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In order to keep Photobucket free, we place advertisements on our website and on our mobile apps. Course assessment is valuable to the teaching process because it allows you to identify what is “working” in the classroom, make informed revisions in future courses and record success for funding agencies and other actors. Effective teaching can be measured through different types of direct and indirect assessment. The following matrix [Table A: Learning Outcome Assessment Matrix] will guide you in the process of aligning over-arching goals, desired learning outcomes, teaching methods and assessment strategies for your course. When developing measurable learning outcomes, consider including a combination of lower- and higher-order thinking skills. Table D provides a sample of pre- and post-test assessment content aligned with the overarching goals, desired learning outcomes and teaching methods in a learning outcome assessment matrix. Other types of indirect assessment include informal feedback strategies (incorporating specific questions into a lesson) focus groups, self-reflection assignments and individual student interviews. Look at your baby in the eyes when you talk to her, and don’t be afraid to make faces (the bigger the better!). Flip through a picture book or magazine with your child and ask him what he thinks the people are feeling or doing in each picture. Communication is a key component of any healthy relationship, and this includes the understanding of giving and receiving non-verbal cues. Children who are not equipped with all of the tools needed for clear and healthy communication are at higher risks for social and emotional difficulties.
In the last post, I covered what you are expected to show when you present your findings to the interview committee. With the market and industry slides, you goal is to cover the most interesting, relevant, and insightful macro analyses possible given the information provided to you.
For example, you might show data or charts about the market as a whole, including how fast it is growing, what consensus out-year forecasts are, and what various trends are in terms of innovation, regulation, etc. Focus on the core economic forces and market drivers that most greatly impact your investment decision, and let that guide the analyses you show in this section. This cluster of slides is meant to show valuation and expected returns, along with key assumptions and drivers that lead to your conclusions. You can get yourself into trouble (and increase the risk of mistakes) by making your model too detailed and ambitious with 10 different operating cases, a slew of EBITDA add-backs, multiple debt tranches, PIK vs.
Fight the urge to impress the firm by going into unnecessary detail and instead focus only on the key assumptions and drivers.

With your model as a sanity check against your biggest assumptions, your ultimate decision should likely rest on more macro factors about where the market is going, the growth prospects of the industry, and the company’s outlook given its strengths and weaknesses, etc.
In the next post of this series, we’ll cover how to deliver the oral presentation of your investment thesis to the interview committee, how to practice for the LBO modeling test, and how the modeling test is evaluated in the context of other recruiting considerations.
Check out our step-by-step PE modeling training videos for walk-through tutorials on how to build an LBO model, navigate Excel with ruthless efficiency, and rapidly create an LBO PowerPoint deck to present to your PE interviewers. Also check out our PDF guide “How to Nail Your Private Equity Interview (whether you have finance training or not)” for much more in-depth tips and strategies on how to successfully interview for top private equity jobs!
Andrew Chen received an associate offer, without any formal LBO experience, on his first attempt at applying for private equity investing positions in the competitive San Francisco Bay Area. Get our FREE 10-part email mini-course on how to break into private equity: networking, interviewing, and LBOs(No spam or BS, ever.
AboutAndrew Chen received an associate offer, without any formal finance training, on his first attempt at applying for private equity investing positions in the competitive San Francisco Bay Area. Since measuring teaching is clearly not an exact science, the more varied the data sources, the more useful the measurement is likely to be. Table B is an example of a completed, yet simplified matrix [Table B] for a statistics course organized according to these principles. Student A, while not achieving the same level as Student B, actually showed greater improvement as a result of teaching strategies and course instruction. These types of exercises offer instructors the opportunity to gauge comprehension of material and achievement of specific learning goals. There is the look that says “Who just shot me in the butt with a Nerf dart?” and the one that says “You are one of my favorite people in the world.” Non-verbal communication is a key component for connecting with and understanding the world around us. If you are really happy, let your voice sound like it and make sure you do things like smile and give reaffirming nods. Acting out words, phrases, and situations helps give kids tools for understanding and demonstrating non-verbal cues. Encourage him to make up a story about where the person might be going or thinking in the scene. Take a list of emotion words (excited, frustrated, embarrassed, etc.) and put them on individual slips of paper. The non-verbal cues in these were tremendous, and the new film The Artist (for older kids) brings them back to life for us. Researchers have noticed that those kids who tend to have a harder time fitting in – are maybe a little more awkward than their peers – are often the same kids who lack non-verbal communication skills.

These can even include children who suffer from depression or are more likely to engage in risky behaviors. She is also on an incredible journey as she home schools her 4 children, and is supported through it all by her husband of more than 15 years, Steve.
But what should you cover in each of the specific components of the LBO modeling slide presentation?
You would be surprised how many candidates fail to do this basic task, which may translate into an automatic rejection. Your job is to provide a well-reasoned argument for your particular recommendation, and your actual answer doesn’t matter so much as how you support your reasoning and defend your recommendation. If your model shows the IRR below 15% over a 5-year hold even under very aggressive assumptioms, for example, the deal isn’t going to work.
Use your LBO analyses (valuation, returns scenarios) to support your arguments around these macro factors, not to drive your entire investment decision. Moreover, TargetCo is already the leader in its category with 4 additional new products in the pipeline that will likely reinforce its market leadership over the next 18-24 months. He worked for Huntsman Gay Global Capital, the Bain Capital spin-out founded by the industrialist Jon Huntsman, former Bain Capital Chairman Bob Gay, former San Francisco 49ers Superbowl quarterback Steve Young, and including former CFO of Citigroup and American Express Gary Crittenden. He worked for Huntsman Gay, the Bain Capital spin-out led by the industrialist Jon Huntsman, former Bain Capital Chairman Bob Gay, former San Francisco 49ers Superbowl quarterback Steve Young, and former CFO of Citigroup and American Express Gary Crittenden. Guidelines for developing and assessing student learning outcomes for undergraduate majors. As parents there are several ways we can increase our children’s understanding of non-verbal cues and help them to use them every day, starting when they are just babies in our arms. When our daughter was just weeks old I remember the joy my husband had when he got her to mimic his facial movements – elongated “O” with his mouth and nose scrunches drew the most attention from her. By contrast, if it shows the IRR over 25% under even the most conservative assumptions, then the deal is likely quite attractive. This is a great game to demonstrate how our body language on the outside can show how we are feeling on the inside.

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