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Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. We're generating custom event recommendations for you based on Diabetes Survival Skills right now! Survival Skills is a handy, pocket-sized instruction manual, covering the fundamentals of survival with step-by-step illustrations and clear, bite-sized tips.
Progresses from the very basics for beginners, through all the elements essential to becoming adept at survival skills, to advanced techniques.
Ideal for anyone looking to improve their survival skills – this new series offers perfect, at-a-glance reference to keep with you at all times. When talking about something as dangerous as diabetes, there is no such thing as being overprepared.
Insulin is the most important medication for any diabetic so you need to look after it properly. Adding to the disaster kit would be several packets of re-freezing gel in order to maintain proper storage for the insulin even if the electricity goes out. The biggest emergency that a diabetic has to deal with is when blood sugar levels are too high or too low.
When this happens, there is a huge risk of suffering from hypoglycemia, a problem which can occur in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. The symptoms include dizziness, sweating, shakiness, hunger, fatigue, confusion, an erratic heartbeat and even loss of consciousness. Basically, you will need to stretch out your supply as long as possible in order to wait it out before help arrives.
As you can see, having the proper knowledge and the proper guidance can help anyone overcome a SHTF scenario, even someone with diabetes. Since it appears there are 2 different scales, perhaps it's best to know both since in grid down events, no one will be up to figuring out conversions when other things take priority.
Also, save some money by asking for "free diabetic related samples from your doctor" to put in your Diabetic SHTF Kit.
Walk in and ask your pharmacy if you can buy some extra stock because you are leaving for some reason.
Most insurance companies will let you refil a prescription a few days before your supply runs out.
For those of you looking to keep insulin cool in warm weather look up a "Zeer pot" it is a kind of evaporative cooler made from 2 clay pots and some sand. Thank you for this well-written article concerning emergency preparations for those with diabetes. As a person with Type-II diabetes, a retired registered nurse, and a retired certified diabetes educator, I would caution your readers about some of the comments that have been written. Each diabetic's metabolic system is different and what works for one may not work for another. I've read several publications explaining that TYPE 2 diabetes is caused by lifestyle and therefore is absolutely reversible. This is a great article even though short, therefore some information is missing just by the comments.
So here's what my preps: 1) I now have a letter (sent via snail mail to make it more 'official') in my medical carry bag which says I am diabetic, what type of insulin I use and dosages, what type of meter and other equipment I use. 2) In my medical carry bag, contains 2 of each type of insulin + meter and other needed supplies to last 2 perhaps up to 4 days depending on the food supply, plus the letter and ICE information. 3) I have spent the past couple of years, learning what medicinals I can find by foraging around my area.
4) I've trained my dog to alert for highs and he's now learning how to alert for lows cuz I so dislike getting so low I can't speak loud enough to get help. I too am in the same boat as the rest of you, and think about positive ways to help myself in the event of.
May 21, 2014 by The Survival Mom 13 Comments About the only survival skills kids seem to have these days is how fast they can text on their phones, so why not broaden their horizons and send them to PREP School this Summer? As tempting as it might be to have the I-Pad babysit your kids, why don’t you print off the list below and have them learn some Survival Skills?
If they learn and cross off 4 skills a week during the 12 weeks they are off from school, they will complete the entire list before school starts back up. Some of these survival skills you might think your child isn’t ready for (which may be true), but you also might not be giving your child enough credit.
Some of these 48 Survival Skills Kids Can Learn are around-the-house skills, others are knowledge, and still others are actually making things. Wash Clothes – Bonus points if they do it by hand on a washboard, but every kid should at least learn how to spot their clothes, wash, dry, hang-up, and the harderst part, put them back in their closets and drawers! Get a Job – Nothing teaches kids a work ethic and responsibility faster then getting their own job. Non-Electric Alternatives – I never realized how practically EVERYTHING I use requires electricity in some form until the power went out for 3 days in our area.
Operate a Generator – If you have a generator, have the kids learn how to properly care for and operate it. Have Chores – Just like mom and dad have jobs, kids need to have some everyday responsibility within the family.
Split Wood – If you need a fire to cook food  or to help you stay warm, you’re going to need some wood! Go Camping – Even if you just go camping in your backyard, their are numerous survival skills you can learn. Navigate Surroundings – We are so accustomed to just asking our phone to navigate us where we want to go, does your child even know how to use a map? Make Their Own Emergency Binder – Kids are never too young to start preparing for the future and make their own grown-up Emergency Preparedness Binder! Make a Paracord Survival Bracelet – Having 8-10 feet of paracord with you at all times could really come in handy, especially in a survival situation.
