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Sara from Confetti Sunshine shares how to create this cute survival kit using Tiny Prints lunch box notes. Put together a little package of fancy school supplies, a little treat, special after school coupon, tissue, etc.
I am that person who usually ends up in some sort of unexpected “situation” almost everywhere I go. But none of us wants to carry around a big ol’ emergency kit, full of things you might not actually need. Quick note: Keeping matches next to a lit candle is a hazard, which is why I detached the lid from the tin. If you participate in outdoor activities like trail running, mountain biking, or hiking, keeping a few wilderness survival items with you makes good sense!
I found a little tin that you could use if you don’t like Altoids or similar candies. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain.
This next DIY project is pretty interesting since its no so much of a new method of starting fire but more of a new way of building a campfire.
This method does require a heavier machinery specifically a chainsaw to cut out some spaces on your log.
Seems pointless to have Single-Serving Rice Krispie Treats when you have to eat the whole pan at once.
Help out your sweet little one on their first day back at school with a back to school survival kit! So imagine if you had an emergency kit so compact that you could carry it around in the pocket of your jeans if you wanted to?

Small, reusable, and durable, these mint tins make the perfect container for emergency kits. Keeping this kit with you will have you handling minor aches and injuries such as headaches, bruises, blisters, scrapes, and cuts with no sweat. Especially before or during significant events, like important business meetings and first dates.
These basic items can help you navigate your way, signal for help, or even start a fire for warmth should you become lost or stranded outdoors. I was never caught out in an emergency and it came to the aid of many of my female friends.
Different plastic bottles, kitchen tools or the empty cans are the things we throw them at the moment when we overuse them. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. This can easily be used for warming the ambiance and is going to be perfect for cooking because of its stable surface.
Not a very good one, so I have found 101 Mason Jar Craft ideas, with links for each idea so you can create your own DIY mason jar project. Package all of these little items into a customized pencil case and slip it into your child’s backpack for a fun surprise. That’s why I fell in love with these MINI emergency kits that Britta came up with…and I just know you will too!
The same idea applies to emergency kits; you can have emergency kits in your home that are well-stocked, but those kits aren’t going to do you any good if you’re faced with an emergency away from home!
While at first glance they appear to be too small to hold anything useful, by the end of this post you’ll see just how much these tins are capable of holding!

This small sewing kit has everything you’ll need to quickly repair or secure small tears or holes. This little candle will burn for several hours, providing light and heat when you need it most. After the wax cools and solidifies, you can replace the lid and secure it with a couple of rubber bands. Whether you need a bit of extra cash, some essential oils to calm your nerves, or a way to save an important file, this kit has you covered. Sometimes if we put the finger on our heads and contemplate a little more, then we can realize that we can give those items a second life.
Our survival friends calls this a swedish log candle and can be perfect for outdoor parties and gatherings as this looks really neat.
If you have the right resource try building one of this and start impressing your friends with this cool swedish log candle your next camp out. Small file, nail polish (there are small bottles out there) cotton balls, remover if you could find it in a swab, clippers… Oh the list could go on and on! Secondly, we will create usable objects that can help save us some money and do the job instead of buying new things. We can also create some beautiful ornaments and decorations with which we can leave our guests breathless because of our idea and innovations.

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