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This breakthrough training is essential for those who call themselves a€?professionala€? communicators.
You will journey into the deep structure of communication influence; you will learn to view communication as a process with many options to reach your goals. To equip project managers and leaders in Indonesia with excellent communication skill, DCOptima - DCOLearning Jakarta offers you a project management workshop/training program on Communication Skill for Project Leaders and Managers. They learn to get out of their own perspective in order to effectively shift the other persona€?s response. This training is designed to help you become an even more strategic and influential communicator. You will participate in exercises to more skillfully read the communication patterns of others and use these skills to increase your success.
They also discover how to use emotional alignment and language patterns to get a different outcome with people holding other opinions and views.

Both you and your organization will enjoy the benefits, as you walk away with new ideas for influencing internal and external stakeholders on critical issues, strategies to improve your ability to coach executives, and skills to better serve internal clients. You learn how subtle shifts in verbal and nonverbal language choices can greatly change the perception and reception of messages. Those experiences translate into different degrees of communication abilities for addressing confrontations. Most importantly, they learn to more skillfully and professionally resolve issues while preserving relationships and productivity. These skills will also help you improve your success in selling management on new initiatives, improve how you deliver both verbal and written communications, help you become a better team player, and help you understand critical principles of effective crisis response. You learn about the deeper communication drivers that influence how others respond to you and the messages you develop -- beliefs, meta filters, strategies, emotions, context, etc. Beliefs, triggers, filters, strategies, emotions, context, and other drivers influence how people handle confrontations.

You will practice strategies that result in clearer communications, better coaching, more effective messaging, better negotiations, more targeted strategies, improved relationships and increased collaboration in your communications. Benchmark's expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) equips us to provide unique strategies so your employees can be more effective. NLP is the study of verbal and nonverbal language patterns, and how they affect the neurology in a negative, neutral or positive manner.

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