want to learn more about PBS Kids -- in this design, elements are toned down and colors are shifted to a more white and 'open' composition. They took the tarp off of the infield last week, and they’ll have a new seating arrangement waiting for fans out by the right field foul pole, below the big entrance plaza.
The five grandsons of company founder George Dayton hatched the idea for an upscale discount chain based on their existing low-priced Downstairs Store. Still, the four horsemen of discount grew fast and fastidiously, led by Kmart which had 162 stores by 1966.
Target founded its in-house advertising team in 1968, a celebrated department that’s still in operation. They include other things in the same area, such as, graphic design, print design, web development, usability, search engine optimization, etc.
By 1970, Wal-Mart was a publicly traded company, splitting its stock for the first time the next year. For example, you could ask what makes them want to purchase something: a) packaging b) quality of product c) advertisements, etc.
If you only have one service or one product, that's fine, but try not to close your mind on all of the additional possibilities out there!

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