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Firearms General Discussion Rifles, pistols, shotguns, scopes, grips and everything in between.
Not fond of single shot survival type guns, but I have to hand it to the mexicans that took their town back , most of them are toting single shot weapons.
You will save a lot of money compared to if you were to buy all of these items individually.
If you are thinking more in terms of being able to support several people, I would recommend the 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit for 10 People sold by Survivor Industries. If you are going to build your own bug out bag, the following is a bug out bag checklist to help you get started. The first two items, food and water, are the most important items on the bug out bag checklist. If your food runs out and hunting with a gun is impractical or you don’t have a gun, fishing and trapping gear can come in very handy and can be a more low key way to get food. In a survival situation, you are likely to get some cuts and scrapes, and maybe even some more serious injuries. It is likely that in the event you are putting your bug out bag to use, there will be no cell reception or data connection for your smart phone, and thus there will be no google maps to guide you. Sewing material can come in handy for stitching torn clothing or other important materials in your survival supplies. In conclusion, these are what I think are the most important items to have in your bug out bag. There are survival knives that contain fishing gear, and a little reel you can mount on the side of your knife. Yes, there are some great options like that, but be careful about having a hollow handle, which can be weak and may not be as durable as a solid one.
The large screw top plastic containers, suitable for rafting and therefore watertight are a good choice.Stock as you see fit. I think that you should also have a bow because it won’t scare away animals like a gun would do. Finally, a few days supply of any prescription meds…and I don’t think most people thing of this but if you have bad vision (like me) or other impairments consider those! When I am hiking with the kids (I work for a traveling teen camp during the summers) I ALWAYS have a basic first aid kit instruction book in my day pack and a survival handbook in my 4-day pack. Be careful with the handgun idea above unless you are already proficient and comfortable carrying…check the laws in your state. Be careful with the handgun idea above unless you are already proficient and comfortable carrying…check the laws in your state. Over on the Urban Survival Site there is a list of 50 survival items that are often overlooked. Your outdoor survival checklist should consist of at least these three things if you’re wanting to make your own survival kit. The only thing better than buying a high quality and durable back pack is buying one that comes pre loaded with all the survival essentials you could possibly want! In this kit you will get a two person three day emergency kit that again weighs only 16 Pounds, that’s insanely lite for the amount of supplies it holds.
Water is at the top of the list of survival necessities when in a situation where you’re waiting for rescue. The ease with which to use this tool is also what makes it a great item to have if you’re new to the survival scene. A flashlight almost seems like a trivial piece of survival gear to most people, until you’re stranded in the winter hills of Montana and feeling for your flint striker to light the fire that could save your life. This flashlight has been made with durability in mind, which comes in very handy as a survival expert.
Our book, The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a major disaster in the city or suburbs. The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a disaster in the city. It could be good in a wilderness survival situation but, maybe not so much in a urban survival situation.
Have a paper map and a compass in your bug out bag so that you can get to where you are trying to go.
I’m sure you might be able to think of some more, but this should give you a good start. Bag is on foot, and well iI can just toss ’em both in the bed of my old truck and head on out.
Some times I could hear the fire crew say get all the people out of town xxyy now, only to hear that on the broadcasts , for the 1st time, an hour later. I would get the GSM model, which is what your standard law enforcement and emergency management operates on. Best buried on a fenceline, easier to re-locate and if the fence has wire in it, less likely to be found by weekend metal detectors. Though as far as how to get home, unless for some reason you don’t want to run into other people or the road is very much longer (windy) than walking as the crow flies, I’d stay on the road. Whether it be a garbage sack you can make into a poncho, gloves and a hat for cold, or a hat with a brim that you can soak to protect against sun and heat…consider it.
I suspect the strongest temptation will be to overload it rather than to pack it too light…though you can always throw out stuff if it gets too heavy. Of course, here, I can get a prospecting permit, ask the owner if I can do a little prospecting, metal detecting, usually get an OK for that . As a fellow survivalist and blogger, I appreciate your receptiveness to your reader’s comments and additions.
Scan through the groups of blogs to see the newest posts on prepping, survival, and homesteading.