Have Basic Sewing Skills – How about learning some basic sewing skills so if your child ever had to make their own poo wipes or needed a wonder oven they could sew it? Use Hand Tools –  Does your child know how to use any of the countless tools lying around in the garage, or even better do you? Make an Emergency Kit for School – When summer vacation is almost over, you might want to consider making an emergency survival kit for school. Know How to Keep Cool or Stay Warm – Depending on where you live and the season, these survival skills can be the difference between life and death.

Learn Some Common Sense – Basic common sense seems to be diminishing with each generation, but it doesn’t mean your child has to suffer from the disease too! Practice Calling for Help – What if you were in trouble and the only one that could help is your toddler?
Safely Use a Pocket Knife – Little boys (and big ones too) are just drawn to anything that is dangerous and could possible harm them, so why not go ahead and teach them how to safely use and maintain their own pocket knife? Gun Safety – Even if you do not now and will never own a gun, kids need to know what to do if they are ever in a situation where there is one. Be Able to Ask for Help – I never realized what a true survival skill this was until recently when I applied my child to a special needs school. Download a Survival App – I had to throw in at least one thing kids could do with their phones and tablets. Let me know if your child participates in PREP school this Summer and what survival skills you plan on teaching them. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. I'm the original Survival Mom, and have been helping moms worry less and enjoy their homes and families more for 5 years.
Anyone is welcome weather you are newly diagnosed or have been living with diabetes and just need some guidance. Offering everything you need to know to get started, along with a wealth of expert tricks and tips to improve skills and techniques, from choosing and packing your gear to learning how to cook in the wild. If they are lucky, they still have access to medical help soon after the disaster strikes. This is not always the case, however, but, if it is, they need to be prepared.
That is why they must identify themselves as diabetics so they can receive the proper care. In fact, on many occasions, it can be days or even weeks until you would be able to reach a hospital or any other kind of medical facility. It should be easy to carry around, waterproof and insulated so that it does not get damaged.
Again, it is a good idea to store a lot of water around the home since it becomes a valuable commodity when SHTF.
Besides medication and water, food is extremely important to a diabetic as they need to stick to a specific diet. In addition to these, you should also keep a list detailing all the medications you are currently taking plus the diet you are on. That is why it is a good idea to keep vital extra supplies such as medication and snacks around other places you regularly visit such as your workplace, homes of friends and family, your neighbors etc.
It does not matter how many vials of insulin you have in an emergency if they have not been preserved in an adequate manner.
It can safely be stored at room temperature for as long as a month, as long as that temperature does not exceed 84 degrees Fahrenheit. For a diabetic on insulin, it is important to monitor blood sugar levels at all time in order to make sure that they do not dip below recommended levels. It is most often brought on by missing meals or medications at regular intervals, two scenarios which are very possible when SHTF. Even so, knowing and detecting the symptoms of hypoglycemia early on can give you enough time to take the necessary precautions. The best course of action if you feel any of these symptoms is to take something that raises blood sugar levels and acts fast. It is quite possible that you get caught in one such emergency without the medication you require or with lower levels than needed.
The Red Cross, the International Diabetes Federation and even the American Embassy can all provide you with an emergency supply of insulin if access is cut off to your regular supplier. She monitored her blood sugar and had to cut back on her tablets over a two week period according to her blood sugar levels. After it is built simply wet the sand and as it evaporates it will cool whatever is inside. After being on the Atkins diet for a few months my mother was able to give up all medication and even eat chocolate Tim tams without her blood sugar levels going up.
We shouldn't become overly obsessed and dwell on it, stress, as I found out produces what is call cortisol which raises your blood sugar, even though I was following my low carb diet, getting my sleep etc.
There are dozens of survival skills for kids and summertime is the perfect time to learn them.
You can even give incentives for each one they master and hold your own graduation at the end! If your kids learn this skill while they are young, just imagine the impact on the rest of their lives (and yours)! If they are too young to learn them, consider putting contact info on a bracelet or necklace they can wear.
Make a list of all the things you use on daily a basis that require electricity and find an alternative for each.
They should know how to escape safely and without breaking any bones, especially from a 2nd story window. Kids can’t learn about their surroundings if they never have a chance to explore them. Find a self-defense class, sign them up for karate or another martial art, or discuss with them what they should do if caught in a bad situation.
Take them to an open parking lot, work on pedaling, or even get a fun glider bike if they need help learning how to balance. Go ahead and teach your kids the proper ways to start fires before they attempt to do this unsupervised in your back yard (like mine)!
Camping requires you to have food, ways of cooking it, somewhere to sleep, and so much more. Since then our children have gotten more into gardening and they take so much pride in growing and eating their own food.
