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Conventional wisdom about creating content for the Internet constantly changes, but the options for generating ideas for that content don’t. If you’re thinking strictly in terms of what appeals to actual human readers, creatively inspired content is the best.
Just because creative content is more genuine doesn’t mean it will automatically be a hit with your target audience. So, creative content is the most enjoyable to read, but ignoring data about what your target audience wants can doom your content strategy to failure.
Any time you adjust your content-creation process, you have to tweak the way you generate topics. Data-driven content is content that’s based on information from big data, real-time analytics and similar resources. When you base your content strategy strictly off of data and metrics, you’re always following and never leading.
It Often Results in Generic Content – Because the same basic, proven ideas are reused and reworked again and again, the resulting content tends to be stale and generic.
It Stresses Out Your Writers – Even the most talented writers will start running out of ways to rework the same ideas. Content is, has been and will continue to be king, and it needs to be fresh, unique and engaging in order to work.
There’s a lot to be said for coming up with content ideas using your creativity alone.
Planning is More Difficult – In many ways, taking a creative approach to generating content ideas is akin to flying by the seat of your pants.
If there are drawbacks and advantages to both content-generation strategies, perhaps the best thing to do is strike a balance between them. Don’t ask yourself whether you should base your content off of data or off of activities like brainstorming.
What affects your ability to lead in 2013If you look at the trends that took the business world by storm last year, you can bet that effective collaboration technology will become even more influential this year. It is through these dynamic relationships that children thrive, communication improves, and caregivers bond with their babies. The TouchTime® motto is to be in the present with your child, and in that moment of presence, you transcend time. Whether you use Baby TouchTime® Massage, or you use the strategies for Toddler TouchTime® Massage, it is very clear, that to be providing this “hands-on experience” is to have seen the beauty and magic of childhood, the heartfelt appreciation for the gift of life that each and every child is, and the knowledge that each and every day miracles happen, and you have the power to make a difference in the life of a child, creating lifelong memories within the context of your family, that will last a lifetime.
TODDLER TOUCHTIME® MASSAGE is useful for toddlers usually 8 months or older, who are beginning cruisers or walkers, to toddlers three years of age. TOUCHTIME®BABYOGA® and further your understanding and experiences about tactile communication, relationship-based practices, early childhood development, learning strategies, evidence-based practices, and worldwide trends. You can rely on data, including metrics for things like traffic and conversions, or you can rely on creativity. Internet users are savvier than ever, and they can spot unauthentic content from a mile away.
The most effective way to figure out what your audience responds to favorably is by turning to concrete data.
Just figure out the kinds of content that appeal to your audience and rotate them throughout the month.

The topics themselves just need to be reworked so that they are unique enough to avoid making Google angry.
That fact alone should convince you of the merits of generating content ideas through creativity. They are aware of the fact that a lot of online content is just created with search engines in mind. The process is much more organic, so it doesn’t lend itself well to long-term planning.
Now that you have a list of content ideas, take them and compare them to what the data has shown in the past. Basically, the majority of the content you post should be brainstormed using a creative process. He writes regularly providing thought leadership on topics related to SEO, PPC and Social Media.
It’s more than just integrating internal communication with social media – as SalesForce had done – or implementing advanced cloud-based telecommunication – the way RingCentral did. Whether you have a BABY, or a TODDLER, each will benefit from either TOUCHTIME® BABY MASSAGE or TOUCHTIME®TODDLER MASSAGE. It is in these boundaries that interweave between the baby and his or her parent, not knowing where one’s fingertips start and the other one’s stop, that primary relationships are formed and this interaction is vital for laying the foundation for all future relationships to follow.
Elaine’s 4 Pillars of Care are also important when determining massage for a baby or toddler.
We must remember to keep our eyes open, allow our heart to feel, value the true beauty that children bring to life, and the role that we can play as a tour guide along their journey. Sometimes children with special needs may be older than 8 months of age, because they have not started crawling, and their motor skills are delayed. The TODDLER BABY TOUCHTIME® MASSAGE program grew from the INFANT TOUCH TIME®as parents wanted to know how they could use the knowledge they were gaining from the INFANT TOUCHTIME® with their older children. Elaine developed the advanced TODDLER TOUCHTIME® program which is a combination of tactile and sensory experiences, language and sound production with parental participation.
When content is created based on things like personal knowledge and enthusiasm, it tends to go over better with readers. Your editorial calendar will have to be changed accordingly, and your writers will have to be brought up to speed too.
Therefore, you can be more strategic about the content you write and are more likely to enjoy consistency when it comes to things like traffic and conversions.
Despite their best efforts, your writers will start churning out content that’s dull, vapid and pointless. The simple act of coming up with it on your own, however, increases the odds that it will be unique in the most important ways.
By using a creative-driven process to come up with content ideas, the results will be authentic and sincere. That kind of content is the stuff that gets shared with others, and it’s what will really help you get ahead in terms of marketing your website. With any luck, some of the ideas will dovetail nicely with what’s been shown to work.
To ensure that your site continues to enjoy forward momentum in the rankings, though, mix in data-driven content from time to time.

If you have to prioritize one method over the other, however, content that is created using a creative approach is the way to go. It also involves developing systems and channels that do more than just allow people to interact with their teams no matter where they are. With these points in mind, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of both approaches before implementing any changes. Creatively generated ideas are far more likely to make the kind of splash you need to gain invaluable visibility.
When your content is engaging, fresh, unique, informative and compelling, you can’t go wrong.
Foundations for major business projects laid down last year are starting to come into play. We’re bound to explore technologies that allow people to determine and track engagement in operations as well.There is another issue that leaders need to pay attention to in 2013, and that’s the growing trend towards diversity in the workplace in terms of age and organizational positions. The "How come?" is about helping the parents understand the meaning of their baby's behavior, letting the baby take the lead. It’s crucial to revisit the brainstorming process often and to keep an eye on important metrics like conversions, traffic and social media sharing.
Over the last few years, it became acceptable for younger people to have jobs that are traditionally reserved for older, “more experienced” workers. Businessmen are taking this opportunity to look into the improvements that they can implement over the course of the year. This situation not only gives rise to internal tension within the organization (due to competition), it also brings up unfair comparisons between very different generations. In other words, this is a great time for industry and company leaders to look into the possibilities of 2013 and re-evaluate the skills and measures they need to lead effectively.Given how quickly things have changed over the last five years alone, this is more essential than ever. Something like this needs to be effectively addressed.What you need to lead effectively in 2013Given the challenges you’ll likely face this year, you really have to be intensely aware of what’s going on within the confines of your company – and that means you need your observation skills.
Pay attention to how different people in different departments work and communicate while engaged in different tasks.
When you do that, you can initiate better measures for collaborative work and be better-equipped for finding the right technology to facilitate effective collaboration.
With different people communicating very differently, it’s always good to find something that gives them common ground.You observation skills most definitely give you insights with regards to finding solutions to the quandaries of what communication options you should take on and how to facilitate communication between very different people. But knowing how to solve a problem doesn’t mean that you can actually solve it unless you push for those changes to take place.
And in order to make things happen, you need to be really decisive when it comes to the implementation of these measures. Now, more than ever, you need to be the single point of direction that your people look to.Undoubtedly, there are other challenges that will affect your ability to lead in 2013 which require you to develop other skills and qualities.

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