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HUF presenta la Dylan, la prima signature-shoe del suo team rider piu in vista, Dylan Reider. Licornes Licorne Histoire Historique Imaginaires Desillusion : Les licornes ont existe et elles etaient moches !
I’m 30 and I can’t accept it although people say I look like a twenty year old so that suits me.
You did several exhibitions in France, Germany, Spain … The latest was at Surfcity Festival in Barcelona in March. Some time ago you took part in the Planchettes exhibition, is there a board that you remember in particular? If ever we were to spend a few days in the Basque country which locations would you advise us to visit? Ok l’avanguardia tecnica e la ricerca di uno stile particolare ma e difficile non ammettere che la scarpa e veramente brutta.
It’s in Anglet, in the south west of France, that lives this journalist keen about writing.
At the time, I was a seasonal worker for Tribord, I used to live on my mum’s sailing boat that was docked at Port de Plaisance next to my Grandfather’s boat.
The first memory I have is when I was in London, I had my little disposable camera and started taking pictures to take them back to my mother and my brother. At 18, she discovers surfing for the first time in Hendaye, and her attraction for this sport led her to write for several surfing magazines like Desillusion, Surf Session or Huck Magazine.
And for the festival, they set up everything in an old Gothic cathedral, it was quite impressive. When you come out of the water head to Biarritz, to the small fishing port and you will eat fresh fish at La Crampotte. After that, move onto Guethary and go drink Sangria at the Heteroclito, probably one of the coolest places on the coast.

Passionate about argentic photography, she captures moments of her life in order to illustrate her texts and give them meaning.
For about two years now, I have been trying to open myself up to other things such as travel and music.
At that time, we had three boats on the same pontoon, like a kind of mafia family with buoys disguised as guns.
It was easier for me to take pictures of things than to write down on a note pad every time I did something cool. To finish off your crazy night, I advise you to go and drink at Xapatan where you’ll end up bilingual before 4 in the morning.
According to her, photography is primarily “a way to illustrate the words coming out of her head” more than the pleasure of taking pictures. Basically, we only had rollerblades and the idea was to follow Route 66 another way than with bikes which is the best known way to do this route.
They had a true identity and a genuine and sincere interest in art and the work of artists. In Barcelona, surfing is not really the national sport … There is more Leo Messi jerseys than neoprene swimwear. Today it is a way for me to illustrate the words coming out of my head, that’s the pleasure of taking pictures. We rented a car but we did more than 4000 miles with it, not knowing where to sleep at night.
I usually scribble words and he attempts to do something on the guitar and that’s how it happened.
I do some research on all aspects of the ocean something that has been a big part of my life, I could not ask for more. On a toujours reve de pouvoir en toucher une et on imagine sa douceur et son odeur de barbe a papa.

I did an Arts and Humanity degree, so I guess I was all peace and love with flowers in my hair. But there is still a surf culture and guys who surf like Marc Conca, the event’s organizer. We found ourselves trapped in the car late in the day without a service station or telephone network. It’s pretty funny because people sometimes ask us if we play in public, but we are literally paralyzed by fear and shyness so we intend to keep between us I think! Eh bien, une etude parue dans l'American Journal of Applied Sciences vient briser nos belles pensees imaginaires : la licorne a bel et bien existe il y a 29 000 annees.
Then I returned and I needed sun because my skin was Lily white, so I went to Andalusia, in Spain to soak up some sun. The guy set up in his native Missouri will know the other guy who lives in Arizona two miles from him just because their houses border Route 66. However, that’s what we were looking for in this trip, the unknown which can be sometimes risky. D'ailleurs ce drole d'animal est un arriere grand cousin du rhino avec une allure de cheval. I worked in radio for about a year and a half at Mont de Marsan in the Landes, a well known French department up until the day I had to make a choice: become a national reporter for Radio France or dedicate my time to writing. For the anecdote, one Sunday morning I got up and made myself a cup of coffee in the flat where we were staying and I saw a man leave the bathroom with a towel around his waist, bare tanned chest and his hair brushed back.

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