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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Website created with joint funding from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and Bank of America. It is a powerful enhancer to improving communication and interpersonal skills both within and beyond the team following in Insights Discovery program. Participants will share their top three communication Dos and Dona€™ts during the workshop for follow-up collation and sharing.
Further relevant information from the Personal Profiles can be added to the Team Communication Guide following the program as a way of continuing the learning and benefits. During our Programs, we typically get participants to share their top three Dos and Don'ts with their colleagues. All colours have equal value and everyone will use all four colour energies to varying degrees.

It is your preference for one or two colour energies in particular that will indicate your dominant or preferred style of thinking, decision making, interacting, working and communicating.
It is the recognition of and adaption to these preferences that provides the secret keys to enhanced communication and inter-personal effectiveness. Inside Inspiration is licensed to represent InsightsA® in Australia and New Zealand Copyright Inside Inspiration. At LoveKids, we believe children learn best through experiential learning and that comes through integration.  Whether special needs or not, children need to be given the chance to integrate to learn the important skill of interaction! Sociologist Emile Durkhiem believes that a society’s beliefs, values, and norms are a shared way of understanding each other and the world.
Children with special needs cannot fully benefit from social integration in the classroom without the necessary therapy and guidance from home.  We cannot stress how much more children benefit if support is given in every area of their lives. Let us teach our children at a young age how to socially integrate with others no matter where they are.  When they grow up, they will truly understand how magical the meaning of life is.

Top managing and personnel directors agree that good personal presentation is key to career advancement.  If you don’t look and act the part you are unlikely to achieve your full potential – prepare yourself with this informative and interactive full day workshop. Level descriptors for reading and math correspond to scale scores on tests in those specific skill areas.
From the time they are born, they imitate everything they see and hear.  They also relate emotions felt to everything they see and hear in the family. The CASAS scale is divided into five levels: A (Beginning Literacy) to E (Advanced Secondary), each encompassing a range of scores.

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