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God made each of us a little different with unique personalities, unique talents, unique backgrounds, and a unique set of skills. But in spite of our uniqueness, there is commonality in the way we see the world and communicate with one another.
A Little Money Goes a Long Way There has long been a belief that public relations is “free” publicity for an organization.
A few months ago, I started an experiment.  It all started one day when I was getting my son a drink. When most people think of lead nurturing they think of an automated email series sent to every new email address.
In the digital world in which we live, it has become too easy to send emails, ping people via instant message, text, tweet, etc.
Snail mail and email have a few things in common: They can be of any length, and they are not conversational.
Whether it is via instant message or text, the next level of communication is conversational but still conducted remotely.
In a verbal exchange, participants get to voice their opinions and relay a whole new level of data through their inflection. When something important comes up, you might decide to just drop by a colleague’s desk and start talking. Planning an in-person discussion allows both participants to think about the topic in advance. After understanding the five levels of communication, you can start to decide which level is most appropriate for particular situations. We get in trouble when we chose to communicate the easy way versus the right way. As our channels for communication expand, we must endeavor to be more thoughtful about how and when we communicate. In June, the USC Annenberg Strategic Communication and Public Relations Center released results from its eighth biennial Communication and Public Relations Generally Accepted Practices (GAP VIII) Study. The report is focused on providing senior communicators with “guidance as they manage their organizations, develop strategy, and prepare for the future.” Data was gathered from professionals in a variety of organizations including corporations, government agencies and non-profits.

1. Budgets have recovered post-recession and, similarly, organizations across a variety of industries expect increases in staff growth in 2014. In the introduction to our book, Strategic Public Relations, we cited data from a previous GAP study which showed that senior managers rated PR as one of the top three contributors to organizational success.
We have seen this trend in practice as CEOs, CMOs and business owners now more often understand the value of having our team involved at a strategic level within their organizations and facilitating the sharing of information early in the decision-making process so PR and communication can be incorporated broadly.
As a result we approach our lives, our relationships, and our challenges in unique and different ways. Influencers want to get the job done, they want to turn the world upside down, but they want to do it a little more graciously.
These folks are not concerned about changing the world around them, they want to make sure the boat stays right-side up — with as few waves as possible. Whatever your communication style, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, or Conscientiousness, you have great value. Upon reflection, I think I’ve been too haphazard about how I communicate with my colleagues, clients, friends, and family. Inflection reveals elements like frustration, annoyance, and stress that are harder to detect in written communication.
Such spontaneous discussions are often more effective than messages and phone conversations. With so many options, it can be easy to choose the path of least resistance rather than focusing on your objective and which level of communication will help you achieve it. In my research of admired leaders, I have found that communication judgment is an increasingly important factor of success. Agencies are recognized for “intellectual added value, rather than simple labor.” This was the first time in the study’s history that intellectual added value was the most commonly cited reason for working with agencies.
In order to make that happen, they will do things to inspire the team to work together in order to move things forward as smoothly as possible. In everything they do, they research, sometimes in infinite detail, to make sure that everything is absolutely correct.

Misunderstandings are less likely because each message is quick and each participant can detect if they were misunderstood by the reply. The benefits of visually seeing each other will add a whole new level of mutual understanding to the discussion.
Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. DiSC is an acronym that stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. And so they would much rather sit down and have a cup of coffee to sort out the problems than go for the bottom line. These people are great accountants, lawyers, engineers, and architects — professions where exact detail is critical to success. Since emails and letters are not conversational (they lump all points together rather than go point, counterpoint, point, etc…), there is a HIGH LEVEL of misunderstanding with this medium of communication. However, the bite-size quality of this form of messaging means it’s not well-suited to discussing complex matters. But, as my colleagues can attest, when a customer is upset I believe it is best to just pick up the phone and discuss it! These four words represent four ways in which people tend to see the world around them and communicate with one another.
They are willing to pay the price and do whatever it takes to get to the bottom line.  They’re very much about the task, very much about getting the job done. The fact that others are likely in the vicinity makes it less intimate, and spontaneity doesn’t work for everyone. What makes this level of communication so sacred is the mutually agreed upon time set aside for direct discussion.

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