If you want to ensure your families and your own safety in any situation, you’ll need this stuff.
This bag only weighs 16 lbs and can carry enough survival equipment to last two people for at least 3 days.
Of course you will get the outdoor backpack, emergency whistle, button compass and a magnesium fire-starter.
As you learn and grow as a survivalist you will probably grow out of your need for this tool, but starting out it’s an amazing resource to have for sure! Having a flashlight in the wilderness is just as important as having your shoes in our opinion. The last thing you need is to drop your flashlight in a small puddle and have to go without just because you didn’t want to spend a little extra for a water proof and resistant flashlight. Once you’ve gathered plenty of disaster supplies and learned all the most important survival skills, what else is there? Storing guns and ammunition in a hot (or worse, hot and humid) car is a good way to ruin a good gun and end up with misfiring ammo. I bought a good medium alice pack yesterday and a well used army modular bag with bivy cover. These items of course are not all that you will need to make it through most situations so you will need to do your own research outside of these necessities to ensure you’re fully prepared.
Not to mention you get all the basic survival supplies at an insane bargain by purchasing it all together, if you were to seek out each of these items individually, this bag would cost around $250+ as opposed to the VERY reasonable $129! The kit also comes with adventure medical 1.0 first aid kit in case the truly unexpected happens. All you need to do is find water and take a sip when you have this great resource from now on.
Also the hard shell means it will hold up to a bit of abuse, so should you need to use it as a tool or weapon you now have that option! Any thing In addition you think I would need if I had to hump it home ( beside good boots).
Blanket can be worn as an extra coat over your shoulders if it’s cold or you think you might have to overnight. Ask a Prepper made a list of 17 things you can do around the house: Install a Rain Water Collector or a Rain Filter Barrel Build a Can Storage Rotation System Start a Home Defense Plan Including Some Smart Protection Systems Get Seeds From Your Plants Get to Know Your Neighbors Drill a Well or Install a Water Storage Tank Build a Root Cellar Secure Your Living Space From Natural Disasters Make a Faraday Cage Make Room in Your Garage to Store Gas Install a Back Up Power Source Build a Hideout For Your Valuables or For Your Family Build a Medical Survival Kit Build a Fireplace Start a Small Medicinal Garden Preserve Part of The Food That You Produce Insulate Your Attic and Turn It Into a Place To Keep Supplies Check out the full article for more information on these projects and links to helpful resources. It’s also good protection but aside from that, it’s a useful tool that doesn’t run out of ammo.

No Survival kit would be complete without a Mora Robust knife, nothing makes you feel more daniel boone esque than holding one of these bad boys! A bug out bag is a 72 hour emergency survival pack designed to get you from your home to shelter outside the emergency’s epicenter.So this presumes a few things.
Friends, relatives and acquaintances in different areas of the country can provide emergency shelter in a pinch. Still, your best bet is to have a shelter that you control and can defend if necessary against threats.
That’s why many preppers have alternate means of transportation within a few hours hike from their home base. Premium 2-Week Bug-Out-Bag YOU MAY BE INTERESTED !Finally, we are betting that the emergency is contained to a relatively small geographical area from which we can escape.
What absolute necessities will I need to pack in a go bag to get to a vehicle out of the danger zone? If I am away from home and need to get home to shelter in place what needs to be in my pack? What supplies should I stash in both my primary vehicle and secondary vehicle to ensure my survival?
But if you haven’t decided, or you think that preparing a BOB for yourself seems rather unnecessary, you may want to think twice.
There is, unfortunately, a somewhat common stereotype that only survivalists and slightly nutty doomsday preppers are interested in putting together a good BOB. Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit in your BOB can also prove quite handy in a pinch, especially when you cut yourself preparing dinner only to find that you’ve run out of band aids in the bathroom.
Most importantly, with a well-stocked BOB, you’ll be able to rest easier knowing that you’re prepared for most any reasonable emergency.
Whether it’s a natural disaster or because of some civil unrest, you’ll be able to get the heck out of dodge at a moment’s notice.
