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Hempfield Township, Pa., is challenging residents and businesses to create individual emergency plans in 2015.
Hempfield Township Emergency Management Agency officials are offering services to help residents, businesses and civic organizations create a plan to address reactions to a small- or large-scale disaster or emergency. In coming months, the agency plans to establish an outreach committee that would provide speakers at events and offer assistance in creating and evaluating emergency plans, Gerlach said.
Business emergency plans would examine a variety of more specific situations, but it's important to a community's economic stability following a large-scale disaster for businesses to recover quickly, Gerlach said.

Superintendent Barbara Marin said school officials could not communicate by cell phone after the storm.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! The storm blew through the township's Fort Allen neighborhood and the high school, leaving behind millions of dollars in damage.
Officials are working with the township emergency management agency and others to update the district's emergency response plan and training, she said.

Another possibility is designating the township's emergency operations center as a home base for the district in the event communication is lost or a situation arises, she said.

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