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I’d like to suggest a few good stores for folks who may be trying to work on their food storage.
WINCO—Some of you may not have a Winco near you; some may have a similar store of a different brand. SMART AND FINAL—Again, I’m not so sure how many of you have a Smart and Final in your area, but if you do, it’s a great place to get food storage supplies. Because power is generated silently and cleanly from the sun or the wall, you can operate your Goal Zero Yeti inside the house, cabin, or tent. The Reno, Nev., resident is a “prepper,” a group of people across the United States, and in parts of Canada and Australia, who are getting ready for doomsday — or TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it).
The craze comes in waves, taking its roots from the Cold War days of nuclear fallout shelters, says Mike Porenta, chief operations manager at the American Preppers Network, one of the largest online forums and resources for preppers. Hugh Vail, president of the American Preppers Network, says sales of survival gear and food have grown more than a 1,000 per cent since 2008, with jumps after major disasters like the Japanese earthquake. Rawles has enough food and water stored to last his “large” family, including his wife and two sons, three years. While some of his readers follow the Mayan calendar, preparing for whatever apocalyptic changes they believe December will bring, Rawles says most are regular people: farmers, office workers, housewives and lawyers, from right-wingers and libertarians to hippies.
After all, the term prepper was coined to differentiate them from the stereotypical survivalist — a gun-toting, bearded man living in a bunker in the woods. And there are an increasing number of online survival gear retailers catering to Canadian preppers, says Anita Broenik, who lives on a farm near Oshawa. Her philosophy is closely mirrored by Sarah Luker, a middle-class Texan housewife certainly more Betty Crocker than tinfoil-hat-wearing-Rambo. Still, she only became a real prepper in 2008, after Hurricane Ike flooded her home, forcing her family to flee. Like many, she’s been inspired by the multitude of websites, books, podcasts and online stores catering to the prepper.
Hundreds of weekend courses are available in everything from wilderness survival to gardening. Even Costco has jumped on the bandwagon, delivering survival kits in handy backpacks — enough food for two weeks, knives, a hatchet, duct tape, a tent and first-aid kit.
Hurricane Katrina really enforced what emergency managers have been saying for years — for about 72 hours after a disaster you’re on your own, he said.
But, like Y2K, this will fade away, says Lindell, wryly adding that he has complete faith in humanity’s ability to wake up at the alarm then turn over and hit the snooze button. Young stockpiles food and owns a dual receiver radio, first aid kit and camping gear — including a tent, sleeping bag and port-a-potty. He says he’s not driven by fear or paranoia, and he admits many of his doomsday scenarios are unlikely.
Editor’s Note: Amid a host of concerns that include, but are not limited to, rising crime, a lack of law enforcement during a crisis such as an economic collapse and, most notably, the potential re-election of President Barack Obama for another four years, Americans are stocking up on firearms and ammunition like never before. They are purchasing supplies that include self defense armaments, long-term food storage, and off-grid survival tools. Via Off Grid Survival:After our story on the Rise of the Prepper, we have been inundated with emails from readers telling us how hard it’s becoming for them to obtain certain types of ammo. The Company’s Retailer Programs that were offered from January 1, 2012 through February 29, 2012 were very successful and generated significant orders from retailers to independent wholesale distributors for Ruger firearms. Year-to-date, the independent wholesale distributors placed orders with the Company for more than one million Ruger firearms. Despite the Company’s continuing successful efforts to increase production rates, the incoming order rate exceeds our capacity to rapidly fulfill these orders.
In the Rise of the Prepper article, we warned that with Guns, Gold and Emergency Food all setting record sales numbers we will likely see major shortages hit the marketplace. A recent study from National Geographic shows well over half of the population is at least a little concerned that there will be a major catastrophe in the next 20 years. Very Low Budget Productions has a video series, featuring ballistics expert Paul Harrell, called "Bulletproof Your House" that explores the effect of different caliber rounds on different appliances and walls.His videos include how a 12 gauge, a 9mm and M4 do against a '93 Mercury Sable, a refridgerator, a wall, a bookshelf and cinderblocks. The demand is so high that Sturm and Ruger, one of the country's largest manufacturers, has announced it is no longer accepting new orders.
