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A few weeks ago, in the company I work for, all old fashioned cellular phones were retired and exchanged to fresh new models running Microsoft's Windows Mobile 2003 edition. The application should deal with any currency from the list of 152 offered by the addressed Currency - Web Service. Offline mode accesses the last downloaded and preserved currency rates (in CurrencyRates.xml). Users should have their own limited list of preferences (it is unlikely somebody will want all the 152 currencies). The first time, the application starts with an empty currency list, the user has to be diverted to the Options page (see figure 1) to configure its own currency preferences.
Looking more carefully on the currency enumeration, you can discover another obstacle: the enumeration list is not sorted. The application's visual appearance is based on a TabControl which consists of two pages, Conversion and Options. As users switch between the Conversion and Options pages, the SIP should appear and disappear. The results of these steps will serve later on as starting point for the InstallerService's pre-build event. Wondering which purpose can these cabinet files serve, you can start the following experiment.
The section [CEStrings] contains the parameter AppName; it is also safe to change the deployment's target folder name. The section [CEDevice] describes the device platform for which the application is targeted.
The last action at this stage is the creation of a custom setup.ini text file which is added to the SmartDeviceCurrency project.
Now we are prepared to integrate the BuilCab.bat batch file into the InstallerService's project pre-build event. Switch to the Designer View; now in the Properties window, the lightening sign should already be present.
This publication verifies approaches and methods suggested in articles published earlier regarding Pocket PC applications, building a real world Pocket PC application installable in a regular manner via Windows installer service. Ralph Arvesen; Developing and Deploying Pocket PC Setup Applications (available on MSDN also). It works by projecting an electric field in front of the touch surface using 4 electrodes, and measure the position where this field has been perturbated. This is the first time the shield is being used, so it will autamatically perform a calibration. September 26th, 2010_TIMOR-LESTE_Views of a dive site in Timor-Leste known as Secret Spot, which is just 35km east of the capital city of Dili. Timor-Leste is unique from its Southeast Asian neighbors with extremely rich natural environments, untouched by industry or destructive human impact.  With proper branding and marketing, Timor has the potential to become one of the region’s top destinations for dive and eco-tourism and hence an industry vital to Timor’s development as a nation. In 2006, according to the UNWTO, international tourism receipts (including transport) generated US$8.8 trillion.
Of all the industries that a nation can possess, tourism is the one industry that relies on compelling imagery well presented to sell.  You can sell fisheries, oil or timber without powerful photographs, but not tourism. Since then, the images from the Land of Discovery project have been used countless time in publications the world over, such as ScubaDiver Australia, National Geographic China, Asian Geographic and the South China Morning Post to name a few. Perhaps most importantly, the Timor-Leste Land of Discovery project has created a collection of thousands of images, which have been used countless times in official government promotional efforts to promote Timor-Leste as a peaceful land with many unspoiled natural resources.
With the 10 year anniversary of the Restoration of Independence approaching and with a wealth of data and imagery which has be compiled since 1999, now is the time to create a set of books which portray in a stylish way, Timor’s CBET assets (Marine, Trekking, Birding and Cultural).
After nearly 10 years of independence, Timor-Leste’s tourism industry is showing signs of a strong Community-based ecotourism model.
So on the one hand, there is a significant number of potential destinations in Timor-Leste for community-based nature tourism.  On the other hand, there is a multi-billion dollar a year tourism industry. This project will create many valuable skills as well as a central photographic archive with thousands of high-quality images, which can be used to promote Timor-Leste through a variety of marketing tools, including the proposed four-book set.  The project will create a legacy of photographic and design excellence, which will be synonymous with tourism in Timor-Leste. Hard cover, four-book set of books depicting Timor’s Marine, Cultural, Trekking and Birding assets, using fresh new images collect from a wide range of sources as well as with extensive imagery taken specifically for this project.
There will also be produced a smaller pocket sized field guide version of the four books, with fold out maps, etc, which people can use when they travel throughout Timor-Leste.
The Hummingfish Foundation feels that it is essential to include and engage the Timorese people in the development of this community-based nature tourism industry and a soft cover Tetun language booklet containing images and information from the overall project will be created.
Perhaps the most important thing that this project can do to promote Timor’s nature based tourism assets in future is to build the photographic archive with thousands of new high quality images which the government can use to further promote Timor-Leste through a variety of high quality promotional materials.

