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These days I have been busy attending some conferences  and grant interviews, but I have to admit I was less interested in the ideas presented, as most of them were not from my research area. However, I was far more interested in the presentation skills of the speakers and their non-verbal language. Starting a few years ago (about 8 now), every time I attend public presentations I can’t stop from wondering why are people mortified of public speaking? After all, you only have to say to your fellow colleagues (which you usually know in a less formal way) some highlights of your findings, some interesting bits of your research. It is more or less like having a discussion over a cup of coffee with more than 2 people. People usually don’t care about fancy words, they need the idea, eventually sprinkled with some humor. The next time you come trembling in front of an audience, ready to read from a piece of paper, keep in mind two things. As a conclusion, take the previous points as guidelines for your next presentation, preferably in reverse order. Since the spring conference season is about to begin, I thought of sharing a few ideas on delivering your results to the audience. As you may have implied, I am not a very big fan of PowerPoint but use them as a social norm, mostly doing it because everybody else is expecting this and it makes the audience more comfortable. I enjoy something static, simple, that I can read myself, without being tortured by the lack of presentation skills and some funny accent for 15 minutes  (in the lucky case, when the presenter has some respect for the audience).

Yet, there is the urge to use backgrounds, fonts, colors, eye-hurting combinations, all to make everything pop out, when the only urge should be to have a nice highlight of 3-5 key-points of your work, with enough white space between them such as, even from far away someone who might be interested in your subject can spot the poster and approach you. The last reason has to do with developing a taste for beauty, in a minimalist approach, like that imposed by a Japanese zen garden, so simple, but so elegant. Yet, since academia should focus more on research than on design, there is still hope for PowerPoint: make use of it to create mind and discussion opening posters.
Note: (Computer Studies Guess Paper 10th Class 2016) All published material contains an informatory data which is only gathered for educational purpose. Even if there is a certain language barrier, as most conferences are held in an international language and not your mother tongue, why do some people feel the urge to read their presentations from a piece of paper which is also their last resort as a dispatch of nervous gestures? If you did not learn how to pronounce a name why do you think anyone will remember it if you read it from a note?
Why don’t you talk to your peers who share your problem and ask them to take turns in pretending to be an audience? If you have something valuable to say, the delight of sharing your discovery with the world will overcome the fear of doing so in an almost child-like manner. Otherwise, I feel the urge to print some conference bingo pages like the one at the beginning of this post and start the criss-cross. Under no circumstance should this be assumed to be the official point of view of any institutions.

Rosinski made a lasting positive impression, which was highly predictable considering this is his job in a way. What if you would have to disseminate your ideas at a national TV show which is intended for general audience? Secondly, we are social beings, who interact on a number of levels, the verbal one having a very low importance. Having no real thing to share acts as a restriction on your ability to verbalize it as there is no need in doing so. There is no need to rewind to slide X, everything is there, in front of you, just inviting your audience to become partners in a dialogue which can lead to great collaboration.
The non-verbal communication (gestures, posture, mimic) and the para-verbal (tone, sound height) tell a whole lot more than your words. The program should get the values for base and altitude of the triangle from the user, and display the result.

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