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The concept of cyber security, in particular how to manage or respond to significant cyber security incidents, introduces complications to existing emergency management structures as cyberspace is independent of physical and geographical boundaries.
The Cyber Incident Management Framework (CIMF) is a guidance document involving provincial and territorial governments, critical infrastructure owners and operators, and other public and private sector partners. To serve as a vehicle for improving the management of cyber incidents and promoting coordination. As Canada's computer emergency readiness team, CCIRC is Canada's national coordination centre for the prevention and mitigation of, preparedness for, response to and recovery from cyber incidents.
Should a significant cyber incident result in physical consequences (for example, a cyber attack on an electric utility results in blackouts), the Government Operations Centre (GOC) would likely take over the lead role in coordinating consequence management.A  At this point, various emergency management arrangements may be invoked, including linkages to provincial and territorial emergency management organizations, as outlined below in Figure 1. This Figure depicts the national reporting structure of a cyber incident that results in physical consequences (e.g.
Organizations are also advised to contact CCIRC if there is any uncertainty whether or not a cyber incident has criminal or national security implications, and where an organization requires mitigation assistance. Medium impact incidents are those incidents that are perceived to affect a medium sized group or community and for which there would an extended loss of service. The federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) governments created in 2007 An Emergency Management Framework for Canada (EMF) to unify FPT emergency management initiatives.
In some instances, they may have existing relationships with various levels of government to coordinate the response to cyber incidents. Furthermore, the emergency management and cyber security communities are not uniformly connected across Canadian jurisdictions.
Freeze dried and dehydrated emergency food, 72 Hour emergency survival kits, water storage and filtration and more.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Volcano 3 Collapsible Cook Stove is the best thing you can have in any preparedness situation. Minimizes heat transfer to the outer body and to the bottom of the stove, allowing your Volcano to be used on any surface. Temp Control -The amount of heat produced is controlled – only when using briquettes and wood – by the adjustable air vent.
This unit has been used extensively to cook everything from biscuits, pie, potatoes and prime rib, as well as being our source of rain in a storm. The LifeStraw personal water filter, a "Best Invention of the Year" (Time magazine) winner, enables users to drink water safely from contaminated water sources.
Backed by serious research in our international labs and extensive testing in the field, LifeStraw® and LifeStraw® Family have been distributed to nearly every major international humanitarian disaster since 2005 and in broad public health campaigns in the millions. The same high-tech design used in places like Haiti, Pakistan, Peru, Kenya, Indonesia, DR Congo, South Africa, Mexico, and Bangladesh is now available for consumers.

Because the LifeStraw is so small and lightweight, it’s great for travel overseas in countries with unreliable drinking water. In light of recent natural disasters, many people are realizing they cannot depend on their city water during an emergency. LifeStraw has received significant accolades since its original design was invented in 2005.
LifeStraw is manufactured by Vestergaard Frandsen, which is a Switzerland-based company specializing in disease control products for developing countries. The purpose of the CIMF is to provide a consolidated whole of nation approach to the management and coordination of potential or occurring cyber threats or incidents. This Figure shows all the different types of documents required for a robust response to cyber incidents.
These activities often occur in parallel with efforts to manage an incident and mitigate its impacts. It sets out the roles and responsibilities of all levels of government, critical infrastructure owners and operators and other public and private sector partners, in the coordinated prevention and mitigation of, preparedness for, response to and recovery from incidents affecting Canada's portion of cyberspace.
It recognizes that each FPT government has a responsibility for emergency management and public safety in Canada. The National Emergency Response System (NERS) incorporates and operationalizes the principles for emergency management as set out in the EMF. With the vent in the open position, more heat is produced and the briquettes last for a shorter period of time.
LifeStraw is the award-winning personal water filter, designed to provide you with safe, clean drinking water in any situation. LifeStraw is ideal for homeowners during emergencies such as local flooding which can contaminate drinking water supplies.
Place one end in unfiltered water (a glass, water bottle, river, or puddle!), and suck the resulting clean water up through the top. If you’ve ever been sick while travelling, you know the importance of drinking filtered water! LifeStraw accomplishes the same thing as other filters, but does it at just a tenth of the weight.
A purifier or pump filter is great, but it takes a fair amount of time to wait for the purification or filtering to complete. A water filter that’s lightweight, easy-to-use, and portable is important to have in your emergency preparedness kit. Time Magazine named LifeStraw the “Best Invention of 2005.” In 2008, it won the Saatchi and Saatchi Award for “World Changing Ideas”. Their core business model is centered around corporate social responsibility, and they help countries reach their United Nations’ Millenium Development Goals with products designed to prevent vector- and water-borne diseases.

The existing EMF and NERS provide overarching guidance to respond to the physical consequences of a significant cyber incident; however, a framework specifically for cyber incidents is required that complements existing emergency management policies, frameworks, procedures and plans. Organizations must have the ability to respond to cyber incidents in a well-coordinated manner, working with partners, at the local, provincial and federal levels.
Your Propane Attachment Kit instruction manual will help you setup the stove for use with propane Place the fire source (we recommend a long barbecue style lighter,but matches, lighter, and etc. We recommend placing the charcoal in a compact, single layer (12-24 briquettes max.) on the bottom grate. When the vent is in the closed position, less heat is produced and the briquettes last for a longer period of time. The ideal water filter for hiking & camping, travel, emergency preparedness & survival, LifeStraw makes contaminated or suspect water safe to drink.
LifeStraw is also ideal for campers and hikers who may be drinking from rivers or lakes and are unsure of the water safety. Instead, experience the convenience of drinking directly from the water source using your LifeStraw. Buy a LifeStraw for each member in your household - it's a low-cost investment in security. LifeStraws are shipped throughout the world to countries in need including Haiti, Pakistan, and Africa. Because LifeStraw is lightweight and compact, it is also great for travelers who do not want to rely on the quality of local water. When drinking from muddy water, you may have to blow back down into it to purge out the turbidity if the flow slows or stops. If you consume the recommended 3-4 liters of water per day while hiking, LifeStraw will last you for between 250-330 days of hiking. Within just seconds, you can make the switch between fuel sources, and it all fits into a highly portable carry bag. You can try, but you just won't find another stove or grill that gives you the portability and versatility that the Volcano offers.
Included is a heat deflector plate that is designed to be placed directly on the burner cradle to assist in even heat generation.

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