August 22nd, 2009 _ TUTUALA, TIMOR-LESTE_ Members of the local community work at a small ecolodge near Valu Beach at the Eastern-most point of Timor-Leste. Tourism is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and if branded and marketed properly, Timor-Leste has the potential to gain a considerably larger share of the tourism market in Asia.  This proposed project is designed to not only create a high-end photographic showpiece of Timor-Leste and its people, but also give the people of Timor-Leste economic possibilities through sustainable community-based nature tourism.
August 22nd, 2009 _ TUTUALA, TIMOR-LESTE_ A group of divers relax at Valu Beach, which is near Tutuala town, the Eastern-most point of Timor-Leste. Dive and eco-tourism are some of the few industries that have the potential to put economic growth directly into the hands of lower and middle class Timorese. In addition to economic development and the valuable investment in the skills of local people, at the completion of the project all of the images will be donated to the government of Timor-Leste, where they can be employed to raise money through the promotional of tourism, stock sales of photographic images and book sales for years to come.
If we can promote Timor-Leste as a peaceful place with unspoiled natural resources, then we can not only help to support the existing nature-based tourism destinations in Timor-Leste (Atauro eco-lodges, Valu Beach eco-lodge, the Posadas, the dive companies, etc), but we can also help set in place a future model for Timor’s tourism industry development which is community-based nature tourism focused.  This model will create jobs and at the same time give communities a financial incentive to protect nature. Using the power of imagery and design, The Hummingfish Foundation strives to help connect the dots – linking community-based nature tourism start-ups with potential nature loving tourists the world over. Thus I become both curious and motivated, on as to how to write real world code for the Pocket PC considering all the possible pitfalls on the long way from the idea to the finished installer package, which at the end smoothly runs on the physical device.
The author introduced in the booklet a limited edition of a currency converter example which uses a Currency - Web Service for just three currencies. Developers do not even have the possibility to catch the WM_SIZE event, which is sent to the full sized main window while the screen orientation is changing from Portrait to Landscape or vice versa. If you are interested in further details, you can read the article on MSDN: Developing Screen Orientation-Aware Applications, which is also a part of the Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Developer Resources package.
Of course, I could hack and alter the Visual Studio generated wrapper classes for the Web Service, but this did not seem to be a very good idea. This can hurt especially when the symbols of the currencies are added to a ComboBox instance and users will start to look for their currencies supposedly in an alphabetical order.
With regards to a Pocket PC, it implies first of all the attempt to display the SIP (InputPanel control) at the right moment and hide it automatically if supposedly the user does not need it any more. The second variant assumes the vertical height of the TabControl in Portrait mode which seems to be a good guess although I'm never happy about using fixed values for environments where those sizes can undergo dynamic changes, like switching to the Landscape mode. Switch to the Events and add two new event handlers for AfterInstall and AfterUninstall events. You learned how to deal with long enumeration lists switching from the integer values to the filed names in string formats and vice versa. Later I graduated Master of Science in power engineering and wrote assembly language programs in the mid 80s in order to control huge and heavy equipments at a hydro power station on the Danube River.
Here is a very informative interview of the inventor on Atmel’s blog, explaining the principles behind 3DPad. It is very reactive and precise and the provided software gives everything we could ever need : tridimentional sensing, gestures, click.
The tourism industry is the largest employer worldwide (it accounts for more than 10% of total employment) and trips are predicted to increase to 1.6 billion by 2020 according to the WWF. Tourism is an industry that relies heavily on strong visual imagery and the following proposed book and archive project will help Timor to brand itself and promote its many unspoiled natural wonders.  To link Timor’s CBET destinations with potential tourists, it is vital to have an arsenal of powerful photographic images and present them in a way that can convey the power and beauty of Timor’s nature-based tourism assets. Groshong published the book Timor-Leste Land of Discovery, which was the first ever coffee table book published depicting Timor’s landscape, cultural and underwater wonders.
Even at times when Timor was experiencing upheaval and sporadic acts of violence which were grabbing world headlines, the imagery from Timor-Leste Land of Discovery had a great effect in presenting a positive image of Timor-Leste as during a live CNN Today interview in 2006, which reached an estimated 20 million people. This is the mission of The Hummingfish Foundation, to connect the dots between community-based nature tourism assets and nature loving tourists.