Try planning a hike for your child while they carry their own bug out bag or emergency kit. Sometimes it’s difficult to find places to hunt, but you can usually find a lake or pond nearby to at least go fish. They can start filling it with recipes they enjoy, survival skills they are learning (or want to learn), important documentation and more. Depending on where you live, your child might be stuck at school during a snowstorm, tornado, or another situation where it might come in handy.

Maybe doing it with my kids will give me a chance to finally learn about the different edible (and not so edible) foods in our area. Check-out books on survival topics your child is interested in at the library, or take a look at this new picture prepper book for kids. We had to do an ER visit last year when my sister got severe heat stroke, and I’ve had friends almost lose finger and toes from not keeping them dry in freezing temperatures. Raising competent kids in today’s world can be a true challenge when they are being spoon-fed constantly, but there is hope.
Once they get down how to put a Band-Aid on, consider signing your kids up for a first aid class or similar age-appropriate class.
My friends and family have had incidents because kids didn’t know how to properly handle firearms! The director said they know when a child is ready to leave their school when they can ask for help on their own. Not all disasters will mean you’re losing cell coverage, so downloading emergency apps for your child could really make a difference. Children need to have morals, read and memorize Bible verses, have a hope and belief in heaven, and know they can pray to God and he will hear and answers them (because I know for a fact He does and I hope you do too)! I would love to hear what they learn or if there are any other survival skills I should add to my list! Come join me on my journey to becoming more prepared to handle everyday emergencies and worst case scenarios. Therefore, the first important guideline for someone with diabetes is to always wear a medical bracelet which provides valuable information regarding their situation.
It should also be placed in an area which you can easily access, even after an earthquake, tornado or flood. You should pack as many medical supplies as you have access to since you can never know when you will have access to outside help. That is why the food kept in the disaster kit should have two qualities: be nonperishable and be safe for a diabetic.
It's all over the net that eating grains could be the cause of diabetes and I've seen comments on the net that a strict caveman diet (just like Atkins diet) will get diabetes in check. Certainly it is not easy to change ones lifestyle in this processed food culture and I suspect that many who have tried have not succeeded. Talking and getting together with other individuals like myself have helped me to be more responsible and less worrisome over things I can't control and more secure about the things I can control.
They can mow lawns, pet sit, babysit, do odd jobs for neighbors, or even work for Mom or Dad. You don’t have to be a mechanic to help your child learn how to check the tire pressure and put air in them, check the oil, or even how to ask for help in AutoZone. Kids can help pull their weight by doing dishes, taking care of the lawn, picking-up their rooms, and so much more. If you need ideas on exploring nature take a loot at these 31 Ways to Help Your Child Get Outdoors! Not only is this great exercise, but it helps your kids realize there are other ways to get around without Mom’s taxi service!
Go ahead and stage a mock evacuation where your family has to get ready to leave in a hurry! This is good training to see how much they can handle, or if you need to lighten their load. There are even classes for babies that will help them know how to float on their backs until help arrives, and once your child is old enough, sign him or her up for swim team.
Try actually getting water from a different source other than the home faucet and see if you can properly filter and purify a glass of water.
They can learn how to do basic repairs, hang pictures on their wall, or if they really want a challenge, they can build their own bow! If your kids know how to forage for food you can literally send them out to the backyard for dinner! Take an honest look at your children and see if there are areas where you can help prepare them for real-life.
Go ahead and practice different situations or scenarios to see if they could help, if they had to.
So whatever you do – at least teach them to not touch, never point them at anyone, and never put your finger on the trigger! Do your children know how (or even who) to ask for help…or do you always do it for them?
He must take special precautions in order to ensure that he is fit to handle the situation. That is why it is also a good idea to have a cooler to keep your emergency supply of insulin in. Doctors are always stating that something doesn't work when what they really mean is that it's outside of their knowledge base or outside of their own interests.
Like having an emergency pack in your car with medi alert sign on it in plain view, in case of accident. In the long run, properly maintained vehicles save you money, and doing it yourself saves even more. Each persons biochemistry is a little different, but in every diabetic that chemistry is unbalanced and needs to be reset.
I've spoken with doctors who've stated, "no, don't say that; we aren't allowed to talk about that". The supplies should include insulin, insulin pumps, syringes, glucagon, testing strips, glucose tablets, glucose meters, extra batteries and anything else that you use on a regular basis to treat your diabetes.
Do you really believe they'll find a cure for diabetes (or cancer) when the money being raked in is massive? Just like other stuff we prepare for, if you have a medical challenge, stay on top of any advance which may give you an edge, because as some of us know, life gives us the unexpected just to see if we're ready for it.

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