Emergency Zone 840-2 Urban Survival Bug Out Bag Emergency Disaster Kit, 2 Person, Black YOU MAY BE INTERESTED !Evaluate Your EnvironmentIf you’re preparing a BOB, one of the most important things to consider is the environment that you anticipate surviving in. Think about where you live and what the conditions are like throughout the year, because your BOB will need to be ready for all circumstances. In regions where it rains a lot or where the winters drop substantially below freezing, you’ll need additional gear compared to someone who lives in a tropical or desert environment.Also, consider any potential threats to you or your family.
Are there any dangerous wild animals native into your region, like bears, mountain lions or poisonous snakes and spiders? Alternatively, if you’re living in a city, have you thought about the safest way to get out if other people are panicking and trying to escape?
Would you be able to hunt or fish for any of your food, and what about access to a water source? These are important questions to consider because you can tailor your BOB specifically to the requirements of your climate, cutting down on weight for items you don’t need or adding a specialized item or two that you DO need.
Molle equipped & hydration pack ready YOU MAY BE INTERESTED !Getting the basics right!The basic bug-out bag begins with essentials for survival.
You need in the bug out bag the means to get for yourself shelter, fire, food, clothing, and water.
More critically, transporting what we are used to for these necessities is not tremendously portable. So your bag holds contingencies and little lifesavers that enable you to get by in an emergency.This type of bug-out bag is designed to get you through 72 hours without shelter of any kind.
You will be on foot so some of the packs items will be distributed through pockets in clothes as well as in the bag proper.
The person who knows what to do and how to do it will survive.We begin our bag, with the bag itself. Most backpacks will work for a basic bug-out bag, but the best options are extended hiking packs or tactical military style packs.Ideally, get a pack that includes a camelback style water system. Embedding drinking water in the pack itself ensures that while you are on the move, quenching thirst is always nearby. And you can go no further when picking out survival gear that is small, portable and ideal for creating options that the ever popular Swiss Army Knife.
When you make the choice, choose a tool that fits your hand easily, contains all the functions you need and one that fits your own sense of style.
Handguns also require you to take the time to get familiar with them and to train with them. Leatherman – Wingman Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED !You also need to have cash on hand. If the collapse of multiple national governments does usher in a cashless society, the money will make good tinder if ripped up into smaller strips.
Otherwise, you will need to acquire things and with the uncertainty of what you can get from an ATM, your best bet is good old fashioned cash.My recommendation would be to have small denominations of paper currency, avoid coins unless they are made from silver.
I would recommend gold except that gold holds so much value that it is not easily dividable like silver is.
Additionally, you can pick up regional maps for both where you live now and your secure location. Technology suggests that we don’t really need maps.We can use our phones to get maps with GPS like location services telling us just where we are and where we need to go. Cellular communication may be compromised in your area, but if you are on foot and heading out of the danger zone, you will need a phone when it is restored. Even if you bring your phone, having one bagged for the trip ahead is planning ahead for a contingency that may arise. Also, stow in your bag at least one phone card to put minutes back onto the prepaid cell.Disasters bring out the best in people.
So you can expect to need to present proof of identification to various people, especially if you are hiking over land and away from main thoroughfares. Next, for any important document, make a digital copy and preserve that copy on a portable storage device. You can use your phone, but it makes more sense to keep it on a USB thumb drive.Finally, the most important element of bugging out is assembling a team to share the load.
If you have not found likeminded people in your community, find them in the on-line community and coordinate with them to establish a rallying point and ensure they each have the items and individual will need as well as the responsibility to bring items that the group as a whole will need. Since your car is usually with you everywhere, you may decide you don’t need a separate bag for work, but keep in mind things like earthquakes or other situations where you may be trapped and unable to go to your car.
The athletic tape hurts more when you take it off and you don’t want to tear or reopen the wound, but in a pinch when I need a bandage to stay on to cover a wound or stop bleeding I go with what works.