And The Hummingfish Foundation believes that it is absolutely essential that Timorese people be given the economic incentive to protect the very environment which puts food on their tables through sustainable dive and eco-tourism projects. In this article, I will guide you through all the necessary steps required to fulfill this task and will share with you the big picture I learned experimenting with this technology. I decided to finish that example and extend it for all available currencies the Currency - Web Service offers. The only control whose behavior is somewhat untypical is the application's underlying main window (the root control - in this example, a TabControl). The two other projects (InstallerService and Setup) are needed for deployment reasons like the Developing and Deploying Pocket PC Setup Applications article explains. Therefore, I had to figure another simpler way to switch between the three character length symbols and their integer values. The ListBox and ComboBox controls display the currencies' symbols and retrieving the symbols' values will automatically ship the corresponding currency rates.
As you can see in figure 1., the Conversion panel will probably use the SIP whereas the Option panel will not.

If you are using Pocket PC 2002 or 2003, there is a high likelihood you have an ARMV4 processor.
You learned a workaround by dealing with the new Pocket PC 2003 SE feature which allows Portrait and Landscape modes, and you learned about obstacles creating Windows installer packages for your finished Pocket PC applications. Timor-Leste Land of Discovery and its imagery have reached millions of people around the world with a positive image of Timor-Leste. My goal was to provide a tested and easily deployable package using the convenient and standard Windows installer way.
Fortunately, I had a FieldInfo class which provides access to the enumerations metadata and establishes the relation from the integer value to the string. Interestingly, at least three controls have to share this data stored in a table, and clearly all three instances have and present different views over the same data. Take a note, I have created a primary key for the table in the Form1 constructor which should prevent adding the same symbol multiple times. In my test, I figured it returns in Portrait mode the value of 268 and in Landscape mode 188.
There are a few event handlers implemented in the code serving the user's convenience by searching for entries in the Options page ComboBox and so on. The last (the third) project in our solution is the Setup project which wraps up everything your application relies on and therefore needs all the cabinet files along with the InstallerService's assembly. If you leave this section unchanged, on Pocket PC 2003 SE, you will experience this kind of warning, which essentially means, there is a legacy application detected written for the Portrait mode only.
At that time I spent long nights to learn and practice both Basic- and C languages on my precious Atari ST.
The height, however, is resizable in a limited manner and can resist every altering attempt unless the Soft Input Panel (SIP) is enabled and is visible prior and while the screen's orientation has been changed. But don't bother about these other two projects now, I will explain them in detail later on in this article. Moreover, I could use the HashTable class to establish the quick switch back from the string to the integer representation. The fact that the application can be reactivated (become visible on the screen) should also be considered.
You can now safely ignore the cabinets, you can even delete them as we will create our own location and build-batch to fulfill this task again, in an automated manner in the announced pre-build event.
The cabinet will be extracted and the application will be deployed according to the definitions in the .inf file. As the application was designed to deal with both Landscape and Square screens, a third parameter BuildMax for this section should be inserted like figure 12. On Pocket PC 2003 SE devices on the other hand, a setup error message pops up which can be fixed by removing all the vss_setup.dll references. In other words, you just can adjust the height of the root control if the SIP is present on the screen. If new currencies arrive in the ListBox, a yellow exclamation icon and a message appears warning the user to update the offline store in order to get the latest currency rates from the Web Service.
As I mentioned earlier in this article, this works fine in Portrait mode (on Pocket PC 2003 SE) but can fail switching to Landscape mode if SIP is not enabled. The preferred solution would be to do that via a post-build event immediately in the SmartDeviceCurrency project.
However, you can safely ignore this, as switching to Landscape mode the TabControl's height remains the size of Portrait mode and the user will experience a scroll bar on the right (or left) hand side of the screen. Each time prior to the deployment, the processor type should be determined and manually copied to the device.
In the new millennium I joined Microsoft, passed exams for MCAD and now I’m working as consultant serving for software developers in Austria. Yes, as you can see, there is just a single project left which fulfills these requirements.
Unfortunately, this is a realm for C++ experts and you have to use eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0. Please take a note, my articles are not checked by the product teams, therefore they are reflecting just my personal experience.

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