They help people assemble what's commonly referred to as "bug out bags" that typically carry three days worth of food and supplies. The following article has been generously contributed by Tom Chatham, author of the newly released book The American Dream Lost – Economic Survival Strategy for a New Paradigm. The Library of Alexandria in Egypt is believed to have housed technology and historical texts dating back thousands of years.
Surplus stores, online shops, and bulk food stores such as Honeyville Farms can be excellent for buying bulk quantities of MRE’s, rice, beans, etc.
In recent years, Costco has added items to its inventory which increase its appeal to preppers.
Back when my family laid in our supply for the ‘Y2K’ end-of-the-world scare, we bought a large amount of our food-grade, plastic storage containers at Smart and Final. Once you’ve found those holes, check out some of these places I’ve discussed to really get your long term supply squared away. Our cart makes it easy to move the generator closer to appliances and use shorter extension cords, minimizing power loss and tripping hazards. But while the motivation is different, the answers are the same: you need shelter, food and a way to heat your home, she says. It’s all stored in his living room, in storage bins next to the push-cart he keeps in case he needs to evacuate. They are turning spare rooms into long-term food storage pantries, they are planting survival gardens, they are converting their homes over to alternative sources of energy, they are taking self-defense courses and they are stocking up on just about anything you can imagine.
Last year alone we saw sales of guns in the United States exceed 10,000,000, and according to a recent report some three million Americans are among those preparing for worst case scenarios. Demand is so high for these essential “post-collapse” survival commodities that in December of 2010 it prompted Mountain House, the largest freeze dried food manufacturer in the world, to delay orders for months at a time. The Company says that they have had to temporarily suspend the acceptance of new orders after receiving requests for more than one million units.
As people begin to stock up on preparedness related items in response to the coming election cycle, we will likely see nationwide shortages similar to what happened during the elections in 2008. Recent events like the Great Recession, killer hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear accidents all have people more aware of just how vulnerable they are if any part of the infrastructure starts to break down. Members of the site range widely in their doomsday beliefs, said Andrea Burke, a 45-year-old middle school art teacher from Montana who took over the site from its previous owner last summer. Even the little things, so it's getting very difficult to get a whole gun assembled and sell a complete gun because of a lack of parts," Parsons said. Back then, fearful gun owners and wanna-be gun owners snapped up ammunition and weapons because they feared the then newly-elected president, Barack Obama, was going to try to ban gun sales.
It got orders for a million guns in the first quarter of 2012, and the company needs time to catch up.
Survivalists, hunters and campers have always collected that kind of stuff, but the show has kicked off a fad.
Aside from the geophysical part that “seems” to be going haywire and could be nothing other than the planet’s cycles, there are plenty of manmade catastrophes that loom on the horizon. It was partially or completely burned on at least five occasions, including once by Julius Caesar circa 48 B.C.
It is merely some useful information to keep in mind when you’re out shopping for your stash. You can pick up virtually anything your supply needs here–from ammo to food to propane, and more. You must pay for a yearly membership to shop there, but they have some utility for buying food and water in bulk, similar to Costco. They have some container sizes which are in-between the small ‘flour jar’ size, and the 50lb buckets.
Don’t wait until the night before the apocalypse to run to Walmart for water and ramen noodles! Either way, there are no worries of toxic fumes or the transportation and storage of flammable fuel. Others ready their bunkers for when its time to “bug out” or “get out of Dodge,” when, as they put it, WTSHTF (when the sh-- hits the fan).
Now, similar to the ammunition shortages leading up to the 2008 Presidential election, Americans are increasingly worried about what may happen to their Second Amendment rights under another Obama term. Possibly millions of people now consider themselves 'preppers' as they get ready for a doomsday scenario.And there are hundreds if not thousands of websites dedicated to helping people prepare for a possible end. Part of one episode was actually shot at Top Brass Military and Tactical Supply on the North Freeway. Never has the planet had as many people as now and the more people there are the more competition there is for resources. Cases of canned food, water, and large (50lb) bags of rice and beans are available for purchase. The main niche that Walmart fills is that one can buy smaller amounts of ammunition and food storage items cheaply. There is also has a large section of the store where shoppers can buy anything from rice to candy by the pound. These ‘in-betweeners’ are great for storing a non-staple item, like grain you’ve ground and are preparing to use. The site is free for now, but Burke is planning to charge a $5 monthly membership fee so she can generate income from her project. More countries seek nuclear devices than ever before and with advancements in technology this is a much easier process than anytime before.
