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The question of when man first climbed the slopes of Mount Ucka out of curiosity and for sheer pleasure rather than for survival remains unanswered. The Saxon king Friedrich August II, who was also a passionate botanist, climbed the peak of Ucka on the 10th of May 1838 in an expedition together with the Croatian BanJosip Jelacic. These were the years when Ucka was growing increasingly popular due to its closeness of Opatija, a popular resort for European aristocracy. This is how Ucka, previously of interest only to scientists, geologists or botanists, became popular among hikers and day-trippers and the tourists who were spending their holidays in Opatija. The Poklon pass and the whole of Mount Ucka became a favourite destination of tourists from the whole Opatija Riviera. 1911 Construction of the stone tower at Vojak peak, on the initiative of the Oesterreichischer Touristen Club.
PHP (Prvi Hrvatski Pistolj - first Croatian pistol) is a weapon which was developed in Croatia during its war for independence in early 1990s. This product is available in our storesYou can buy this product without placing an order online at one of our stores in your area. Enter your e-mail address, to which we will send a one-time notification when this product is available again.
There is a 22mm RIS rail located under the barrel which allows the mount of additional accessories such as the laser target marker or a flashlight. The replica is equipped with engraved "BP9CC" and "Bersa SA Ramos Mejia Argentina" markings which are located on the slide.
We are a group of enthusiasts, who a few years ago, when hardly anyone has heard of something like airsoft or ASG, decided to propagate the sport in Poland. Despite such extensive knowledge and experience with ASG we are constantly focused on our own development, constantly expanding our offer with cutting-edge airsoft replicas, in the meantime not forgetting about the more economy-level guns.

The first recorded ascent of Ucka’s peak was made in 1722 by Zanichelli, a botanist from Venice.
A stone plaque whose inscription is in Latin has been erected in Lovran to commemorate this event.
The Poklon Mountain Hut provided comfortable shelter and was a starting point for climbing the peak, where one could enjoy a magnificent sunrise, the most spectacular moment of any ascent to the peak of Ucka. This article, describing the ascent of some mountaineers from Rijeka to the peak of Ucka, represents the first account of a hiking trip in Croatian literature. In the same year, the first mountaineering facility on Ucka is opened on the Poklon pass – the Kronprinzessin Stephanie mountain hut.
Two renowned personalities of that period, Frano Supilo and Vladimir Nazor, used to visit Ucka. After World War Two and the establishment of further alpine clubs in Rijeka and Opatija, hikers begin to regularly climb Mount Ucka. Production and quality of this pistol (which was produced in at least two versions, short-barreled PHP MV 9 and long-barreled PHP VM 17) was sporadic, and it was soon replaced in production and use by the HS 2000 pistol. When you signed up to be notified, you hereby agreed to receive only one-time notification of a product re-availability. The replica's body was made of polycarbonate plastic while as the elements such as the slide and the majority of the minor elements are made of metal. The clear iron aiming sights are marked with white markings what significantly facilitates the aiming.
It seemed to me that this product might be interesting for you, so I am sending you a link to it. The beginnings were as tough as always - most people have only seen airsoft as nothing more than BB guns themselves, but we knew right from the beginning that there was more to it, we knew that airsoft is a way of life, a passion and a great way to spend your time.

Gunfire's offer also includes airsoft accessories - among them a wide variety of batteries for airsoft replicas, tuning parts, tactical equipment and 6 mm BBs.
Over the next 150 years, numerous botanists and geologists from various countries visited Ucka to pursue their interest in the mountain’s rich vegetation.
With the development of tourism along the coast, progress gradually reached the slopes of Ucka too. None of us is here by coincidence - the majority are active players who know well the equipment we sell because we use it on a daily basis. The basic short-recoil operated action with vertically tilting locking piece is similar to both pistols, the general appearance of the open-top slide is close to the Walther but the single return spring below the barrel is apparently an Italian influence.
This allows us to give good advice and find an optimal solution to any problem, as well as help to choose just the right ASG equipment. Trigger is of traditional double action type, and the safety consists of a manual lever, located on the left side of the grip frame. This Croatian weapon is relatively rare, since production ceased after a short run and did not pick up again until after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia was well underway.
The weapon is essentially a version of the Walther P-38; though it looks very different externally, the breech locking, trigger system are the same.

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