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Whether you are an Italian food lover, a Mexican muncher or even a Thai taster, having the flavors you need at your fingertips makes your menu so much easier to prepare, especially for those who throw things together at the last minute. These topics and more will be covered so your Herb Container will help you make the tastiest food around.
Stay after class and create your own Herb Container with the help of our Farmington Garden experts. In addition, it’s late in the season, so you can start the items I suggest below, but I wouldn’t venture out of what’s listed. Apartment Therapy always shows us how to make the most of a little…they have the perfect little one pot Herb Garden for you that features basil, thyme and sage. Leave it to Kari over at Thistlewood farms to come up with an herb garden with her special spin on it… A Living Herb Wreath, Kari gives you step by step directions to make your own.

CB2 in the loop  has a unique idea by creating a woolly pocket and then turning it into an herb garden. This window sill herb garden is outstanding…if you have a place for this…you will love it!
This one is too cute!  Do you have a kitty?  Is catnip and cat grass one of their favorite treats?  Why not take a water bowl and turn it into a planter and have fresh cat herbs available all year round. So…are you inspired!  Do you have your little shovel and planter all ready to start your new Herb Garden?  Sure hope that one of these great ideas is picture perfect for you. Vegetable Gardening might be on your list of things to do also so… you might be asking when to plant?
Gardening is my hobby so these really are awesome ideas to make a indoor garden that may helpful to provide fresh herbs with good look of our home.

And combining them with other vegetables in your pot, will not only look beautiful, they will repel pests! By the way…what a great science project…one that you can use when it comes back home! I remember my grandmother’s window boxes full of different spices and herbs, not of flowers, and the dishes that tasted so different because of the freshly picked spices.

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