What I’d like to do here is break down a few of the main stores used by many preppers to build their stash. Apart from food storage, you can also buy medications, hygiene items, motor oil, quality rugged clothing (for your bug-out bag), and more in bulk.
For those of us who are VERY low budget preppers, Walmart offers a chance to buy small quantities of canned food, ammo, water, and various camping supplies, at a price you can afford RIGHT NOW. The store sells 50 pound plastic storage containers, lids, desiccants, and water storage jugs. Smart and Final sells in quantities that cater mostly to restaurants and small businesses, so it’s more like Costco in that respect.

According to a recent Daily Mail article, there are approximately 3 million preppers in the United States today.
Ammunition shortages in popular calibers, for example, have been reported by numerous sources.
There's even an American Preppers Network on-line now.Locally, Bill Poynot, owner of Perret's Army Surplus Store in Kenner says he's been seeing an uptick in people picking up survival supplies.
She is considering using a slogan like, "Find love for less than the price of a box of bullets" to draw in paying members. Biological and chemical weapons are also much easier to manufacture because of leaps of technology in regards to computers. I’ve chosen four stores, which are somewhat similar in their offerings, and have at least some level of national coverage. However, keep in mind that, although buying in bulk drops the unit price, the upfront cost to buy, say, a case of 12 cans of beans will be higher, than buying 2 cans at the grocery store.
Although buying in bulk may be cheaper in the long run, the large up-front cost may put it out of reach for some folks. If you’re looking to stock up on food storage for a year, this is a fantastic place to do it. It can be a bit pricey here, but if you’ve got one close by, it’s more than likely a better deal than driving a long distance to some of the other places mentioned. Likewise, overwhelming demand for firearms has forced one of the world’s largest gun manufacturers to suspend all new firearms production orders because they simply cannot keep up.
Oil markets are much tighter because of the countries of China and India and their increasing need of energy to fuel their booming economies, and new finds of oil fields cannot keep up with the demand.
Unless you have massive resources to commit all at once, pace yourself when buying in bulk.
I would strongly recommend using Walmart to pick up an item or two a week, like a few packs of tuna, waterproof matches, etc, if you are on a low-budget prepper plan. Selection is great; in addition to the aforementioned storage options, you can get water, canned food, staples like rice, and even cleaning supplies. This movement has become so popular that there are now even television shows being done about preppers. But now he says he's seeing more business when it's not hurricane season and when there's not a storm in the Gulf. If you’ve already been using some tried-and-true stores in your area, here’s a few more to consider. Their selection of quality brands has also increased over the past few years (brands like Sawyer, Blackhawk!, Celox and more). Yes, cleaning supplies; hygiene will be even more important in a survival situation than it is in normal life. The most popular book among members is James Wesley Rawles' "Patriots," about a group of Christians who must survive an economic meltdown that throws the country into complete chaos and leads to a second civil war. In short, bad times, really bad times could and probably be coming to a neighborhood near you.
I’ll give a brief description of each store, and it’s selection of products of interest to preppers.
Another thing to remember with Costco is that one needs a yearly membership to shop there; that will add to your overall cost. For safe food handling, you can find all manner of restaurant-quality general kitchen supplies. Unless you and your family take quite seriously this possibility, if and when something extremely horrible happens, you could very well end up one of the large number of statistics.Many survival sites have informative and excellent advice on survival that can help you make it through a limited amount of time when everyday life is totally disrupted. For purposes of this post, I’ll stick to your ‘bug-in’ or ‘long-term’ or ‘shelter-in-place’ food storage—not the food that goes in your 72 hour or bug out bag.
