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I may get paid for ads or purchases made through links in this post.July 14, 2016 By Heidi Leave a Comment This Easy DIY Homemade Survival Kit makes for a really practical and fun homemade gift idea to stash away! Before your kiddos head out on their next adventure, get them ready with this Homemade Survival Kit!
I decided to build this core set off a small bag, with a ton of options, the Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer.
I could probably squeeze in a Multitool and a SAS Survival Guide Pocket edition, but I just leave both of those in my computer backpack, that I use for work, and carry on when I fly. If I need to use my Get Home bag, I slide this pouch or tools out of my Computer backpack and into my Get Home Bag, adding it’s tool set to my repertoire of gear. With this modular setup, I can use these core tools I have an EDC survival kit, that will help me get home or survive, even if I can’t get to my car to grab my Get Home Bag or any other gear.

Purely from an EDC perspective, I’ve run into multiple situations where more than one screwdriver would be handy. This video is of us using our DIY rocket stove is rather lengthy but you will get to see me and The Viking in action cooking applesauce right on our DIY rocket stove. When you are in an emergency situation where the power may be out you are going to need a way to cook your food at our homestead we have a couple of options I have already shared how we are cooking in our All American Sun Oven in our previous Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series posts and now today we have talked about the DIY Rocket Stove, and we have 3 to 4 more ways of off-grid cooking we will be sharing with all of you coming up over the next 2 months so stay tuned!
At one point I did not feel comfortable cooking with all of the options but I am slowly but surely learning all of the options ahead of me and making sure I can manage them all and be able to do it successfully when the time comes.
Farmer Liz thank you so much I so appreciate and so glad you stopped by I will have to visit you at your place soon!
I know we need duplicates and backups of our key items, but putting that aside, I wanted to put together a core kit, that I could take from my commuter backpack, slide it into my Get Home Bag or my Airline Travel Get Home Kit and together I’ll have all the tools I need, for the purpose at hand.

I tried the Condor Pocket Pouch, which is a great bag, but didn’t offer as many tool holders or pockets for my kit. I already EDC a Swiss Army Knife Trekker and a Becker BK11 Neck Knife to compensate, if you don’t EDC a knife, you should adjust your EDC kit accordingly. Too many kits seem to end up as Rambo fantasies instead of something that will actually get some use.
5 in our Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series where we use our DIY Rocket Stove to make homemade applesauce.

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