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Snow first published her poetry pseudonymously in an Ohio newspaper in 1825, when she was twenty-one. I liked it better as I finished it, about three years after I started, so maybe I'll go back through it more often. Not only was it filled with her poetry, and the back story behind the poems she penned, but I was surprised and inspired by her relentless energy and effort in moving the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ forward. What shock has nature felt, that should produce Such strange vibration--such responsive sounds? The extensive traveling she did late in her life organizing and teaching the women of the church in all of the auxiliaries amazed me, and brought tears to my eyes.
Her early work covered such various topics as the fight for Greek independence, the plight of the American Indian, and the deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams on the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Her themes changed when she joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1835, as her poetry began to reflect her new experiences, including poems about Nauvoo, the trek of the Mormon pioneers to the valley of the Great Salt Lake, and the religious community building that ensued.
No public event in the community was complete without her contribution, and some of her poems became the texts for Mormon hymns.

Methinks some sacred genii hover'd o'er Their hoary heads, and life's protracted thread Drew to its utmost length, that they might hail Columbia's Jubilee.
When she died on December 5, 1887, the New York Times noted the passing of “the Mormon Poetess . Oh, how unlike The pathos of that day, big with event-- The storm thick gath'ring, and the threat'ning clouds Bursting, from proud Britannia's isle impell'd Against Columbia's shore!--then those we mourn, With patriotic and heroic zeal, Dar'd Albion's pow'r--proclaimed their country free. Snow: The Complete Poetry, presents each poem with contextual information, making it as much a biographical, historical, and theological collection as a literary one, and offering readers the opportunity to enjoy all of the lyrical and powerful poems of this iconic Mormon figure. Snow was living in Ohio in 1826 and had already published her poetry in the Western Courier and the Ohio Star when she was asked by the editors of the Western Courier to commemorate the passing of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams on the same day, July 4, 1826, the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
An excerpt from her poem demonstrates her engagement with the issues, and the styles, of her time.

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