If you’ve got one in your area, Winco is an excellent place to pick up some food storage basics! Survivalist Singles lets him put everything out in the open, he said, and women only contact him if they have similar beliefs or appreciate his lifestyle."It's hard to connect with someone who doesn't have a similar mindset. However, what exactly does a person do IF the society that almost all of us have become way too dependent on, fails to recover for an extended period of time, if ever again? According to the survey, about a third of Americans think there will be at least some effect in 2012 as the long-count Mayan calendar ends.
You can't explain why your truck is packed like you're always ready for an expedition -- they don't get it," he said.
If you watch some of the ideas people have on survival being interviewed on television, you have to wonder what exactly these people are thinking. The people that have prepared for problems with the world are woefully ready for any disaster lasting for more than a few days at best.
He has met only one woman face-to-face out of more than 20 he has corresponded with on the site. Even those that have invested in years worth of food and supplies, there are some basic survival skills that need to be learned and understood to better increase one’s chance of making it through a possible long-term survival situation.The following are 25 suggestions on those survival skills that will likely be needed after a nightmare has hit human civilization with a vengeance. After she visited him in Montana, they decided to just remain friends.Distance is one of several issues cited by another member, Larissa Kama, 42, who goes by the screenname nwredhead. Kama has a "bug-out bag" full of gear near her front door in case disaster strikes, but she considers herself less "hardcore" than many of the men she has encountered on the site."I've come across a lot of freaks who live in a hole in the ground, who message me and say, 'Run, run to me -- I'm a mile underground in the middle of Nebraska," said Kama, who lives in Portland, Ore. So only a brief overlay of each of these will be discussed to avoid pages long descriptions. Further information can be obtained through many survival books and the many articles on each subject. I'm really okay with the outside world -- we're not facing any end-of-world scenario yet, so I want to live in this moment."Some members, though, have already found love on the site. Situations and personal handling of SHTF situations will differ widely, but the foundation will likely be there for almost everyone.
Nate Tammaro, whose screenname was Iron Ranger, found his soul mate, or "twin flame," only two days after joining Survivalist Singles.
The main objective is to get people into learning and practicing these survival skills so when something cataclysmic does happen, they can better deal with and make it through intense human tragedy.1. They live six hours away from each other so they have only met in person twice, but Tammaro plans to move to Missouri to be with her this summer. Individuals can still hope for the best, but something lacking with many preppers is that they still cannot even think about something really awful happening. The relationship has changed his outlook on prepping: Tammaro now believes his calling is to help others find their way once the "end of the world as we know it" arrives. Too many of those that do ready themselves for disasters cannot find within themselves to even discuss with their families and friends a calamity that is horrid and what to do if it should manifest itself. A 44-year-old female user with the screenname Arnold, for example, states on her profile that she is looking for a survival group in addition to a man.
To them, there is still that government or other safety net waiting for them when their preparation runs out.2.
One skill she would bring to the table, she noted, is making "humanure." This involves converting human excrement into fertilizer -- which may be necessary in case a disaster strikes and there is no running water. The bizarre oftens happens, and there are events that are going to freak out even some the better prepared survivalists. A lot of people will prepare and practice all sorts of drills for various horrors, which is wonderful training. There still lurks the possibility of something so strange and weird that it shocks practically everyone. By addressing this possiblity in your thoughts before it actually happens, you have conditioned your mind to at least accept this. Training for something strange can be done through other individuals within your circle of allies coming up with sudden scenarioes that only their imaginations can fathom.3. If a person wants to avoid the shock of living well to living under a rationed way of life, now is the time to get used to it. We all take so much for granted – the modern conveniences – it becomes an automated habit to turn on a light switch, flip on the internet, TV, cell phone, without even considering this could be wiped out within an instant. We open the refrigerator and there is food, or put food already pre-cooked into the microwave to warm it. Horribly if they have not gotten used to going without it for at least part of their lives. A “time out” each day from what we so rely on that could disappear is quite helpful to being ready for if it does go away suddenly.4. When it looks hopeless after a mega SHTF episode, having some concrete reason to fight and continue on is an absolute necessity to avoid giving up. Someone’s child sitting next to them, a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a friend, someone that means something to you can be that inspiration to continue on. While predicting the future is probably going to be unlikely, seeing a situation developing and acting on it before it occurs can be a life saver.
