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Use our contact us page to send us any pictures of gardens that You take while planning flower bed designs. The gorgeous pink Geraniums add so much, but don't let the aged copper-looking pot on the right go unnoticed. With the picture to the right, I'm truly amazed at such a great use of a small space.With what seems to be a very narrow entryway or patio, the use of slim boxes and baskets hung from the trellis show that any space can be used in conjunction with a planter garden. Looking to our left, some more great uses of hanging baskets and deck planters to spice up what would otherwise be a drab looking deck.Nothing to do with container gardening, but it's a nice use of the ivy to soften up the hard surfaces of the stair railing.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Container Gardens in Shopping Cart, Broken Doll, Barbie Car and More! Learn How to Grow Heirloom and Organic Tomatoes, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Giant Pumpkins, Potatoes and More! Follow Marty's Garden at YouTube 2 shows weekly, click the link or image above for instant access. All images or other materials were taken from the web and believed to be in the public domain.
Hello, Dear NewNist readers, if you have been reading Newnist for a while, You know I love a elephantine to creating cool diy crafts at home. The Tin cans made up of steel and or a pack of steels use for storing products to safe and secure our things for long times. Tin cans cut shorter, can give you fully lush setting of categorized storage in drawer of different ordinary accessories like rubber bands, paper clips, beads, badges, buttons and whatever you want. If you are interesting in knitting with hand and have a bigger stock of yarn which often are mixed together.  Then this arranged mantelpiece setting of tin cans will be smashing and graceful to keep your yarn safely and neatly. Get a pretty cool packed and wrapped organizer for your measuring and cutting tools like scissors, measuring tape, protractor  and ruler etc, through well though recycling of tin cans. In this smart motivation we have tried to give you the ultra-fashion inspiration with tin cans. Recycle old drums from your store room for making cute containers if your front yard is spacey.
Here is another container garden idea for money saving and making cool DIY container for garden from recycled materials. Hope you will like these container garden ideas DIY which will save your money as well as they will serve as healthy activity for your weekend. This entry was posted on July 15, 2014, in Garden Decor and tagged DIY garden, DIY projects, DIy projects tutorial.
In Berlin's Kreuzberg district there is a luscious, self-sustained urban garden that is social, ecological and also mobile. Inhabitat writer Ana Lisa Alperovich visited Prinzessinnengarten and talked to Marco Clausen, who together with Robert Shaw created the fantastic blooming space.
Prinzessinnengarten is a platform for people who want to do something; anyone can pop in and help in the urban garden with whatever might be needed at the time, getting a whopping 50% off at the cafe! Prinzessinnengarten welcomes and encourages people from all over he world to bring new ideas into the garden and hopes other community gardens will bloom around the world.

Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Old washtubs, copper containers, and even old boots can be successfully used in your container garden. Able to be left outside year around, they make a great choice even when blending with other styles of containers as seen to our left.
If by any chance it violates your copyright, we will delete it immediately upon presented proof.
Now we are doing some DIY fun projects from these tin cans and made some creative and amazing DIY crafts from tin cans at home.
We have gone for tremendous recycling here through tin cans to make these tin can pendent lights for dining purposes. The vertically aligned eight tin cans on a wooden board can be a alluring focus of trimmed setting for visitors. This is the same but mini type of that trimmed knickknack when you have three tin cans only. The overlapped cover has been executed with different slots for various stuff to be stored.
In this decorative table’s decoration, which is looking magnificent and stimulating, the tin cans with metallic spray color overlay, have been reused for table knickknacks and garnishing under great supervision.
Basket container can also be placed in the garden and you can hang these basket garden containers on trees or anywhere else in your front garden.
Paint drum with pink or white or blue paint, now paint faces on them just like the pictures shown below. Prinzessinnengarten is a not-for-profit open organic garden dedicated to engage people and exchange knowledge and work, while promoting sustainable living. In addition to the massive garden full of organic loved vegetables, there is also a wooden ready-made library that nurtures visitors with plenty of gardening books. A cafe-restaurant made from a recycled shipping container sells fresh food from the garden’s produce and is a great opportunity for visitors to enjoy the whole cycle from planting to harvesting to eating the food that is grown on-site. Clausen told us how they once made a Japanese vegetables garden space for a Japanese cook that made some special dinner event. The design consists of structural plastic pieces and PET pots that are combined to form a tree-like shape.
But that's another subject!!With that said, good pictures of gardens can sure take the guess work out of a container garden design.
This "Green-Recycled" hanging basket is made from an old wire container and pieces of a grass doormat!!
They can be used for a variety of interesting home decorations, such as curtains or room dividers, vegetable or herb container, Jewelry Stand, Chandelier and so on. What would be the more useful idea than decorating home with recycled and used material, like we have made these flower wall containers with some reconditioning handwork done on ordinary tin cans. For more fashioned impacts highlight the name of each category, you are storing in separate tine can with paper name banners at the top.

It would also work great to store your pencil colors and pens just in front of your study table. By placing beautiful containers one can change the looks of front yard no matter front yard is small or large. Just fill your old handbag with soil, plant any flowering plant and hang it into your front yard to make it more attractive and colorful.
You can grow flowers in hand trolley and more easy idea is to place clay pots with colorful flowers in hand trolley to make quick DIY Garden container. Here are some more  DIY container garden ideas for making swan pot by using plastic bottle, iron wires and plaster of Paris. The garden was started as a pilot project in the summer of 2009 by Nomadic Green, on a site that had been a wasteland for over half a century; now, it has been transformed into a paradise for growing vegetables within the multicultural German capital. By growing vegetables in rice bags, plastic crates and milk containers they have created a dynamic system where they can bring the plants with them if a change of location is needed. The site also features a temporary building made from locally found recyled materials for working outdoors, that could also be taken down and transported in no time. As in nature, the more diverse the mix of people they have, the more beautiful, healthy and rich the garden will be. The system also has a built in water circulation system, and it harvests rainwater while feeding plants through drip irrigation. We know that tin cans use in every type of storage products like food stuff, our beverages, chemicals, oils and many other things that we want to save for long time. Here we have showed you some attractive and easy to make 10 DIY tin can crafts and projects. The project allows space-starved urban gardeners to grow a wide range of plants, and it’s a great option for organic growers. Remember to follow our instructions carefully to boost your chances of being chosen for publishing! Designed by Dr.Hakan Gursu from Designnobis, the Pet-Tree has been honored with a Green Dot Award and an International Design Award. Make two twists on the wire to make swan’s neck and make beak and cover neck with plaster paste.
Even print off the pictures if that will help.We even chose to include some pictures that will show a traditional flower bed design that includes containers. Use square shaped mesh work of wires to make wings of swan and cover them with plaster paste as well. These DIY  container garden ideas will not only save your money but you will enjoy making these DIY containers as well.
I have also posted articles on DIY Garden containers and DIY vertical garden previously you can also check those articles.

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