I know they come in an assortment of sizes, but quite frankly, I have a gazillion of those itty bitty ones scattered around the house that will never be used, and if I’m going to be out of adhesive bandages when I really need them. Butterfly bandages are good to have for pulling cuts together, like stitches.At an athletic event, a woman brought her daughter to the first aid station I was assigned to. So I cut four regular adhesive bandages into butterflies, pulled the laceration together, covered it with gauze, taped it down and sent her on her way. This will be no piece of cake for them, so anything you can do to brighten a child’s day in an emergency is A-okay on my list. You may have to crawl through a barbed wire fence, or dig someone out of a trapped building, or move a large tree branch out of the road so you can get home. Mechanix Wear M-Pact Framer Leather Gloves YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED !You don’t need one more problem. Latex works, too, but some people are allergic to latex and, again, you don’t need one more problem. Whenever you are dealing with injuries or illness where there is blood, vomit or other body fluids you don’t want to touch it. Although ifs not the professional or clinical way to describe it, this is how you decide whether or not you need to wear gloves. Vinyl 4.2mil Powder Free Gloves -Size X-Large (Box of 100) YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED !Rolled GauzeRolled gauze can be used in conjunction with gauze dressings for wrapping wounded arms and legs.
Make it tight enough to stop the bleeding, but make sure you don’t cut off blood flow to the rest of the extremity. For further instruction on this, it’s good to take a first aid class with the Red Cross or a CERT class.
The trauma dressing can be placed over the wound and taped down or wrapped securely with rolled gauze.

Trauma Dressing 10″x30″ CHECKOUT ON AMAZONTrauma Scissors (also known as penny scissors)Why are they called penny scissors? They have a protected tip so you won’t be stabbing someone (like yourself or your patient) accidently.
Too scary.) Madison Supply, Premium Quality Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors, EMT and Trauma Shears 1-Pack CHECKOUT ON AMAZONTri-angular BandagesThese are generally used as slings when someone has hurt an arm or a shoulder. You can also buy them individually, but since you’re adding to bags for at least your home and your car, you can put two in each and have one left over for work. Whether it’s a time of disaster or just someone collapsing on the sidewalk in front of you as you go about your normal day, you want to be able to maintain body substance isolation and still help someone. They’re relatively inexpensive and you can get masks that go on your key chain so it’s always there. I’ve seen the key chain versions for just a few dollars and you can get the larger masks for not much more. Given the outrage over a news story about a worker at a nursing home who refused to give CPR to a woman who ended up dying, I think most people out there really want to help, so be prepared to help.
If someone has a thermal burn you would usually cool the wound and cover it with a dry dressing. For reasons too complicated to go into here, burn victims with a large area of their body burned have difficulty maintaining body temperature, which is why you don’t want a cold, wet dressing left on a wound. If it is anything other than a small burn, use a clean, dry dressing and get emergency services as soon as possible. Cut around it to get the clothing off if you need to, but don’t pull the portion stuck to the skin away from the burn.
These are high in protein and come with flip top lids that don’t require a can opener. It’s your choice, just be aware.) You can get a lot of foods in sealed packages these days that require no refrigeration. They last a long time, are compact, easy to prepare and in these modern times, aren’t like the military rations our fathers and grandfathers had in some of them are actually good.
ER Emergency Ration 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Bar for Survival Kits and Disaster Preparedness (Pack of 4) CHECKOUT ON AMAZONWaterNo need to explain this one. It just seems that if I was walking at night on a trail with a cliff drop off on one side and a wall of rock on the other, on a night with no moon, my flashlight would die. Or if I was crossing a trail and I saw a mountain lion with two cubs fifteen feet in front of me, my flashlight would die. Or if I was clearing a building where the burglar alarm went off and I heard someone inside, my flashlight would die.
I always carry a spare, even if the second one is one of those small key chain lights.Those, by the way, are great. Check out online sites for police, security and EMS equipment and you’ll find some pretty reliable flashlights out there. You can use just a regular knap sack, but a framed backpack that fits right will take a lot of weight off your shoulders and put some of it on your hips.Check these out for size and comfort.
I should mention that there will be a different level of professional knowledge between some sporting goods stores that sell everything and others that cater to hikers and climbers.
Vision II® Lifetime Warranty, 860 Lumen USB Bike Light, FREE Extra Battery, Carrying Bag, Fits All Bicycles, Easy Install (No Tools), Quick Release, Water Resistant, No Bulky Battery & Wires CHECKOUT ON AMAZONCHAPTER 3 – FIRE IS LIFEThe single most important item in your bag is not in your bag.