By becoming more informed about earth science if you live in an area prone to geophysical disaster prone areas can help much.
The old adage about knowledge is power is very true, but knowledge is also part of survival and the more you have the more likely it is that you will survive.6. Pre-planning and having a written down set of measures to take will make someone’s life go much smoother when SHTF. Your own personal plan is ONLY what best fits what you are going to do during and after a disaster.
People should also have back-up plans, PLAN B and C and D at least because nothing ever seems to go as planned. Haphazard approaches to the aftermaths of catastrophes are kind of like a chicken running around without a head.7.
Everyone reacts to stress and fear in different ways, and even the most calm in control person can become ballasitic or paralyzed with fright. Addressing this issue before something happens and attempting to come to grips with it is essential.
People have remarkable levels of tolerance for bad times and most can dig down and come up mentally with what is necessary to survive. A first step is to admit to oneself that these disasters can and do happen and then thinking over, even writing down how one will handle it. That neighbor that was in control during many minor emergencies may be the one pounding on your door with whacked out eyes demanding what you have because they did not prepare for anything.

Unexpected times brings out the worst in people and people should prepare for this possiblility. You always hope that disasters will bring out the best in your fellow person, but often this is not the case.9.
When the world falls apart around someone, there is likely not going to be anyone there to repair what you have or somewhere to replace it. You will either have to go without, repair it yourself, or jerry rig up some contraption that will function for you.
Much can be learned by practicing going without your power tools and fixing things using only hand tools and what you can find in spare parts laying around. Using junk to come up with unique devices that work for you will become a necessary skill you will need to master should society fail to come back.10. Homeless people become experts at seeing what others consider pure trash as survival tools. The fine art of scrounging around will become a chore that people will have to do to find what they need. That bottle on the ground after a disaster can be used for many purposes including collecting something you can use. Homeless people have become quite good at this during stable times, everyone will have to learn this skill after times become nightmare-like.11. Whether someone is going to bug in or bug out to somewhere safer, they need to know where they plan to take a stand and stay. Transportation is a very important issue to consider and how much of what they have can be moved to where they are planning to go. You will likely not have any GPS system to guide you and the good old fashioned paper map may be the only way to show you where you are going. Long term solar battery rechargers for flashlights and LED battery powered lanterns are another option.13. There will almost certainly come a time after a bad disaster that you will want to avoid being noticed at all. Any activity that a person engages in can be magnified many times when the normal sounds of a busy city or town are now quiet. Much careful consideration must go into taking this into account if a person wants to remain unbeknownst to others that mean them harm. This is one of the top priorities within the armed forces because disease and sickness can and do take down the toughest of soldiers. People must realize that after a terrible disaster it is not like someone that goes camping, comes back dirty, and takes a nice long shower or a hot bath. Bathing on at least a semi-regular basis is necessary to avoid all sorts of bacteria from building up on the skin and causing a variety of health concerning ailments that will then have to be treated.
People should plan on just how they will keep themselves clean, even thinking about sponge baths as an option.15. In third world countries and the pre-flush toilet era one of the leading causes of illness and death was and is waste not properly discarded.
If the toilets won’t flush because there is no water to make them work, human waste is going to be a huge whopping problem for people trying to survive. Portable toilets, toilet paper and disinfection (bleach for one) should be one of the top items in any survival kit, lots of it. Also disposal of other trash is an issue that can bring hungry dangerous animals around drawn to the stench. Burning of trash can be choice of some, while plastic trash bags and the means to find some place to dump them is another alternative.16. This is a problem that led to about half of Europe dying several hundred years ago with the black death. There are many repellents in nature that can help a lot such as citronella, even the smell of garlic that most vermin do not like much at all.
There are hundreds of nuclear power plants that could fail after the world goes to the toilet. There are still tens of thousands of nuclear weapons available for war should countries decide to use them. Fallout is something that you might not even see and until you are sick might not even know you have been contaminated. Even building what is called a Kearny radiation detector is something someone can do that doesn’t have much money to work with.
