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A must for anyone working with dogs and cats; kennels, catteries, grooming parlours, dog trainers and pet owners.
The Course format will be a mix of theory and practical work and the tutor will bring her dog for the duration of the course to demonstrate the different First Aid skills and enable all students to have a go and gain a better understanding of the different subjects covered.
Prospective students who have a disability that may affect their studies should inform the College as soon as possible.
Regrettably the College does not receive funding for the provision of learning support for students with additional learning needs attending Short Courses, which are run on a full-cost basis. Please note that the information provided in this fact sheet was accurate at the date of publication. However, courses are continually being modified and information is therefore subject to change. Forbes , Forbes welcome page -- forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.. SREC is one of the first student initiated student run committees that focuses on student risk and liability issues.

The Student Risk Education Committee (SREC) is an official university wide committee within the Community Programs Office in Charge of recommending and implementing best practices in student risk education during community service activities on and off campus.
We provide students with the essential tips on how to engage safely with youth service participants. We provide students with expert instructors to demonstrate how to drive defensively and to operate a university vehicle. We provide students with expert nurses to demonstrate how to safely provide hypertension screenings to service participants. We provide students with expert instructors to demonstrate basic safety measures such as CPR. Our AED Defibrillator training course is designed to teach candidates how to recognise cardiac arrest and treat it using the AED defibrillator.
An automated external defibrillator (AED) is an automatic portable device which is applied to a person’s body.
This AED Defibrillator training course is a half day course for those who wish to learn about and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Fire Extinguisher Awareness training teaches how to recognise the different types of extinguisher. The College's Learning Support Service may be able to provide support but it is the responsibility of the student to meet the cost. Areas covered include the safety precautions in using the AED, when and how to apply pads, when to defibrillate, the use of defibrillation and CPR, and the use of a Bag and Mask resuscitator.
Currently, UCOP is working with SREC to serve as a model for other student risk education committees to be implemented UC wide.

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