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Kit contents: - 4 Emergency Food Bars (3600) - 24 Emergency Drinking Water - 4 Emergency Survival Blanket - 2 12 Hour Light Stick - 1 MSHA Approved Flashlight - 3 D Cell Battery - 2 AA Cell Battery - 1 Waterproof Whistle - 1 Box of Waterproof Matches 40 ct.
For large volume orders, feel free to contact us for possible discounts or better shipping rates! This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. This four person economy survival backpack contains the supplies necessary following a disaster.
Items you must have in a bug-out bag packing list fall into these categories: water, shelter, fire, food and tools. I’ll start this off by saying without hesitation that I can’t answer that question for you. So, without dictating an exhaustive bug-out bag packing list, I can at least make recommendations to cover the basics: water, food, shelter, fire and tools.
It is important to note that the bug-out bag packing list in this article is not being set up for long-term survival. Two features of the bag are really helpful: it is hydration compatible and there is an area between the two main pocket to stuff items you want to get at or put away quickly. Talking about the hydration bladder leads us right to the water component of the bug-out bag packing list. Remember to include all the utensils you will need to prepare your meal including can openers and cookware. There is one cheap, readily available item that will really help in a pinch: an army-surplus rain poncho. This item is a raincoat, ground cloth, makeshift sleeping bag, or if you get two of them and snap them together you can create a makeshift tent.

If you are trying to stay hidden, get a bunch of the big chemical hand warmers for warmth with no flame. My bug-out bag packing list contains military surplus trioxane fuel bars, a pocket fire starter, matches in a waterproof container and the world’s greatest tinder: dryer lint. I’ve rounded out my bug-out bag packing list with a first-aid kit and some Fresh Bath wipes, and a P-38 can opener. This is a bag that should provide a good three or four days off the grid, such as following a storm or other natural disaster.
The new Alpha Ops Pack from Fieldline Tactical is sturdy and versatile, with plenty of room for all the stuff mentioned in this bug-out bag packing list and more. The pack did not come with a hydration bladder, but will accept most any bladder on the market. The Katadyn Vario filter will clean up to 500 gallons of water at about 2 liters per minute. For me, I can live for three days on granola and dried fruit and I don’t have to cook anything. The contents will change if you live in south Florida or the Pacific Northwest, but if you start with the basics of water, food, shelter, fire and tools you should make it. If I were to rattle off a list of must-haves on my bug-out bag packing list here in central Wisconsin, it would likely contain items you don’t need where you live.
The Alpha Ops pack is also covered with MOLLE straps to help you organize even more stuff if you want to. It has a “longer life” mode to extend cartridge life in dirty or challenging water conditions. So, I go with trail mix, dehydrated fruit and chewy granola bars for a couple reasons: they are light, portable and provide adequate nutrition and valuable calories for survival.

The trioxane will help, but you also need to know how to gather dry fuel and arrange it properly to get your fire started.
The knife is 12 inches long with a 6 ?-inch blade and the handle is wrapped with parachute cord, in case you need extra. It can always be stimulating to learn content material from different writers and practice a little bit something from their store.
It becomes your job to gather supplies in attempts to rescue your family before a nuke destroys everything. Some of the new languages you can spend your free time learning is German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. Also feel free to check out the games official Facebook and Twitter profiles for more updates and information! This knife is big enough to cut, chop and dig and the pouch on the sheath can hold a sharpening stone or more parachute cord. There are multiple languages available other than English which appeals to a much wider audience. While we would love to tell you where else you will be able to play the game, the news of which new platforms it will be hitting is currently unknown. Some players live up to the challenge while others perish in the rubble earth; it’s only a matter of time before you reach the end of your journey. The news is really held in the fact that it has been announced to be making its way to new platforms.

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