Understanding about radiation accumulation dosage RAD’s and how to shield oneself against it is paramount.18. Without knowledge of what to look at before a storm system comes in, someone could be trapped and die when they are are buried under snow or a wall of water from a flashflood. Even one of those pocket weather forecasters that can be purchased at most sporting goods stores is a good start.
Other weather forecasting books are available to help someone get a better idea on what the future weather holds for an area that they are at. It will become magnitudes worst when people cannot get weather warnings over a radio or other source. Treating yourself and or others will probably be the only thing someone can do as medical professionals are going to be few and far between.
Many places offer free classes on first aid because they want people in the community to be prepared. A good first aid book along with a first aid kit is something every household should have before, during, and after a disaster.
Primitive conditions should be expected when anyone is helping someone after a catastrophe.
Even acquring the skill of making your own antibiotics can save lives as infection is something that will become an epidemic, especially with minor cuts and abrasives that are sure to be plenty.20. Many survivalists and preppers make the critical mistake of only being concerned about calories to keep them going. D, E, K, Minerals; Calcium, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Zinc, and trace minerals are necessary to keep a body going. Each person needs different amounts and any survival food supply should take this need as important as the food itself. Vitamin and mineral supplements should be stocked with food if someone is unsure about what they are getting.
Trace mineral drops are a liquid that offers much and are a good addition to any emergency supply someone has.21. It is not only uncomfortable being freezing cold or roasting to death, it puts a lot of stress on the body making someone more susceptible to becoming sick. Having a fire and keeping it going when you need to has been the essence to the very first people on the planet surviving.
Having a lighter, matches, any starter is one thing, but actually keeping the fire going is another. Making sure the fire does not cause damage to your home or shelter is something not everyone thinks about.
Keeping a fire not too noticable to others is something everyone should remember because normally a fire means FOOD to a hungry person. Preppers that take water as extremely urgent often forget just how heavy water is and the hauling of water back and forth from a source such as a stream can be difficult as well as hazardous if it is wiser to stay inside for whatever reason.
People need to know that unless water is from a spring it will likely need to be purified and this means some reliable filters or boiling it which requires heat from a fire, along with pots to boil it in.
Aside from drinking, water is also needed to rehydrate food, make milk from powder, and of course cleaning yourself with. We all have to have a certain amount of liquid a day, and juice and other sources will suffice, but water is something that everyone still needs in order to keep their bodies healthy and functioning, as well as to remove toxins in the body. Water need and how much water will be used is something that is often vastly underestimated by many.24. People’s supplies will only last so long, and eventually self sufficiency with acquiring food will become necessary. Many people are into seed storing, and in many cases growing your own food will feed the family. Pest problems are enormous as pest control, pesticides both natural herbicides and chemical, are not going to be readily available. One of the gravest things to contemplate about is actually guarding your yield, as two legged problems could be a bigger issue to your crops than some beetle infestation. From a practical sense, it might be a better idea for some to go the hunter and gathering approach.25.
This almost certainly means owning a firearm and knowing how to use it and be willing to use it to protect yourself or others.
Many TV survival documentaries shows have people that feel they can defend themselves with knives, clubs, whatever, but in reality against someone else with a firearm they are going to lose 95%+ of the time.
Many people think that they cannot use a firearm against another person, but this feeling changes abruptly when they see one of their family members at risk.
Some people still cannot use a firearm, and in this case should consider some form of self defense such as the non-lethal devices including stun batons, pepper sprays, TASERS, even ball bats. People can feel that everyone will come together and rebuild society, many good people will, but there are plenty of bad people in this world.
Everyone needs to practice and practice with any self defense armament they have, so there is no hestiation when it comes to saving one’s life from someone that is willing to take yours.These are 25 suggestions that people need to address now, before trying to survive the aftermath of a horrible event that sends the normalcy that everyone has become accustomed to down the drain for extended periods of time.
People that prepare have to realize that when civilization stops functioning so does everything that most of us depend on. There may never be that safety net there for us to fall into WHEN our stocked up survival supplies run dry. Much of survival is having supplies, as well as backups for when food, water, and other necessities cannot be found. When someone thinks about their personal needs, an individual can probably add many more survival skills to these 25.

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