Fire does so much to ensure your safety and survival in the wilderness.Its importance cannot be overstated.
Likewise, because it has such a prominent place in our preps, we need to have multiple means of creating fire. Survival is preparing for unforeseeable events and having the means to handle whatever comes. Zippo Emergency Fire Starter, Orange Plastic YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED !The first and most obvious is flint. Because using flint with steel and tinder to make fire is a challenging skill to acquire, I recommend you buy several and practice regularly to make fire. Having a collection that will start a fire in dry conditions or when waterlogged gives you options.
And options, as we have repeatedly said and will repeatedly say, are what enable you to survive.Beyond flint and other traditional fire starters, we need to pack matches. Light the candle with a lighter and allow it to burn until you have a good inch or so of molten wax.Blow out the candle.
Use a box of standard kitchen matches, the ones with the wooden match sticks, and then dip the match head in the molten wax to coat the tip and maybe a third of the stick with the wax.
Then apply a second coat of the wax.You’ll still need a good transport case for the matches.
If you do cannibalize a metal chair, the rubber feet make good caps that will seal the tube from moisture in even the dampest conditions.After matches, you are left with a standard cigarette lighter. Best of all, when the candle has burned up, the tin can be re-used to stow things.Making fire requires two elements besides spark. To the initial fire sparked in the tinder, you will feed kindling.That kindling can be scavenged on your journey, preferably from dry ground. Twigs, small sticks and other tiny bits of wood will make your initial fire far more robust. Every time you clean out your lint catcher stores the lint in a quart size zip top bag until you can’t fit another bit of lint in it. You now have all the tinder you need to both practice and develop the skill of making fire as well as survive several days in the wild while you make your way to a safe haven.The importance of fire cannot be understated.
Fire cooks food and allows you to burn the refuse you create as you camp to effectively cover your tracks. Fire is the key to survival and you need the means of making it in your bag.CHAPTER 4 – FOOD AND WATERNow that we have a fire, we can concentrate on the next most important elements of survival – food and water.
Therefore, we cannot overlook the importance of having food, water and the means of obtaining more on our journey.Most people do not add food to their bug out bag stating that they can survive three days without food. If not, do you want to do it during a crisis where your body is stressed and you may have to be on your feet for hours at a time while burning a lot of calories? Yes, you can survive three days without food but you will be grumpy, tired, and not thinking or perform at your best. Food will not only make you feel better but eating a meal will force you to slow down and rest which many people forget to do during a crisis.When it comes to food there are many choices such as trail mix, beef jerky, sealed pouches of tuna or salmon, nuts, energy bars, packets of raw honey, and dehydrated meals.
I prefer Mountain House meals as they taste great and are easy to prepare.The one drawback is that they require water so you must dedicate some of your water supply to cooking. The extra weight of the water will be used during the cooking process and again it will force you to stop and eat. This is a win-win situation.It is important to remember that during a crisis you will be amped up from the stress hormones that are released into your blood stream. Even if you are not hungry your body is still burning calories that need to be replaced so at a minimum snack on a protein bar, nuts, or a bag of tuna fish. Your body will appreciate the nourishment from these needed calories.Do not fall into the trap that you do not need food in your bug out bag.
And when you get hungry you will start thinking about food when you might benefit from thinking about other required tasks.Having the ability to survive for up to 30 days without food does not mean I want to purposefully put myself in such a situation. If you choose differently you are making a big mistake.Since I am only referring to a 72 hour bug out I am not going to take a significant cooking system. I am going to go low tech and use an Esbit Stove with fuel tabs to warm water in a titanium cup for my dehydrated meals. The reason for this is because the Esbit stove is basic, compact, easy to use, and will not break down.
Again, depending on the situation and where you live you may need to use a stove such as the MSR Pocket Rocket due to high winds or other factors.The MSR Pocket Rocket is a small and reliable stove that works great for small meals. If you are bugging out with other people you can spread the fuel among other group members if necessary. MSR PocketRocket Stove YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED !For eating my dehydrated meal I use the Light My Fire Titanium Spork.

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