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State Enterprise Training have had First Aid units added to their RTO scope and have a third party agreement with MEDECS Australia to deliver and assess accredited First Aid Training through Tasmania.
2-day program for people who have not undertaken first aid training previously or for those undertaking a refresher who need require more time to learn and practice the skills required for assessment.
If you are a student (school or university) please contact the office for special discounted prices.
When Ondoy struck us last year, I did a post on preparing a Go-Bag A go-bag is essentially a bag that contains all your family’s essentials that you keep in a safe place at your house so that when disaster strikes, you can grab the bag and just GO!. Before I begin building a new go-bag for this season, one thing I want to have right now is a first aid kit.
Of course, you can add more like Iodine, Calamine lotion, bug spray, bandages, cotton balls and other special medicines and items that your family might need. Filed Under: blog, Friday Fun Find, Tips Tagged With: Friday Fun Find, List, Ondoy, Tipsshare away! You can get this kit or other versions of this kit from mercury and other drugstores ?? great idea on the lighter!! Courses are available at your place of business, home, or a meeting place convenient for all.
Fun, informative CPR classes, Healthcare Provider, Heartsaver AED, First Aid certification good for 2 years. Learning AED skills is becoming more important with the increase in the numbers of units in the community and workplace. There is a formal CPR assessment at the start of the day in order to ensure that all students can resuscitate effectively. Please read our full Terms & Conditions By booking with Phoenix Emergency Medical Solutions it is assumed that you accept these terms and conditions.

Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it.
Use personal protective equipment (PPE) anytime there is a potential for exposure and PPE is available. Properly dispose of all used PPE or items that contain bodily fluids in a biohazard bag if available. Act quickly and safely: If you are exposed to a pathogen you must act quickly to mitigate that exposure. Clean all exposed areas to hazardous pathogens properly: Clean all exposed area with appropriate cleaning solutions while wearing PPE. Tell or Report the incident to the appropriate person: Immediately contact your supervisor or reporting person after any exposure to any pathogen.
Hand sanitizers can be used as a alternative solution until you are able to properly wash your hands with water and soap.
Site Specific Training: You should review your internal policies, procedures, and exposure control plans at least annually to ensure you know how to respond at your facility or workplace. To those who’ve joined the ongoing diaper bag giveaway, I want to thank you guys again!!
We have a basic go-bag in the trunk of our car but last time I checked it had 2 bags of Pee-Wee and a bottle of mineral water. I bought a transistor radio so that we could still hear the news during blackouts but that still needs batteries (I’ll take a pic of it soon). I agreed to the partnership given that our family has been using Unilab products for the longest time now. This is where I share my fun finds, reviews, super easy recipes and my musings on parenthood in general.

Select a course or a combination of courses that fit your need or requirements including: Adult CPR, Children CPR or Infant CPR, First Aid, AED, Oxygen Administration and more for the full program. They are easy to use with a little training and can make a real difference in the chance of survival to someone in cardiac arrest. Bodily fluids such as blood and saliva may contain pathogens that may cause disease or illness. Please know that I will not be involved in any partnership that conflicts with my own beliefs and that will compromise my family’s welfare. If you have already completed any other first aid course, you will understand the importance of the prompt use of an AED making this the perfect course to enhance and progress your skills.
You should attempt to isolate direct contact with bodily fluids to limit your risk of exposure to these pathogens. You should follow your internal policies when applicable on how to dispose of biohazard items. Failure to report may limit your ability to prove exposure or obtain appropriate medical treatment. Matt is an Emergency Medical Technician and nationally recognized EMS Educator & CPR Instructor. If you do not have internal policies or resources for disposal, contact your local EMS service, Fire Department, or Hospital as they will be able to assist you in disposing of your items correctly. He has extensive public safety experience and has trained and certified thousands of individuals in the topics of CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Medical Services working across the United States.

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