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Acadian Animal Hospital is proud to serve the Thibodaux and surrounding communities for everything pet related. Recent natural disasters have revealed the need for emergency preparedness measures, include survival gear and food as well as medical supplies. The Midwest is the nation’s tornado hot spot, especially the corridor known as Tornado Alley. Pay attention to natural disaster advisories and bulletins; most states have a notification system in place, with storm warnings broadcast or even texted. Extra survival gear that could come in handy are dog booties, a life vest, a cooling vest (for warmer climates), rain jacket or poncho, and winter jacket or sweater. Some emergency shelters will not accept animals for health and safety reasons, so have a backup emergency plan for pets. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers up to 90% of vet bills for your dog or cat—for a lifetime.
May 9 is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, a great day to check on and freshen up your peta€™s emergency kit.
Remember to check the contents of the kit every six months to make sure the supplies are fresh and up to date. We all hope that wea€™ll never need our disaster kits, but being prepared is so important a€“ so dona€™t forget your pets! Today's "Who is BlogPaws Conference Cruising with Bentley" is going to make you search for the answer!
Farmers in areas battered by Hurricanes Katrina, Ophelia and Rita face unprecedented challenges.

In these three states, approximately 825,000 head of cattle and calves lived in counties that sustained hurricane-force winds, according to the U.S. If you’re a Louisiana farmer, contact the Louisiana Interchurch Conference at (225) 344-0134.
If you’re from Mississippi, call the Federation of Southern Cooperatives at (404) 765-0991. For legal advice about disaster relief, call the Farmers Legal Action Group at (651) 223-5400. Contact your local animal care and control agency, agricultural extension agent or local emergency management authorities for information about shelters in your area. Be sure to have on hand a supply of water, hay, feed and medications for several days for each animal you are evacuating.
Modify fencing and open gates so animals may move to high ground in a flood and to low-lying areas during high winds. Install a hand pump and obtain enough large containers to water your animals for at least a week after a hurricane. If you have boats, feed troughs or other large containers, fill them with water before any high-wind event. A generator with a safely stored supply of fuel may be essential, as electrical equipment is necessary for animals’ well-being.
Sign up to receive news, disaster safety tips, emergency preparedness updates, and special store discounts from American Family Safety. Over 600,000 animals were killed or stranded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, according to The Atlantic.

Pack a few toys and treats to distract your pet; natural disasters are stressful for animals and humans like.
If you have a tornado shelter or basement, keep your bin there; if you live in a flood-prone area, store it in a high place. Have contact information on hand for local animal shelters, who will often care for pets during natural disasters. Even if you dona€™t have to evacuate in the case of a disaster, you may not have power or water. Put a note on the outside to remind you to grab anything you dona€™t have a back-up supply of, such as current medications. Media coverage has focused primarily on high-profile cities like New Orleans and Houston, but “we are witness to immense tragedies in the rural areas of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana,” says Ralph Paige, executive director of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives’ Land Assistance Fund. In the wake of large natural disasters, the treatment and rescue of animals is typically low priority. If your pup has a history of anxiety, consider bringing a Thunder Shirt, which can help nervous pets. What's the most scary for me is that I have no where to hide from them living in a trailer house!

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