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Dangerous working conditions not only pose threats to the safety and livelihood of workers, but also have major ramifications that can affect families, employers and communities. Get personal – Research showed that workers preferred to receive important information verbally from their immediate supervisors.
Keep the message simple – Too many details are likely to create barriers to efficacy and cause important safety messages to be ignored. Encourage positive safety behaviors – Organizations also should develop messages that focus on how to initiate pre-safety messages.
Deliver messages through more than one medium – By asking workers to engage a safety message in different ways (watch it, hear it, read it), supervisors can better ensure that more workers receive it. When salespeople attend training without follow-up communication and reinforcement, much of the value of the training can be lost in a short time. Depending on organization size and managers’ spans of control, it is not always feasible for sales management to coach and mentor to the extent they would like to. TeamSTEPPS, or Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety, is an evidence-based teamwork system to improve communication and teamwork skills among healthcare professionals. Its primary goal is to create a program for healthcare professionals to improve patient safety. Teaching doctors, nurses and even housekeeping staff to openly communicate and develop mutual trust can result in safer and higher-quality patient care.
The introduction of these key strategies results in barriers being removed, such as the hierarchy between doctors and nurses.
The results are teachable skills such as improved leadership, improved efficiency and stronger team collaboration. Sedgwick is proud to have a team of Master TeamSTEPPS Trainers who can provide two-day championship training and four-hour staff training.
The Sedgwick model goes far beyond the core training for those who are looking to improve patient safety and take it to the next level. JOIN THE CONVERSATIONStay connected by subscribing to our blog's RSS feed and sharing your comments! In the spirit of operating openly and with integrity, we respect your voice and simply ask you to interact with this blog in an appropriate manner. Second, performance reviews focus on the person “being reviewed.”   Why do we assume that the person is the problem? In fact, the person’s engagement and performance levels are impacted by the actions of leadership. Low engagement and poor performance are, more times than not, a symptom of poor leadership and not a sign of lacking aptitude on the part of the person undergoing a performance review.
It’s time to ditch the performance review once and for all and replace it with contribution management and coaching. I made a video this year on how NOT to run a performance review, which your readers might enjoy. A career in the fitness industry is not only personally rewarding, but also provides you with flexibility and independence in a growing industry.
Pursing a career as a certified personal trainer is not only fulfilling, but also has a large potential for career growth, as long as you’re willing to put in hard work. Pursuing a certification from one of the hundreds of fitness organizations is a flexible option that can be completed through textbooks or online course on your own time. Another option for education in personal training is obtaining a bachelors or associate degree in kinesiology or exercise science. A diploma in personal training would be the ideal option if you were looking for both hands-on as well as classroom training.

Although not a necessity right off the bat, choosing a specialty can help you separate yourself from your competition. If you’re ready to take the step towards becoming a personal trainer, contact us today.
Karrass To successfully navigate the increased complexity of the marketplace and the workplace we must master the art of intelligent negotiation. Having direct interaction about safety with the same individual in charge of productivity conveys the importance of the safety message. Messages emphasizing the initiation of new safety behaviors (wearing safety goggles) are more like to be successful than messages that focus on the termination of certain behaviors (no horseplay). This does not require multiple safety messages, but does require delivering the same message over various channels.
Ongoing coaching and reinforcement of desired skills and strategies is the key to long-term performance improvement. Sales Success Skills thus offers a full range of affordable coaching and mentoring services through our team of coaching professionals. First developed by the Department of Defense patient safety program in collaboration with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), TeamSTEPPS was built on 20 years of research and lessons from different industries on teamwork, and provides materials and curriculum to introduce teamwork in all areas of the healthcare system. This, in turn, changes attitudes toward sharing knowledge and gaining trust, resulting in improved patient care.
We offer ongoing pre-training readiness analyses, leadership training, post-training coaching, webinars to continue team engagement and other methods of ongoing support.
One example shared recently with our team was from a doctor who reported the success of using the SBAR technique (situation, background, assessment and recommendation) to correct an ongoing communication issue. Please be mindful of our community guidelines and direct issues through the appropriate channels. Our job as leaders is to give people with known aptitude (that’s why we hired them) what they need to make the best contribution they can.
It’s time for a change leadership revolution that tosses the performance review and replaces it contribution management. Just like in any career, in order to excel in personal training, you should possess certain skills and personality traits. When researching the right certification, it is important to keep your personal career goals in mind. While this approach tends to be faster than pursuing a diploma or degree, certifications usually do not require any hands-on experience.
A college degree offers comprehensive knowledge and training but may take several years and cost thousands of dollars to complete.
Recognized by the Department of Education, a diploma requires no upkeep of Continuing Education Courses (CEC’S), meaning that a diploma in personal training is good for life. Becoming a specialist in a particular area of the health or fitness industry will provide you with the skills or tools to offer more credible services and increase your profitability. We provide our clients with a comprehensive menu of reinforcement and coaching options to accomplish this.
This technique supports the doctor when he receives a call in the middle of the night, and gives the person making the call the right steps and strategies to convey information that is needed to make a quick and effective decision. When we focus on the person we are saying that their engagement and performance are totally up to them.
Imagine if we confirm the person understands the contribution we want and need them to make. Leaders need to be equipped to engage their people in timely and meaningful coaching conversations to discuss contributions, make requests, secure commitments that enable them to maximize their contributions.

Department of Labor estimates there to be a 13% growth in the demand of personal trainers between 2012 and 2022. Certain characteristics are extremely effective when training others, for example strong communication skills, ability to motivate others, patience as well as being a good listener. Choosing an organization that is nationally recognized and accredited is a good starting point, but what exactly is the difference between a certification, degree and a diploma? Although a personal trainer certification may seem basic in principle, it can become complicated due to the lack of regulation. Be aware the certain careers paths require different certifications, which may have additional costs involved.
As a personal trainer, it’s your job to stay up to date with the trends, as well as continuing your education in order to many relevant. Imagine if we ask them what they need from us as leaders in order to make that contribution. Personal trainers are given the responsibility to encourage and assist people in achieving a healthier lifestyle. It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to be a body builder or look like a fitness guru, in order to be a successful personal training.
A well-respected diploma takes just six month (or a year if that better suits your schedule) to earn through real work experiences from day one. Setting up social media accounts for your business is a free way to advertise and engage others.
For many, the TeamSTEPPS training is literally a personal and professional life-changing experience.
If someone isn’t as engaged as we would like or performing at the level we believe them capable of why would we wait until a quarterly, semi-annual, or (God help us!) annual review meeting to talk to them about it? When people are not as engaged as we want or not performing as we would like, it’s just too easy to make the person the problem. Imagine we agree to provide more clarity or work to shape an atmosphere that will help them be more successful. If you are passionate about fitness and enjoy working with people, personal training could be the perfect field for you. Two well-respected accredited organizations are the National Strengthen and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). However, it also important to try different aspects of fitness, becoming a well-round trainer will not only increase your own fitness parameters but also help your clients reach their full potentials. Whether your goals are to work independently or through a gym, creating business cards or flyers can help you gain exposure. By that time the review conversation is devoid of meaning and more or less a formality that neither person wants to do.
With more than 300 certifications available, figuring out how to become a personal trainer can be overwhelming.
Clients wants to work with trainers who are experienced and knowledgeable in their craft, so it is important to not only take the necessary steps for certification but also, stay up on the latest fitness trends and research. In order to obtain these certifications, trainers must undergo legitimate education, as well as a timed testing. Imagine how the person feels by not being labeled the problem and by being seen as a valued contributor.

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