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If you'd like to use these tools, you'll be asked about topics that have to do with hard and soft skills in the workplace.
Most misunderstandings that arise in our daily lives occur because of poor listening habits. Hearing Hearing is the passive registering of sounds; the ILA definition of listening identifies the first part of the listening process as receiving, which happens when you hear.
Listening to obtain informationYou probably send most of your listening time listening for information, that is, listening to gain comprehension. Schools have a responsibility to address the needs of struggling learners, pursuant to Florida law and the dictates of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Clear problem identification and subsequent analysis of the problems are the crux to generating effective interventions. What conflict had a major impact on the origin of the Federalist and Democratic-Republican Parties?
You may sense the sounds, but you do not allow them to penetrate beyond a superficial level. Each day you listen for information such as news, weather forecasts, sorts scores, directions, orders, assigments, names, numbers and locations.Listening to evaluateEvaluative listening is listening to judge or to analyze information. Given that students may have academic difficulty for a variety of reasons, many of which may be unrelated to a specific disability, it is important that the individuals involved in identifying the concerns engage in a collaborative problem-solving process and identify students as disabled only where there is a shown disability. Under Florida rules, teachers and parents are essential members of the school-based problem solving teams.
For example, when you lay the radio while studying, you hear the music , but are you really listening to it? For example, teacher listens to students’ speeches to discriminate between good and poor presentations and to assign grades.
Since problem-solving is a fluid process, evaluating the impact of the intervention strategies and modifying them as needed allow for a self-correcting methodology that serves the needs of students, educators, and families.

The radio provides background sounds that become listening only when you also carry out the remaining stages of the listening process. Teachers’ communication with parents, colleagues, and school problem-solving teams provides the basis for facilitating the identification of students who are struggling and who may require additional support beyond the general assistance provided to all students. Selecting To make sense out of our environment, we must choose which stimuli we will listen to and which we will ignore. If  you are not talking or reading, you are probably listening to something or someone.
Communication scholar Larry Barker and several collegues found that students spend nearly half of their time listening, almost one-third of it speaking and less than one- third of it reading and writing .
For example, at a party a friend maybe talking to you while loud music is playing and other people are talking.
In order to listen to the friend speak, you would select the friend’s voice and ignore the other sounds and stimuli. Attending Not only must you select what you are going to listen to , but you must also attend to it. Listening with empathyEmphatic listening occurs when you listen to what someone else is experiencing and seek to understand that person’s thoughts and feelings. Attending is a mental process of focussing or concentrating for a period of time of a specific stimuli  that you have selected while ignoring or downplaying other competing, internal and external stimuli. Emphaty means you try to put yourself in another’s place to try to understand what is happening to him or her. The more things you notice around you, the less able you will be to concentrate on one single thing and listen to it effectively.
Thus, it is important that you attend to the secific stimuli (message, sound) to which you want to listen. Emphatic listening indicates that we are aware, appreciative and understanding of another person’s feeling.

Attending to something does take effort and concentration, but this alone does not constitute listening. Although there is no commonly accepted explanation of how understanding occurs, it is known that past experiences play an important role and that you relate and compare new sounds to those you have heard in the past. Evaluating In the evaluating stage, the listener analyzes evidence, sorts fact from opinion, determines the intent of the speaker, judges the accuracy of personal conclusions. Once we begin to assess the message we received and understood, we may no longer hear and attend to other incoming messages. Remembering When we say we are listening to someone, we may actually mean that we are paying attention to what is being said, we may not be indicating taht we understand the message or that we will remember it. The last aspect in the complete listening process is being able to recall what was said from stored memory. Research beginning in 1931 and since corroborated by the ILA, suggests that we remember approximately half of the newly heard, meaningful information immediately after we hear it, but after a month we forget more than half of what we innitially remembered.
Just as our understanding depends on the selecting and attending stages, so to does our memory. Of that 25%, 80% is distorted or not received accurately; this leaves only 5% of the total message accurately received. The process of perception, especially selective perception and selective attention, may account for lost of information. We tend to select, attend to, and therefore, remember only information that supports our view.

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